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Clare de Lis      November 23, 2009

Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
November 23, 2009   8:00-8:23 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Behold in Perfection the True Vision of Heaven Come upon Earth,
a World Pristine in Its Glory

old the Clear Vision with Me
Be the World Mothers and World Fathers that You Are Destined to Be

Dearest Hearts Whose Inner Light I See and Whose Divine Radiance I Behold,
            I bring a sense of divine joy unto each and every one of you this morn. For, blessed ones, the angelic hosts are aware of your burdens, of your cares, of the sorrows that at times come when there is a temporary disconnect between you and the sacred stream of holy light that descends from your Presence into the chalice of your heart. You see, even when you are undergoing the most difficult initiations and experiencing discomfort in your body temple, through a certain sense of inner peace you may abide within the light of the spiritual world all about you and know surcease from your struggle, your stress and the pains and suffering of this world that beset you.
            I infill you with light! I release a flow of that Mother flame from deep within your soul whereby you may experience the cosmic equanimity that mankind requires in this hour of world transition, of deep change in many arenas, of the great shift that is occurring betwixt one age and another. It is as if, blessed hearts, you are required to have one foot in one age and the other in the new and hold firm within your being a new resolve to sustain the light, the tie to your God Presence, and the energy of harmony and peace even as you are aware of the intense winds and gales, the storms that are coming and that are even appearing on the horizon, causing great travail among many.
            I take this opportunity to tell you that the lie that has been promulgated, through fear, of the changes coming as a result of the galactic alignment in 2012 is nefarious. And you have even seen in this recently released motion picture on 2012¹ the effects that can manifest in the lives of some when they believe what they see that Hollywood turns out in their ongoing quest, through greed, for money.
            Transmute this anti-vision this day with the vision of Mary, with the vision of Guru Ma, who I am as your Lady Clare de Lis, and behold in perfection the true vision of the Holy City, of heaven come upon earth, of a world pristine in its glory, divine in its radiance, beloved of all peoples—yes, a Mother Earth once again manifesting the totality of its original divine nature, here for you to walk upon in balance and love and in great joy.
            I have witnessed from inner planes the work of one called Anastasia² and seen the effects of her work in projecting far into the future a vision of beauty, a garden world of Edenic joy. And beyond the window of time and the anti-vision of the forces of darkness, she co-creates at a very high frequency of light that which is even now manifesting through the God-field of perfect vision.
            You may enter into the same alchemy of light day by day. And you have at a certain level through your prayers, songs and devotions. But there must be an even greater shift within you, blessed ones, to understand the dynamic of what is occurring. You must fully embrace the new age, the era of love-wisdom within your entire being—feeling it, knowing it, experiencing it deep within your core and then in every possible way work to engage the cosmos itself and the creative fires of the ever-present ones of light to manifest this new reality upon earth.
            One of the greatest principles that Anastasia has taught you is that your kin domain may be sanctified through love.³ The sacred space of love may be created all around you by your loving intent, by your Presence and as you realize that to put off to a future life in another realm what can manifest in this dimension, in this time, here and now, is the highest folly of spiritual procrastination. For the Lord gave you dominion, through divine thought, over all the creation as his son or daughter, as Man—truly the divine man and woman, the manu ideal for all.
            You see, dearest ones, when you behold perfection, beauty and the world that we are all about in co-creating in the present with clarity within your mind, then the angels, the masters, the nature spirits, the hierarchy of light, even unto the most powerful of cosmic beings, come to the aid of that collective vision and see to it that it is manifest as a reality for all. In the twinkling of an eye, you have heard, all shall be changed.4 And you have even heard that this eye is the eye of Elohim—the All-Seeing Eye of God. Let that twinkling of stellar light manifest within your eyes, aligned and trued with the highest God-vision, beheld immaculately within the Creator's purview. Yes, let that be your vision, and behold light, joy, glory and peace everywhere.
            Many are the voices that put out a different vision of what they see temporally manifesting as darkness, as inhumanity, as chaos and confusion. The choice is up to you, blessed ones, what you will behold and therefore what you will energize through the light of your eye, your being. Will your purpose be to accommodate God and his perfect imagination, or will you continue to see the darkness, the density and the nihilistic vision that others hold for this world as your reality?
            Many Buddha beings are holding the field of perfection as they emanate engrams of enlightenment through their chakras and auras in silent meditation. Transiting the dark window of time to see the rainbow of light as the end result of your spiritual purpose and work raises you into a new level of life, of conscious living, whereby you may preemptively transmute all attempts to subvert the truth and light the way of joy before these dark anomalies may occur in the world. Through cosmic mindfulness, you may simply snatch them out of the ethers 'til they are no more, even as the clear vision that you behold still vibrates with great clarity before you.
            One of the reasons that I have chosen the name Clare de Lis is that within the sound of Clare itself you may know clarity of mind, of thought, of purpose, of being. Through the lily, through the light, who I am and who you are in God, hold the clear vision with me, blessed ones, and be the world mothers and world fathers that you are destined to be. Raise your intention and the standard of light that you live by to a new level through graciousness, obeying the divine proposition that you are fully created in the image and likeness of God,5 and remembering that nothing can take you from this pure realm, this Pure Land of the Buddhas, with Amitabha as your standard.
            [Clare de Lis chants the name Amitabha 13 times.]
            Infinite light, infinite light, infinite light, infinite light, infinite light.
            You see, when you say his name, there is infinite light everywhere. Grow, O soul, the garden of infinite light within your holy domain, and thereby know fully your Buddha nature.
            I am your Buddha Mother, emanating frequencies of enlightenment, peace, harmony and joy within my domain. Come and join me in this sacred service, and be at peace.

1. The movie 2012, released in 2009, portrays its version of the cataclysmic events portended for the year 2012. The plot centers around the discovery that the temperature of the earth's core is rising as a result of a massive solar flare that will cause numerous natural disasters. In an attempt to ensure mankind's survival, several world leaders join together and undertake a secret project.
2. See the Ringing Cedar series of books by Vladimir Megrev.

3. Creating one's own "kin domain" and "space of love" are major themes in Anastasia's teachings as presented by Vladimir Megrev.
4. I Corinthians 15:51, 52.
5. Genesis 1:26

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