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Clare de Lis      December 11, 2009


Beloved Clare de Lis

David C. Lewis

December 11, 2009   6:50-7:20 am MST

Paradise Valley, Montana

Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat 8:08-8:18 am MDT

Weathering the Storms of Life through the Be-Attitudes of God

During Trying Times, Determine to Model Appreciation and Generosity

Dearest Ones,

            “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.”¹ So begins a famous novel that many of you are familiar with. This same statement could be affirmed about nearly every age of life upon Earth, for there is always from the two-eyed vision of man the opportunity to see things as either good or bad, as either deified or evil.

            From the ascended masters' viewpoint, things are as they are and yet through single-eyed vision you may always choose to hold the perfection of the present moment within the purview of your Presence who sees immaculately. This conscious choice brings you out of duality into a heightened awareness of spiritual light and resonance that is beyond the alternating current of human thought and feeling where the storms of life play upon your mental and emotional bodies to your detriment.

            Those who abide within the space of love, always attempting to demonstrate and emanate the be-attitudes of God can weather the ups and downs of life in the human domain. It is through a spirit of cooperation with heaven that you can avoid the pitfalls of too much attention upon the down or shadow side of life that blinds you from observing and accentuating the silver or crystal lining that is always within every cloud.

            One key to mastering this science is to continually determine to model the qualities of appreciation and generosity in all you do and in all your interactions with people and situations. This brings the natural fibers of your heart into a higher resonant field of beingness whereby grace begins to flow through your consciousness into everything. It is just this sense of gratitude and reverence for nature and for all beings that actually delivers you into a higher dimensional experience of light whereby you live beyond the veils of illusion that beat upon you in an attempt to draw you into the samsaric woes of the dark ones.

            Blessed ones, life upon Earth is a shadowed existence, but you can always choose to look at the light of the blazing sun of your own divinity at any time and avoid the pitfalls of focusing upon unreality. Through a twist of the dial of your own attitude and through a positive mental and emotional framework, the glow of living within the flow of eternality is manifest for you.

            You know some people who always seem to have something positive, loving and encouraging to offer in every situation. These are the models for the Aquarian way of love, because divine love lives within each of these conscious choices to raise and bless life. Developing this natural ability is easy once you generate that love-flow first within your heart through a daily practice of appreciating your Source and of entering into the light of your Presence on a continuous basis. Graciously calling upon the Lord² for the solution to every challenge, you await his word with joy and equanimity until his answer is fulfilled through a loving beatitude that comes just when it is most needed.

The guiding light of your life is your Sun Source. The pinnacle of spiritual achievement comes only when you realize that you already have all that you require right within your heart, for God placed it there when you were created in his loving image and in his glorious likeness.³ If God is the Sun of all suns, then it is his cosmic expectation that every son and daughter of his heart will also model and live fully within the sunlight of his or her own emanation of beingness as a divine birthright, even a holy mandate or inner directive. The seed of light vouchsafed to you simply must come to fruition through your life lived to the glory of God, dearest ones.

            You have a pact with the Divine and that is to master the law of your own being through conscious love and appreciation in all things. From this holy beatitude may you always be victorious!

I am Clare de Lis and I am continuing to see you playing in the fields of cosmic joy day and night. Thank you, blessed hearts.

1. Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities.

2. Psalms 18:3

3. Genesis 1:27, 5:3

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