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Lanello      December 24, 2009

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
December 24, 2009   8:10-8:36 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                                     The Path of Initiation through the Hearts Center
                                                                      The Role of the Messenger

            Would you like to hear a story? Only three? Would you like to hear a story? [spoken more loudly] [Audience responds: “Yes!”]
            As the Holy Family neared Egypt, they began to see in the distance the peaks of the pyramids.¹ And this brought to mind in the heart of Joseph [the time] when as a young boy he [also] made a trek to Egypt and was in awe of these sacred monuments to the stars, to the path of initiation, to the possibilities for attainment and the ascension for every soul. Joseph reflected upon that time when he was initiated into the sacred sciences of the adepts. Little did he know then that many years later he would return with his partner and with a young child.
            As they neared the pyramids, he shared with Mary some of this understanding, and the soul of the young boy absorbed that of which Joseph spoke. And later in those lost years,² Jesus himself would return to receive at the hand of the hierophant of Luxor certain initiations preparatory to his worldwide ministry. So you see, there was within the seed of Joseph, extended to his son, divine knowledge, divine wisdom. And Jesus as the Piscean Master would fulfill all before his father, Joseph (having supported Jesus), would succeed him as the avatar of the seventh age, which is nigh dawning.
            There is much more to the story of Jesus' life and Joseph's life and Mary's life than you know. And if all could be shown in a motion picture, you would be amazed at how different it is than what has been portrayed through the media, within the Bible and in various historic texts. A thread of contact with the Brotherhood and through [its] work over many millennia was firmly established in Jesus' lineage, back many generations of light. And you are living in an age graced by the succession of inner priest-kings, architects of the Spirit, holy adepts who now serve as ascended masters, as both chohans and others, who have risen because of their understanding and mastery of this path of initiation.
            This path Jesus taught to his inner disciples, and he demonstrated mastery through his example, through his ministry, through his life. The mystery schools throughout the ages have held true to the sacred initiatic path. And within this activity of The Hearts Center, this [initiatic] path is vibrant and active if each of you chooses to accept this pathway.
            How are initiations conveyed in this age dawning? They can be extended by ascended masters through their releases of light known as HeartStreams, but you must be accepting of the initiatic seed of light within each message, the possibilities for self-transformation and growth. And it is more now about your direct contact with your Presence, your own ascended master guides and guardian spirits rather than an outer initiator or human guru.
            Through the messenger's chakras during the HeartStreams, rays of light are emitted and within these rays are opportunities for you, each one. When you feel the pulsation of our wave of light upon your being, understand that it is important to first be accepting of them, to receive them and then to do your best to ingest and assimilate them by reading and studying the words, unlocking the seed of light within the message and the conveyance and then acting upon that which you discern through your own path of adeptship, [which] is unique to you under your divine sponsors.
            At times the messenger may remind you of what has been conveyed, but it is not up to him to directly be the instrument for your initiation, as has occurred in past dispensations. He is there [as] an indirect link for us in this sacred process, but understand that even in this dynamic, there should be a certain respect for the mouthpiece. For without this one, you would not have available this opportunity to receive from our realms the rays, and therefore the opportunity, for the initiations that travel upon those rays.
            Some have discerned this dynamic and are always attentive to the light-energy, the frequency and the message within the HeartStreams. Others pick and choose what they feel is real or true or meaningful to them, and this is according to your free will. Yes, there is always the dynamic of the vibration of the messenger at any given time and of how he is capable and able to receive the fullness of our conveyances. And yet even when he is not at his peak, for those of you who are discerning you will pick up on the ray, the message, the inner seed that can be planted within you and nurtured by your own efforts each step of the way.
            Therefore it is a very personal thing and yet also impersonal, this path of initiation. And those who hold a field of reverence for our presence manifest through what the messenger delivers honor the office, the lineage and the plan of the Brotherhood to move forward the evolution of life upon this earth. There is not only one true messenger through which this dynamic occurs, but for those of you in the West, especially in America, one of the more profound opportunities that you will have in this lifetime to grow spiritually [is] through participation in our efforts and by abiding in the Spirit that flows through this community, this sangha of light.
            Where some have left off of believing that the words are true or accurate, they cut themselves off completely from the conveyance of the frequency in the seed of light within the message, and therefore they are on their own. And in some cases they have a strong connection with their Source and they will be fine, but in other cases, there is not the discernment to know fully the lost opportunity at hand, and therefore a greet boon is no longer theirs.
            Each and every one of you, secure in your God Presence through your own connection with your Source can pass your initiations and ascend and move onward in life. We are here simply to aid and abet that process, to afford you a strong link that you may hold onto until you learn how to completely tether yourself to God in the highest way. So do not discount another's path as invalid or judge any man or woman for their choices, yet discern with a heart full of love, respect and integrity what is best for you on your path. And then having made your choice, be true to that choice.
            As the Holy Family received inner temple initiations in their finer bodies in Egypt, they brought back with them new understandings, new energies, new light to then share with those who would be called by the Son of God to a new path of compassion, forgiveness and love. Reflect upon your life and the opportunities that you have had offered unto you each step of the way to embrace more of your holy path of light. And where there have been possibly missteps or ignorance [when it came to] embracing the highest possibilities, simply ask for them to be conveyed in another way with new opportunities for growth. Thus you can fill in those little chinks in your armor and more quickly accelerate home to the heart of God.
            I bring to your remembrance the Bible passage [in which] I, as Mark, tried to escape from the initiatic path provided me at the time of Jesus' temptation in the garden and his subsequent arrest.³ I fled the scene, thinking that this initiation was not mine to observe or to support Jesus in. Subsequently, I saw my lack and then moved on, passed that failed initiation, and by the grace of God recovered that lost opportunity later to serve the Lord Jesus.
            Therefore by my example, may you be raised up, blessed hearts, to be the true Son or Daughter of God that you are, even as Jesus the Christ is. Thank you.

1. Matthew 2:13-15.
2. The “lost years” refer to the seventeen years of Jesus' life that are not accounted for in the Bible, when from the age of 13 to 29 he traveled to the East. There he learned of the path of initiation and prepared for his Palestinian mission.
3. Mark 14:43-52.

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