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Hilarion      December 23, 2009

Beloved Hilarion

David C. Lewis

December 23, 2009   7:35-8:01 am MST

Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Wholeness and the Alchemy and Science of Being

                                              Through a New Level of Light All May Be Fulfilled

Blessed and Gracious Hearts,
            I come with a sacred urn of light, containing within it divine substance precipitated from my meditation upon the ray of healing for you all. This is a sacred ash, vibhuti,¹ as some in the East have called it, that I desire to serve you each one, to anoint you with as a blessing, as a grace and as a protection in this hour from certain astral energies that have descended upon mankind as a result of the choices of dark ones past and present, and of a certain malaise that has beset you as a glaze of darkness and not of light.
            For some this has manifested as a challenge to their health and well being, even their mental stability, their emotional harmony and peace. Thus, in answer to the call of the Cosmic Virgin, the blessed Mary, I have come, accelerating the fires of wholeness this day to deliver to those who have been faithful and true in their service to the Lord by daily attendance, either here physically or on the broadcast, of these sacred prayer services. For those of you who have set your sail, by rising early, facing the sun of your Presence, engaging your heart and lending your voice to the universe through prayerful words—a conscious mindstream and visualization of light in divine grace going forth to humanity—, we the ascended masters come to afford you the fruits of these labors as light energy for your own benefit in this hour.
And the chohans of the rays stand in a circle of fire around the earth to deliver an accelerated frequency of each of the rays in this hour of Capricorn in the closing of the page of one year and the opening of another soon. And these rays go forth, emblematic of the Christic prism of light refracted through the heart of those whose desire is to be that light to a world.
            I have heard Paul speak of love and Morya of the star of your Presence.² And I come to lend my momentum to theirs to initiate you in a higher spiral of wholeness that may be yours as you attend to the inner voice and enter into a greater discipline of body, mind and spirit through rededicating yourself to the passion of your mission, to its fulfillment every day in some way, and for the accelerating of your heart fires, your mindstream such that you may be a sacred vessel for the light of the Lord to glow upon earth and to help sustain the balance of all life here with us.
            Each chohan is engaged in the sacred work of accentuating a particular frequency of light within the heavenly domain, shining forth that light into your world in numerous ways, in numberless dimensional planes of being to assist souls to pass through initiations and to rise into a higher level of beingness in God. And so we have many tutoring masters who work with your soul, who inspire your mind, who prompt your hearts to always listen to the inner voice that speaks as the various rays manifesting through your own causal body speak from deep within you the truth of your being in God.
            There is a way out of the human dilemma and you are walking that way when you participate with God in the alchemy and the science of being, by engaging the angels in the sacred arts that they so beautifully render on your behalf in many ways. This science of being your Clare de Lis has spoken of.³ And when you enter into the sacred silence and ascertain through a deep reflection of self in the refracting pool, the ocean of God's consciousness, you may be self-sustained in the cosmic wave and frequencies of light that may course through your being, that may embellish your spirit in many nuances and artistic renderings of beingness in your life. For the Spirit is always flowing and yet some do not fully cognize or feel the cooling effects of the winds of the Holy One, the Maha Chohan, as he directs the course and the advancement of civilization through the paths of the rays of light, seven and more.
            At the end of an age it is time to wrap things up with the heartstrings of God and offer your best to the Lord. And thus within each gift of self, let there be something of your highest essence, something of your own co-creativity. Let the drama of beingness manifest through your heart be shared as you honor the Christ within each person, as you give selflessly of your light to others.
            This sacred space of the retreat of Mary and Raphael is a holy domain where givingness will be the byword of all who come to serve, where selflessness will be the way demonstrated through great works of charity and the effulgence of the heart offered to each one who comes to be healed or to receive something of your love. Those who truly have surrendered themselves to God are the ones through whom the frequencies of healing and wholeness will flow to touch the lives, the hearts and the bodies of those who will come. But if there is not a certain level of acceptance of the Lord's fiery frequency of love, then your touch will not convey that healing stream, blessed hearts. I know from experience that only when I had prayed and sublimated myself completely to the divine will, wisdom and love could I be used as a vessel for the transfer of the fire of instantaneous wholeness to others.
            Yes, it takes a daily surrender and sacrifice of self to be the vessel for this grace of the spirit to flow, knowing that only God can deliver one from lack or want or a sense of separation from that one's higher Selfhood in God. You must be firmly affixed in your constant gaze internally upon the divine light with Mary, holding the immaculate field of energy of each one as pure and inviolate in light in order for the frequencies of emerald compassion to work their perfect work for and on behalf of each one.
            You see, blessed ones, the art and science of healing is really about your own wholeness. For did not an adept long ago say, “Physician, heal thyself!"?4 Yes, truly only when you are whole may wholeness flow through you to others, else what you convey is tainted by a certain illusory stream of unconsciousness or egoic shadow. And this is not what you would have delivered to others, is it, dear hearts?
            [Hilarion exhales the Fire Breath of God.]
Angels of healing now bring to each one of you this sacred substance that you may ingest and which may now course through your being for your greater wholeness, your balance and harmony of body, mind, emotions and spirit. Where there is this harmonic frequency of resonance, especially within your solar plexus, your emotional body, there the sunlight, the Sun Presence of your Solar Self can radiate a field of divine equanimity which sets the platform for healing to occur. [Hilarion again exhales the Fire Breath of God.]
            O Holy Spirit, O Dove of Light descend upon these. Bless them and seal them toward the holy purposes of their greater ministry in the future which has come now. Prepare the place within, blessed hearts, for the Presence of God to abide always. And through a new level of light, may all be fulfilled within and without by the grace of God.
            I am Hilarion. And I sing with Mary the song immaculata of every lifestream who looks to God for wholeness. May virtue flow through you always—the virtues of the saints robed in white and those with an emerald sheen of light shining within their auras, significant of the healing ministry of their mission in this life. [Hilarion chants for just over a minute.]
            In an ancient Atlantean tongue I have sung to your hearts of the love of the Divine One. Go in peace and serve to set life free in wholeness. I thank you.

1. Vibhuti is the sacred ash used in religious worship in Hinduism. In Chapter 10 of the Bhagavad Gita, titled Vibhuti Yoga, Krishna uses the term vibhuti to describe divine attributes such as magnificence, splendour, glory and prosperity.
2. Paul the Venetian dictated his heartstream on Monday, December 21, 2009 and El Morya dictated his heartstream on Tuesday, December 22, 20009 as part of an eightfold release of heartstreams from the Seven Chohans and the Maha Chohan December 21-28, 2009.
3. Lady Clare de Lis (aka Elizabeth Clare Prophet, GuruMa or the Buddha Mother), twin flame of Lanello, released 33 heartstreams from November 11 to December 13, 2009 through David C. Lewis. These will be released in a future publication of Meru Press.
4. Luke 4:23

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