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Lanto      December 27, 2009

Beloved Lanto
David C. Lewis
December 27, 2009   9:00-9:27 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Hold the Lamp of Illumination High
Oil the Skids Upon Which Your Divine Sled May Ascend!

            In illuminations fire, I come. And I extend a ray of light across the earth encircling the globe and creating a corona of wisdom's fire for all. Wisdom is central to the path of enlightenment, blessed ones. And once you have entered that path and set your goal on the attainment of the mark of your divinity, then the angels of illumination come forth to guide you, to direct your course surely to the ends of that dream celestial.
            The mind of God is a beautiful thing. And God has vouchsafed to you the mind of man which can commune directly with the eternal mind. And this ray of light that is the focal point for that direct communication mind to mind is what you should, if you choose, afford the Divine One to always maintain as a strong link by your own attention, focus and constancy.
            God is always emanating frequencies of divine gnosis, wisdom. And when you are attuned to that eternal spring from which all that you require at any moment may be yours for the asking, you can have the answer to every dilemma, the sure-fire solution to every problem that life delivers to you. At times, some see that there is no way out of the situation that they find themselves in. And yet, blessed ones, there is always a doorway, a passageway, a thoroughfare to the highest possibility of your attainment and the coursing of your soul to its divine destiny. And this you must discern by placing your trust in God, by allowing his mindstream to illumine your way.
            Yes, a torch has been lit by the chohans and your sponsoring masters. But you must hold this torch high, you must keep walking, you must further your steps as evidenced by the golden pathway of light that the Buddhas so lovingly present before you as that way of the lotus of light.
            From the Royal Teton I also send a circulating beam to every soul who on the map of this world we sense is ready for a higher initiatic path. For some this will mean stepping out of outworn garments and past momentums. And at the turn of the year it is the optimal time for these souls, including some of you, to make a greater transition into higher consciousness.
            Each spiral, each turn of the dial affords you through the initiatic path this opportunity for greater self- transcendence if you choose to walk the higher road, dearest hearts. No matter what is occurring in the outer world in terms of the challenges that you see upon your freedoms, within your wallets, it is all about mindfulness and a certain divine caution that is not of the human that can move you beyond those temporary delusional states that you may have entered that do nothing for your soul progression.
            And therefore, even within the safety of your Oversoul, there must also be, as we have termed it, a divine abandon to place all within the heart of God and to let go of those outworn modes and belief systems that have allowed you to be caught within a framework and a sense of impossibility rather than a can-do spirit of [the] ever-present availability of the light to move you unto your goal swiftly.
            The adepts are those who are continuously working on self, participating in the cosmic drama of the alchemicalization of their lower nature into their Higher Self. This process is often daunting. And at times, even our best servants swoon under the impulses of the higher vibrational patterns that come to dance and play upon their souls such that they may extend themselves beyond what is comfortable into a new proximal zone of spiritual development.
            Yes, blessed ones, unless you are stretching the bounds of being to discern daily a higher walk with God, then what has become of your life, your creativity and the power that God has invested in you long ago as a co-creator to manifest in sacred works and glorious manifestations of divinity? I say it is time to send the ray of the stream of your being far into the future and to have that arrow of light find its mark and then pull yourselves up, up, up through the strength of your resolve and by the power of the nurturing aspect of grace that comes when you are determined in this way.
            And then God will make up the difference for you, I assure you, by the oil of gladness, by the presence of holy love. And do not forget that there are many in the spiritual hierarchy as a great brotherhood and community of light who are always pulling for you, gently nudging and coercing you along your specific pathway. And it is our great joy to do this, blessed ones.
            Wisdom shines forth the light such that that way may be true. And the Mercurian masters, such as El Morya and Hermes, such as Hercules and others, having proven the quicksilver way of attainment, can assist you in oiling the skids upon which your divine sled may ascend. For illumination's ray through great joy brings you unto the flowering of your divinity. And the way of the Buddhas is made plain by conscious thought and by the self-directed stream of your attention unto your goal.
            Now that we have surveyed the earth and have brought to the attention of the Karmic Board new possibilities for the advancement of this movement and every soul therein, I am delivering a treatise unto the Goddess of Liberty, as the spokesperson of that august body, that is my offering on the altar of opportunities for greater spiritual education during Meru University in the year 2010. And when this treatise is opened and hopefully approved and then acted upon, it will bring a higher frequency of my own mindfulness in consultation with the chohans into the dynamic of your ongoing work to progress the course of evolution upon earth through the teachings that will be presented through the Messenger and through a number of you who will offer yourselves as adjunct professors, teachers and wayshowers in months and years to come.
            Every great university, blessed hearts, is composed of many conscious ones who know their subject in and out, who have lived through the initiatic path—those fiery events that have impressed upon their souls through experience the wisdom of the ages, the gnosis of the ancient as well as the future movement of light in new realms. It takes a universe-city, a collective focus upon the goal of planetary enlightenment for the Buddhas' plans to be fulfilled.
            Therefore, study well your subject material. Consult with experts upon earth and in heaven to inspire and illumine you as to what must be conveyed and delivered for the highest outcome of every soul. In some cases these courses that will be presented will have profound effects upon the planet, even though a seemingly small contingency of individuals are outwardly studying what you offer. I can assure you that the effects upon akasha and in the mental belt of the planet, as well as the etheric, can be great if you pour forth your heart and spirit into the syllabi through a conscious determination and much forethought.
            We have asked through the Messenger that each new course instructor prepare their material with Logoic logic, using power point slide shows. And we add this day that if you can also include resources from which you have drawn forth the wisdom, that will afford the students who are striving with full intention a greater opportunity to excel to new cosmic heights of understanding.
            Much has been built upon a foundation thus far. As greater numbers of spiritual aspirants find this organization and movement, they can assist you in going back and preparing a rounded [and comprehensive] course that you can then publish for many more to listen to and read. All this is foundational for what we will deliver in 2010 and beyond. Therefore, do your work well. Consult with each other before your syllabi are published and allow us to mindstream with you during each session, even with a period of silence such that the students may attune through their own Higher Self to that which they must receive personally from their own Buddhic awareness and God Presence.
            The masters of illumination's flame send forth their love-wisdom this day to inculcate within the earth greater gnosis, spiritual understanding at many, many levels. We honor the ascended Lady Clare de Lis with Lanello and ask you also to consider moving swiftly to have her recent releases published. These are key to the New Year and to the shift in gears that this movement requires at all levels.
            I am Lanto. I hold the lamp of illumination high, as a masculine counterpoint in this hour to the Goddess of Liberty in New York's harbor. I light the way! Now follow and be healed and be sealed in a new cosmic dharmic wheel of beingness. I thank you.

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