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Serapis Bey      December 25, 2009

Beloved Serapis Bey
David C. Lewis
December 25, 2009   6:00-6:30 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


The Christmas Season As Celebrated in the Octaves of Light

                            The Ascension Currents Are Here and Now Available!

All Hail, Sons and Daughters of God! And Merry Christmas!
        I would speak to you of ritual and of how we, the ascended masters and the chohans of the rays celebrate in divine octaves of light the Christmas season. There is a building of anticipation even within the heavenworld of a great influx of light at the time of the solstice. For you see, blessed ones, we see clearly that which is aligning itself with the cycles of eternality whereby the omnipresent consciousness of God blazes forth throughout the cosmos for those who are open to the possibility of its blessing and glory. We see the prayers rising from many upon earth and angelic choirs singing a continuous angelus twenty four/seven, even trailing clouds of great glory as those carols are played and sung upon earth.
        And there is a billowing effect as a sacred grace that is bestowed upon the earth during this season because men's hearts are upturned to God through the worship of the Son, the Christ of Jesus. And even within our sacred brotherhood there are processions, there are rituals that we partake of that are ancient in origin, harking back to the very instauration of the spirit-spark of light within each created being. There is a gathering in every retreat of the Brotherhood. And at a certain appointed time, as you consider it upon earth, we blend the resources of our heartfires to the great God of all that is—worshiping, honoring and giving holy deference to that which animates all life in all realms of being.
        Yes, we bow our heads and prayerfully look to the Source of all for our continuing life, the very essence of our being, that which sustains us as spiritual advocates of the path of light. And so it should be, dearest ones, that in your octave you come together in your centers at an appointed time to send forth rays of light from your being to the great God of all in holy worship, in divine reverence, in obeisance to that which is pure and clean in the highest sense of beingness.
        So, this day I come to radiate the light of the ascension currents into the earth from Luxor and within the hearts of every true devotee of the Brotherhood of Light. Those who understand the mystic pathway of adeptship are those to whom we have vouchsafed the plan, the way and the light. And thus, as you have arisen early, and I come at the appointed hour, there is an increase of the availability of the ascension current blazing within your lifestream, your aura and even your base chakra as the focal point of the raising of the Mother Light within you.
        For you see, blessed ones, when that which is of God is fully emblazoned within your lifestream, then you are ready for the highest initiatic path of the ascension. You may receive divine instruction from inner planes directly from me and from the teachers in my retreat. You may receive the impulses of the Spirit that will move you into higher awareness whereby you may cognize in a new higher reality divine light and all of the gradations of its radiance manifest through that which is holiness unto the Lord, that which is the way, the truth and the light, that which ennobles mankind and brings him to the Source of all that is required for his delivery from the nonsense of human living into the renaissance of Godly being.
        Truly, blessed ones, it is time for you to awaken to this new reality that has always been vibrating in etheric octaves of light all around you, that which at times you sense and feel of these glory realms. If you could behold just an iota of that which is possible for you to attain to through a more disciplined life of entering into the heart of pure beingness within the ascension current, I say that your delivery would be sure and fast, your attainment would be as swift as that of the Mercurians whose rounds around the orb of Helios and Vesta are as quicksilver and as the fastest sprinters that you have seen upon earth.
        Would you have a new reality, a new life, a new divine glory and radiance always manifesting through your being, blessed ones, in the new year 2010, I ask? Then I ask you what will you do to make it so, day by day? Will your mind be steely white in its meditation upon the allness of God? Will your heart be available to the Lord for his intimations, his graces and a bestowal of his virtues to flow through you? Will your soul, as a chalice, be offered each moment to the Divine One to be a holy resource to humanity to feel the higher impulses that when received and blazed forth everywhere can raise all into a new octave of presence?
        The choice is up to you, moment by moment, whether you will live within the ascension currents, you see. This is a basic teaching in my retreat—that you cannot put off till tomorrow work and the attainment of that which you have heretofore thought would only come at an appointed hour of your decease. The ascension currents are here and now available! But how many are willing to feel the heat and increase awareness such that they are always on fire for God to the extent that these currents do not burn them up, but that they have made themselves ready by keeping those vessels of light fully trimmed with oil as in the parable of the worthy virgins,¹ blessed hearts?
        Every ounce of light that you spend in idle chatter devoids you of an aspect of the ascension flame that you require if you are to balance 100% of your karma in this life. Holding the immaculate concept with Mother Mary would do you well to understand another aspect of my ray. For when you participate in this sacred science of light, there is a building within your aura a certain sanctity, an essence, as with Lady Kristine, of grace. It is an etheric lace woven by your Higher Self, a cosmic veil of light that is yours when you see immaculately the God flame within everyone and hold it sure and true before your visage.
        All of these understandings and disciplines are a part of what is represented by my lieutenants of light, who at times are looked upon as harsh lords. And yet it is their goal, as well as mine, that you come into the fullness of your godly beingness by staying the course, by fulfilling each and every facet of the initiatic path that is required for you to receive your cosmic diploma and one day to be welcomed within the bands of those who through humility can truly say:

            O God, I thank you for the ascension blessing bestowed this day upon my soul.
            I am grateful for your spirit, which is my spirit, living ever and always as my
            very being, dearly beloved. O holy Father-Mother of all, receive my spirit fully
            and finally as a part of thee in this sacred procession. Although heretofore, from
            the human I have been unworthy, this day in your heart I know that I am worthy
            to be thy son, thy daughter evermore, O holy God, O Sun-Source of all light!

        In the sacred process of the ascension, dearest ones, the divine bliss that you enter can only be understood from the higher consciousness of your Presence. There are no words to describe this event that can fully bring to your awareness how precious, how holy, how radiant is your union with the All. All your work, all your striving, all of the energy that you have put into the path is worth it in the end of the ego-dweller and the emergence and birth of you as an ascended one.
        The chohans have been called by Lord Maitreya and the World Teachers to speak to you in these days before the transition to a new year. And we are inculcating within not only your awareness, but within the earth itself our rays of light such that many more who will come to this fount of divine teaching and holy instruction will receive through our words opportunity for entering into a higher spiral of the initiatic path to move this earth forward, even in the twinkling of an eye,² to that golden-crystal age that you have sought, have prayed for, have envisioned in ways great and small.
        Your calls work. Your efforts are bearing fruit. Your lives lived in a sacrificial way for others will not be forgotten in the annals of the Brotherhood. Yes, we may have a ragtag army, often of human misfits who do not fit the mold of what some consider to be spiritual adepts. And yet, it is always the heart, it is always love and it is always God's grace that flows through those humble hearts who come day after day after day to give of themselves through which a new world will be born and a new light manifest for all. Keep the flame. Maintain your inner disciplines. Strive with Morya through the rays until the alchemicalization of light with Saint Germain to the victory of all that has been held in trust within you for victory in your ascension.
        I am Serapis Soleil. I have come on this Christmas Day like John the Baptist to prepare for the coming of the Son of God, Jesus. Hear him. Know him. Believe on him and on the Christ Light within you. And then every Christmas will have the true meaning that it has for us, the true initiates of the ascension flame. I bow to the light within each of you. For this light is what I serve, blessed ones.

1. Matthew 25: 1-13
2. 1 Corinthians 15:52

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