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Clare de Lis      November 27, 2009

Beloved Clare de Lis

David C. Lewis

November 27, 2009  8:10-8:32 am MST

Wellspring Retreat

Paradise Valley, Montana

Enter the Sacred Space of Love within Your Heart Over and Over Again

The Rising Tide of Light is Flowing within Your Beings!

Beloved Hearts Whose Inner Growth is Manifesting in a New and Glorious Way,

            During this season of divine appreciation I come to infuse you with greater God consciousness, a sense of stillness, of belonging to God, of identifying with the eternal light resident within you. And I send forth a stream of conscious awareness to many who are beginning to awaken from a dream state that is not the dream of the Eternal One but the samsaric sleep of the ages that has beset those who have temporarily lost their footing upon the path and their connection with the True Self.

The ascended masters provide a gracious means whereby every soul who desires to be one with God may be reconnected with their own great I AM Solar Presence. For we provide an inner sanctum of peace, of beingness whereby you can experience your true nature within the silence of Selfhood, once again to know your Source, your own Beloved and the God-identity that is the Real You.

Much is paraded before the eyes and consciousness of mankind that does not originate from the divine experience of knowing God. Gradually all of this is fading away and the scintillating reality of a new, vibrant life is glowing before your higher vision, your mind's eye, so that once you embrace this cosmic essence as available, and as you take each and every opportunity to enter into the Spirit-life of Godly living, truly that which you have sought within your soul for eons may come to pass.

I am Clare de Lis. I have seen the effects of the light invoked by many whom Lanello and I tutored while in embodiment in the science of the spoken word, of their prayers, invocations, of their songs and mantras and of the greater connection that many have had established within their own spiritual life as a result of the teachings, the divine principles and values that we cherished and promulgated through the Word manifest in form.

But I come to tell you this day, blessed hearts, that I also see the acceleration of consciousness within those of this movement, of the rising tide of light that is flowing within your beings, of how you are embracing your Buddha Nature in its divine quintessences a little bit more each day through the conscious application of these progressive teachings that you are witnessing being revealed day after day, week after week.
            Yes, I see how you are rising above the lower tides of what has come upon the earth through the last-ditch efforts of those who have attempted to unleash much darkness through the rupturing of the astral plane. Yes, in most cases the vast majority of you as students of the light have abided within your Presence and found a new sense of peace and joy in the fellowship of community even while others whom you have known and loved have not fully embraced this dispensation and its opportunities.

I have been working with Lanello to create within the etheric plane of the Earth that necessary shift that each and every soul may experience as cycles are transcended, as the new dawning day approaches of the golden-crystal age consciousness for every man, woman and child, and as we prepare to take up our office succeeding the God and Goddess Meru in their sacred work to enlighten every soul upon Earth in the new love-wisdom fires of Aquarius.

The Everlasting Gospel¹ that we were able to bring forth, by God's grace, has laid a great foundation of teaching, revealing the lost science of beingness taught by the Lord Jesus. And so the torch is being passed to more and more of you who are able to hold the field of beingness on our behalf for many others who are being quickened and who are awakening unto the eternal light of their own higher nature.

Would that we could in some way assist in uniting the highest elements of the various movements that have been begun as a result of our collective efforts. Yet, dear hearts, do not despair, for our angels are working overtime in many realms with many individuals. Great progress is being made. Transcendent opportunities are being presented to many individuals through many conscious teachers across the earth. And the way of light is appearing before the very eyes of humanity in many realms, through many resources, through the hearts of those who are attuned to the heartbeat and the breath of God.

            I emanate the Buddha Mother Nature of light to those who know me, expressive of that who I AM in the fullness of who I have become in my ascended state, merged with my twin flame² and working in an even higher frequency that I had imagined possible while in embodiment. Yes, the first heartstream³ that I delivered through this messenger was expressive of my eternal gratitude to the Lord God and to my beloved twin flame. And though not spoken with a strong voice that most of you experienced during my final years of messengership upon earth, yet, softly they were conveyed in the very spirit of the divine bliss that I have entered into.

This you may know through my being ever-present with you as your friend, as your Mother, as your Clare de Lis. Truly, blessed ones, the gifts of God are great. And when you give your all, the fullness of yourself to the Divine One, compromising nothing, holding nothing back, God does give the allness of himself to you. And you are subsumed into the realm of pure light where all Buddhas abide, where all saints sing the song of the free, where the angelic presences all about harmonize in unity a divine field of etheric music that is the very pulsation of conscious love as the feelings of the Eternal One fanned out across the cosmic sea.

            Enter the sacred space of love within your heart over and over again, even as you joyously go about your business day by day. Smile more often, give thanks perpetually to the Divine and embrace the highest of the light of your own Divine Nature within each other. In this you will know your truth, you will rise in the spirit and you will be whole.

            I am fulfilled only in God. May you know this level of light and be at peace in the Presence always. I thank you.

1. Revelation 14:6
2. The Ascended Master Lanello, who was embodied as Mark L. Prophet in his final incarnation, is the twin flame of Lady Clare de Lis, who was embodied as Elizabeth Clare Prophet in her final incarnation.
3. Clare de Lis' first heartstream through the Messenger David C. Lewis was delivered from the Bozeman (Belgrade)/Big Sky Airport on October 18, 2009.

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