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Nada      December 24, 2009

Beloved Lady Master Nada
David C. Lewis
December 24, 2009 6:00-6:16 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Love is the Purpose of Life
A Gift Fashioned by the Hand of the Divine One

Dearest Hearts,
            It is God's great desire always to bestow his gifts of love to you. The most important gift, as you know, is himself—embedded within your heart as the spark of eternal life that animates your being. This gift is self-sustaining forever if you allow God's light, God's sacred bestowal, to always abide in blessedness, in grace within you.
            This Presence is the greatest present that is ever-present, you see, when you are engaged to God in a sacred tryst of love. It is an ongoing engagement, truly a most unique and sacred union—even a wedding between your heart and God's. When you abide in this love, each day is an opportunity as a co-creator to be expressive of that sacred gift that is yours and only yours to offer and to bestow [upon] life, dearest ones.
            I, Nada, come to remind you that love is the purpose of life and that in all-givingness your Source may move through you to demonstrate to the world that which you have become of that love in ways great and small, in the myriad manifestations of your own awareness trued to the divine—ever contemplating the Lord's will, wisdom and love in all that you emanate, in that which you think, feel, believe and see as the very real possibility of God's love moving through your heart and being.
            In this sacred season, which is made sacred by an elevated spirit of givingness and gratitude, of putting others before self, of extending your heart—reaching out, sharing truly that within you which you would grace others with—you come to understand the very nature of God, the purpose of life, of the entire cosmos. For you see it is God's expression of beingness through all creatures, through all life and through the light that animates all.
            You know this. And you have sensed it in your soul for eons. And yet at times it is somewhat difficult to equate fully with the divine offering of selfhood multiplied infinite numbers of times through every created being, each one a facet of  the allness of God and yet part of that one spirit of beingness. And so through the lens of your consciousness and your vision you see a certain separateness of identity of each created form. Yet in the single-eyed vision held by your True Self, even with the specificity of this differentiation, there is also an understanding of the universality and the unity of all. When you enter God's heart fully then all sense of separateness dissolves and you merge and blend with that eternal stream of God-identity that is pure love in its highest aspect and expression.
            This is what I ask you to consider entering when in any way you desire to give to God, to others and even to yourself something of that spirit that moves you to extend your hand, your heart and your mind in ways that ennoble the God within all. Jesus the Christ came in the full flowering of his divinity even within the little babe that cooed and sang of that unified field of beingness that he felt and sensed even within Mary's womb.
            What was the Lord meditating upon during those nine months? It was the light within him that was the same light within all that somehow he would demonstrate and offer to every being whose life he would touch. And through the gentility of the spirit of his sacred heart—even as he was growing as a little child—through his eyes shown that light. And the rays of God's love blazed through them to behold the creation as good¹ within every lifestream that he encountered. So it may be for you that as a Christ in becoming, your life becomes more and more expressive of your divinity, even as you see that divinity manifest within everyone, dear hearts.
            So, my angels come with a little gift for each one that we place within your heart that you may open late this evening or early on Christmas morn. It is fashioned by the hand of the Divine One through many of his angels. It is unique for you, each one. And as you contemplate this gift of the spirit, even taking it to your heart, be reminded of God's eternal love for you and of how that divine spark is still blazing within you your light, which is God's light, the eternal light of love.
            So, I have come early to ensconce this place with the radiance of the presence of givingness, for the sixth ray of service and ministration is all about this divine quality. As you sing your carols, as you revel in the joy of the coming of the Lord this night and tomorrow, greet all with a kiss of peace, with an embrace of holy love, looking into each one's eyes and taking just a moment to see that light of God that is so precious within each one. And reflected back through each one's eyes is the sacredness of your own soul and spirit that that one sees, too.
            I am Nada. I raise you up in love for I am and ever will be your rose lady of light. I thank you.

1. Genesis 1:4, 1:31

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