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David Lewis      November 27, 2009

David C. Lewis Discourse (Inspired by Beloved Fortuna, Goddess of Supply)
November 27, 2009   7:01-7:13 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


An Alchemy from Fortuna for the Wellspring Retreat

           So we consecrate this rosary today to the Wellpsring Retreat and to our part in helping to manifest this retreat. A while back we were given an alchemy that people could go and buy 100 dollars worth of dollars—the coins that are dollars—and to have a chalice on your own altar. Put 33 in there, have 33 go to the Wellspring Retreat and then 33 to the Central Hearts Center.

            So today Fortuna has again requested this same alchemy of heartfriends. So if you are being challenged in this hour to come up with $100, then look at this as an opportunity, as a challenge to work on your levels of precipitation. Now, it's best if you don't send the physical coins into us, but you can send to P.O. Box 277 [in the same envelope two checks, each for $33. Make one check payable to "The Hearts Center of Paradise Valley" and the second payable to "The Hearts Center."] And we will take them and cash them and bring the coins physically here to the two chalices that we have. You can put 33 [coins] in your own chalice and keep one [coin] in your pocket.

          Let us each take accountability, responsibility, for the alchemy of precipitation for the Wellspring Retreat in some way. As some of you know, years ago when we desired to purchase the Inner Retreat, the challenge was made for each person to give $1,000. So this is somewhat miniscule in comparison to that challenge. So I believe that every heartfriend has the ability through God-desire to do this alchemy and to, if necessary, work a little extra in some way, do some form of service to come up with that $100 for this alchemy, which is a collective alchemy. If every heartfriend in this movement took responsibility to do this and potentially to do it every month, I believe you would see a huge transformation in our own consciousness, which then, because of our own personal awareness of abundance that is flowing through us, [allows us to] become the chalice or conduit for a greater flow to occur for the entire Hearts Center movement.

          So I am pledging to do this today—going to the bank and securing these coins—and I want to be the first to do it. And I am asking that this go out as an email. Fortuna is asking that this happen today so that we can really focus on the alchemy of what we require. Oftentimes I believe that we spend money, sometimes foolishly, on things that we don't need or in ways that we look back and we say, “Oh, I didn't really require that.”

          So by giving to God, giving to the ascended masters through this dispensation, which is a sponsored activity of light—and we know it because of the light that we feel in our hearts when the masters come—when we do this form of alchemy as a collective, it has much more power, and there is an excitement that occurs in the air, in the atmosphere. There is the energizing of the alchemy by the precious elementals and nature spirits, by the angels themselves. And all of heaven takes note of the energy field that we are creating through this divine thought that passes through all of us, each and every one of us—through our hearts, through our minds, through our third-eye, through our chakras. And we are literally energized by the collective consciousness of the whole of every heartfriend that is participating.

          So when you give graciously, lovingly, selflessly and without a sense of desire for recompense, there is an energizing of this collective field. And this is the teaching for today that we need because when we do this together, we tap into the universal source of all of our supply as a collective. And then there is a blessing bestowed on each and every one that takes part in the alchemy. So when one leaves out of the alchemy, that one does not receive the full blessing of the bestowal of the collective blessing that we are all receiving.

            So it is a energization, it is multiplication, it is a geometrization of light as we hold that collective field of abundance, of grace, and of this cosmic bestowal from the cornucopia of heaven into the chalice of our hearts first and then spread out to the movement and to each and every one. So by partaking of this alchemy, you engage heaven. You solicit from the coffers of the Divine One, from the very throne of grace that holy opulence that is truly ours to command because we are sons and daughters of God.

          Now your faith, your belief, your acceptance of the very present and real possibility that this can and will happen is key. If there is any doubt or lack of faith or a sense of, "Woe is me. I don't have the money," then that anxiety presses in  upon the alchemy and limits you. So you have to free your mind, you have to free your heart, you have to free yourself to be in this co-relationship with God to be the receptor for that all-abundance that is truly and rightfully yours as a son [or] daughter of God.

            "It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom"¹, the consciousness of himself and that consciousness of abundance in grace and blessedness that we require for our work. And just as Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life and that more abundantly,”² s
o we are come that all who move within the field of our beingness, our life, may also have the abundant life through the light that is that abundance of supply. Truly the light itself is the greatest abundance that we can have—the light of God that always prevails. And when we have the light brimming within our auras and chakras, when we feel the profound effects of the Holy Spirit moving through our life, we have that abundance. And the abundance is ours and will be ours and will always be available to us in our work and sacred service to life.

          So if there is a downturn in your own personal economy, change your consciousness. Allow heaven to create miracles for you that will manifest as this holy grace.
            I did a personal alchemy a while back.  And I can tell you that I am seeing and reaping the benefits of that alchemy even today, when I followed Napoleon Hill's guidelines from Think and Grow Rich. And I wrote down the specifics on a piece of paper, on a card, and put it within a book and put the dates that I desired that alchemy to manifest, how much [I wanted] and what it would be used for. And I was amazed to find that card a few years later and see that the entire alchemy actually manifested in the physical plane according to what I put down.

So I believe that this is possible for each and every one of you. But it may take a shift in your awareness, in your belief, in holding a greater field of faith and belief that you can be the instrument for this to occur. Even though God is the doer, you have to have the chalice ready. You have to have the field of belief [that] creates that chalice ready for the abundance to come. And to create and to hold that chalice, you must retain a certain level of light energy in your aura, in your chakras, through daily devotions, through praising God, through thanking everyone for what you have received and for a constant state of gratitude to be upon your lips and your heart and expressed through your eyes, your divine friendship with each other and the ascended hosts.

It's time to leave off of talking about the downturn in the economy, recession. And stop using these words because they energize what is manifesting if we allow it to. Therefore if you want an upturn, greater flow, greater abundance, start using the words because you are that Word as the Christ to energize what you know, you require and what can be and what will be by your faith, by your belief, and by your complete acceptance through joy of the alchemy of the Spirit.

This is Fortuna's teaching of today. I'm not saying [that they are] her words specifically. [They are] mine, but inspired by her, so that we can all move into a new energy field of love, light, laughter and abundance.

            So we are consecrating, we are dedicating this rosary to this alchemy today on behalf of every heartfriend, on behalf of the Central Hearts Center and all local Hearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups and, specifically, this healing retreat of Mother Mary at Wellspring.

1.  Luke 12:32
2.  John 10:10

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