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Lanello      December 31, 2009

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
December 31, 2009   4:30-4:46 pm CST
Mother Mary Speaks on the New Age Family
Austin, Texas

The Hearts Center Movement Will Blossom Based on Your Choices
to Deliver to the World the Blessedness of Your Being

“Just Do It!”

Gracious Hearts Who Would Know a New Intimacy with the Divine One,
            I come to impel you higher. And as you prepare for a new year of striving to be your best, to live in presence and to know God with a richness and a fullness that is your right, your divine inheritance, to know, I come not only to initiate this conference, dedicated to the heart of the Blessed Mother Mary, but to rededicate your hearts to holy purpose, to your personal mission and to the fulfillment of all that you came to this earth to manifest and to deliver.
            Yes, the Blessed Mother is here. And even during this meditation upon the growth of the child in the womb,¹ I have seen how she has sent skeins of light to wrap your soul in the immaculate conception of who you are as a Solar being in reality, as an individual monad, one created in the image and likeness of the Eternal, whose light must shine forth in this age to help deliver many back to the heart of God. The preciousness of your soul, dearest ones, you must know. The spirit of who you [becoming] are must be merged [with your Real Self] and grow even as you break forth from the chrysalis of your former self and wing your way upon the ethers unto the new day that is dawning for you in the light of truth, healing and those eternal values that you cherish within your heart.
            We will celebrate the family during this conference in Austin. We will commune heart to heart as brothers and sisters of old, having found each other again anew in this life. Yes, there is something special that is about to emerge from within you, that God is birthing through you, you see, in this day and in this age. And when, as a child of the light, you simply allow the process of this self-delivery of your soul to the world to occur, you will one day be amazed at that which you will see reflected in the eternal pool of light, in the mirror of consciousness, of that which you have become, of that which God has graced your soul, through his Spirit, to fulfill. For, yes, you are a co-creator. Yes, you have eternal value and worth. Yes, that within you which is real can no longer be hid from the world, blessed ones.
            Just as Mother Mary holds that vision, pure and true, of your soul within her mind's eye with immaculate grace, so all ascended masters also participate in this sacred science of visionary beingness for and on behalf of your true Buddha nature. We exemplify that which you may become, and yet there is more within you than we have manifest[ed] that you will, with a certain awesomeness of the spirit, bring forth to this planet and her people. Your own co-creativity with the highest alchemist of your own being, your true nature, is the sacred work that you must be about this coming year and in all cycles of fulfillment unto your eternal ascension in the light. 
            You must work while ye have the light;² you must work in the light; you must work with the light, blessed ones. For the light is that of which you are composed. The light is that which leads you to your victory. The light is what one day will be all that there is for you to ingest, to assimilate when you have fully been enraptured in the Spirit as a Solar, or a celestial, being yourself.
            You have heard how we the ascended masters feed on light in order to sustain our immortality. Well, you can begin this process today by assimilating aspects of the teachings of the Brotherhood which incorporate the light of our essence within the worded matrices, as chalices and cups of light for you. Each of our discourses, each of our dictations will afford you a new opportunity to assimilate something of the spiritual world that we know so well and that you are beginning to fully cognize, even in your flesh.
            Though flesh and blood may not inherit the kingdom,³ yet the Lord Jesus said as David: “Yet in my flesh [shall] I see God.”4 When you declare this possibility, then all of heaven comes to your aid such that you may realize this goal within your life lived to the glory of God.
            In preparation for this conference, I have been meditating upon the preciousness of your individual soul, each one. I have seen the bounty and the fruits of that which you have lovingly exhibited through conscious work in numerous lifetimes as well as that which is about to be co-created by you in days to come. The tree of life of your causal body is now glimmering within my eye as the reality of who you are. And I hold this vision, with Mary, eternally for you, blessed ones, even as I embrace you this day unto my heart.
            This Hearts Center movement will blossom, will grow and expand based on your individual choices to deliver to the world the blessedness of your own being, one with God. You are all doing this in some way already, else you would not be here today. And yet there is, oh, so much more that is yet to be discovered, that is yet to be delivered. So, blessed hearts, go forth, and as Nike has said, “Just do it!” Do it for God! Do it for the eternal One within your heart. Do it for your twin flame, your soul mate, your most significant other self. But do it, [most importantly,] because you love, because you are of that eternal suchness of the One, because the Presence of God has enfired you to do it.
            [Lanello chants in an unknown tongue.]
May the Spirit Most Holy grace your being, sustain your soul and lift you up ever into the light. I thank you.

1. A meditation including slides of the development of the fetus in the womb of a mother was played before the HeartStream.
2. John 9:4, 5; 12:35, 36.
3. I Corinithians 15:50
4. Job 19:26; Psalms 17:15; 27:13

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