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Gautama Buddha      December 31, 2009

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David C. Lewis
December 31, 2009  11:50-12:10 pm CST
Mother Mary Speaks on the New Age Family
Austin Centre
Austin, Texas

Gautama Buddha's Thoughtform for the year 2010

A Sacred Snow Globe with a New Holy Family
The Return of the Family to its Holy Estate


            In peace I come—the peace that passeth all human understanding,1 but which is fully embraced by your own Buddha Nature. Men desire peace and yet they have not fully accommodated either the Prince of Peace or the King of Peace, who I am, within them.
            If you would have a world garnished with light fully absolved of the old ways of mediocrity, then blessed ones, you must know a new realm of beingness within. You must embrace fully your divine potential within all chambers of Selfhood and within the deepest recesses of the inner sanctum of your heart. How will this peace outpicture for you in the new year? How will you emanate a higher frequency of blessedness and grace, of beingness in God? This is the question that your Higher Self asks you, even as you petition the Karmic Lords for greater graces and dispensations.
            These come in direct proportion to your attunement, to your givingness, to your ability to maintain constancy within your Presence, continuously distilling the light by keeping your lamps trimmed,2 graciously listening to the inner voice that speaks, which you may only hear when that which is your truth vibrates with clarity within your mind, when your emotional body is still to hear the intonation of the OM from the central atom of being deep within your core.
            You are all Buddhas in becoming. You are all Mothers in the process of manifesting your divine nature. As you evolve through time and space, your Buddhahood and your Motherhood in a Tai Chi action of Father-Mother light may fully accommodate the allness of your being, one with the Divine.
            Now come the angels of Sanat Kumara who hold within their hands of light a sacred sphere. Within it is the thoughtform of the year 2010 which they unveil unto me in this hour. Blessed ones, I ask you to hold not only the light within your hands, but the sacred space to accommodate a replica of this thoughtform right within your hands this night.
            It is a crystal sphere , [a snow globe] such as you have seen at Christmastide when you shake it and the snow flies all about. Within it is a sacred crèche of light with father, with mother, with son and daughter, with the baby Jesus as a young boy and with his baby sister within the arms of his mother. The sacred circle of family is shown and light rays emanate from the hearts of each one as love is distilled within the sacred space of light of this family where the angels are present  to support their hearts' desires, their eternal longings, their familial striving in light.
            This thoughtform is also the vision of Venusian love, of the return of the family to its holy estate within America and throughout the world. For the family has been under attack and it is time blessed hearts, that all understand the very nature of life manifest through the sacred space of the cradle of light of the family within this sphere where you have the lifestreams of Jesus, his younger sister, Mary and Joseph, representing the ideal family of the West. There is also an etheric counterpart representing the East of their sponsoring masters, guides and guardian spirits, even as the light of Kartikeya and Lady Venus and of the Holy Kumaras, whose light from Venus shines brightly around and through the Holy family.
            So blessed hearts, it is the request of the World Mother, even of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun that each of you consider holding this thoughtform within your mind's eye as real, as fully realized within your life. And that you also hold this grid and matrix of light on behalf of all families everywhere, to raise the earth in sacred fire, to raise  the earth in God's desire to be free within you and within your family.
            When all is said and done and you review your life at the close of this embodiment, much of that which you will see, blessed hearts, that will bring you joy in the eyes of God, will be that which you have shared lovingly with the hearts closest to you, your family. And likewise, much of that which you will regret will be that which you have avoided or in some way not manifested quite to perfection within the realm of your family experience and in the lives of your loved ones.
            Therefore consider the dharma and the karma that arises from all interactions with those closest to you. For if you can master the frequencies of the sacred space of light within your homes, then you will be given greater opportunity to fullfill your mission on a grander scale within the home of light of your nation, your planet, your universe.
            I raise the light within you to the crown now, where cosmic sparklers are now blazing forth the light of illumination of a new year born of God's love, wisdom and divine power. You have entered that year in this sacred space this night, joining with holy brother and sister to commune with us, and for that we are grateful.
            And so, I, Gautama, proclaim that the new year is here and say to all, Happy New Year, O sons and daughters of the Buddha and of the Mother. May this year be victorious. May this year be filled with grace and the energy of love. May this year bring numerous and untold blessings to your lives and to the lives of your greater families.
OM Mani Padme Hum. OM Mani Padme Hum. OM Mani Padme Hum. Peace, Peace, Peace . . .

1. Philippians 4:7
2. Matthew 25: 1-13


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