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Maha Chohan      December 28, 2009

Beloved Maha Chohan
David C. Lewis
December 28, 2009   6:18-6:32 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                          Shine Forth the Light of God through Your Countenance, through Your Life
                                   Let a Song of Joy, of Praise, of Light Always Be upon Your Lips

        From the Himalayan heights, I come. I have been in communion with Lord Maitreya as to what is required in this hour for the gift of love as the Holy Dove to be shared around the world in a new and beautiful way. The chohans have lovingly and most expressively delineated to you, blessed hearts, keys for your self-elevation in the spirit. And I come to incorporate all of the rainbow rays in their full splendor, in their magnificent radiance into the lives of those so dedicated to the frequency of love that with me they may arise this day to feel the currents and the wafting energies of the spirit impelling them higher toward the Sun.
        I am the representative of the Holy Spirit whom you call the Maha Chohan. And I am seeking among men and women upon earth those who are ready for a new investiture of light. Though often you may take for granted that which we present within these HeartStreams, it cannot be gainsaid that there is much more in our sacred release of light and teaching than outwardly you can imagine. For many of you do not feel sufficiently in all of your seven bodies and more the full flowering of God's light through the release of discourse, darshan and dictation. And yet for those who have prepared their body temples through a disciplined path of purity, their minds through meditation upon the One, their souls by cleansing the chalice upraised of their being and especially their hearts by opening them to the highest possibilities of receiving and knowing divine love and virtue, you have benefited from all of these preparatory disciplines of the spirit.
        You have seen the thoughtform of the fiery winged chalice which is representative of my essence and of a heart upraised to receive the impulses that come directly from the throne, the Three-in-One, of God. I remind you that a balanced and ennobled threefold flame is the primary key to receiving all of the gifts of the spirit. For though we may entrust each and every one of you with something of these sacred offerings, yet often you may not sustain through holiness and presence the totality offered within these gifts as opportunity for employing them for the upliftment of your own soul, as well as the souls of many others.
        And therefore at times the sacred vessel of your consciousness can be dashed upon earth when you go about life unaware of the very presence of your own God-reality right where you are, somewhat as human misfits, forgetting the vibrant connection between your heart and the Divine One, your spirit and the one Holy Spirit. Therefore we adjure you not only to continuously seek the Holy Spirit through your life lived in the glory of God, but to know with a certainty and with a level of highest appreciation that which God has vouchsafed to you as your cosmic essence through a constancy and a consistency of being in love with all life, with all of creation, with all that is manifest which the Spirit has outpictured in holy love.
        When you have mastered the seven rays, then the stage is set for you to soar upon a new rainbow of beingness into dimensionless realms beyond your human imagination, dearest ones. But, through identification too much with the problems of this world, with the humdrum happenings of your human personality and focusing on your own limitations, sense of lack and a vacuum that comes through a lack of self worth in God, your mind, your heart, your spirit cannot soar with me in the moment that I come flapping my wings of light and goading you to higher beingness. Identify with the Holy Dove that you see in the Buddha Nature chart, even as a type of mediator qualifying the stream of light from your Presence through the crystal cord to your heart.
        This dove is there for you to consider. This dove is representative of all possibilities of grace itself. For through the sacred flow of light, through the crystalline prism of your Holy Christ/Buddha Self, all gifts, blessings and sacred bestowals and boons may be yours if you truly understand of what the Spirit is composed, how it identifies with you and how you may merge within its stream to receive a grander light, a more effulgent blessedness.
        I am radiating particles of presence unto your Presence which you may imbibe through a sacred filtering process that may only be understood through the practice of the Presence in holy meditation upon light. For those who have accelerated their heartfires through a constancy of attention upon God, beingness, oneness and holy purpose, you are able to sustain the accommodation of these divine particulates within your aura, within the chalice of your being and therefore shine forth the light of God through your countenance, through your life.
        So [in] the lives of the saints, miracles, cosmic blessings and even aberrations from the human standpoint have occurred because these have accommodated the Holy Spirit beautifully within the love of their hearts upturned to God. Yes, you see the mastery of the seven rays allows a precipitation of my heartfires within the chalice of your being. For this is when you can be entrusted with the eternality of God's grace. This is when life itself can be understood in all of its splendor and spiritual grandeur by the one who drinks in my stream of light and then lovingly sings the song of that Spirit through a heart enfired of God.
        Mother Mary has requested that you sing your prayers and decrees. And when you have done so with great intention, my angels have come unto you and benefitted your services and the sacred distribution of light flows through this process and the holy ritual of celestial communion with the angels and muses of music. If the angels always sing their praises to the Most High, and many of you are of and from their bands, blessed hearts, then let a song of joy, of praise, of light always be upon your lips. Let the humming of that Spirit heard within your heart animate life all around you with your individualization of the God flame, with the brilliance of your own being, the illuminating fires of the mind of Christ and Buddha dwelling within you.
        When Krishna played his flute, Shiva was there through me dancing upon the sacred strains of sound that ascended in wave patterns of light. These are what are causative of cosmic change as they are employed by devas to prick the hearts of men to begin to contemplate the message of love, the bliss of being, the essence of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva within them. East and West, the Spirit treks to the hearts of men, women and children traveling across the skies, even as the lengthening of the sun's shadow cast across a world speaks of the new day of the Spirit within life itself. [The Maha Chohan chants for sixty-three seconds.]
        During my release, I have walked through India on my return to Sri Lanka strewing seeds of light in the etheric plane even as Surya has traveled with me in his chariot of fire to dispel darkness, to call men to peace. Though there have been disturbances in the human domain, even in Kashmir of late, which have once again brought tears to the eyes of the Master KH, yet we have hope that our ray of light through these seeds will take root in the hearts of some. For I hear the cries to Shiva, every bhajan, every song of the heart. And I answer in numberless ways to impel the soul to new awareness of God.
        [The Maha Chohan breathes out three short breaths.] Let the Spirit flow within you ceaselessly. Let the Spirit grow within you eternally. Purusha.

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