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Clare de Lis      November 19, 2009


Beloved Clare de Lis

David C. Lewis

November 19, 2009  8:20-8:37 am MST

Wellspring Retreat

Paradise Valley, Montana

I See a New Reality Born of the Spirit and Fulfilled in You

I Offer You the Very Beingness of My Ascended Spirit


Blessed Hearts,

            I see a new reality born of the Spirit and fulfilled in you. This reality originates in the dream of the Most Beloved—the God of very gods—and is now coming into focus in the lives of many upon Earth who would understand the ancient mysteries in the context of progressive revelation whereby the thoughts of God and the feelings of the magnanimous heart of the All-in-all become available to God's sons and daughters who attune themselves to the presence of love and who take each opportunity to engage in the sacred process of heartstreaming with the Divine One daily.

            I am Clare de Lis and I come again unto mine own to release a stream of intention, of holiness, of stillness whereby those whose ears are open may more knowingly hear the voice of God within. Your Higher Self is most observant and is attentive to your every need, blessed ones. Did you think that there was anything that you required that your Heavenly Father, that your Divine Mother did not already know was necessary for you in order to live a life of meaning, of respect, even of divine pleasure in being here upon this Earth?

In the very simple equation of living in the flow of light and of knowing with a surety that God is ever-present within you, you have access to the All-alchemical fires of eternality that may bring you at any point in time and space that which is necessary for you to soar in spirit, to be happy, to be loved.

            When you place too much attention upon the outer drama of life, you give away that inner power of presence that is the key to your God-success in all things. But when you sustain the light within your temple—even to the farthest reaches of the microcosmic activity of cellular life and of the moving of the sentient consciousness of God within the tiniest particles of life-essence within you—all may be resolved, all may come into balance in the harmonious flow of the Mother Light welling up from within. [This] keys you into your holy mission and a vision of such beauty and grace that in the awesomeness of your approach to the very throne of God you are subsumed into the very grace and essence of the most holy love that can be experienced.

            Many looked to me in my various offices and mantles as providing a means for escape from themselves. But truly, blessed ones, my only desire is that each and every one be fulfilled within their Source. And through a holy code of life and through the disciplines of the spirit that each one comes unto the fullness of their own being, living in that same divine glory that I was privileged to know and experience during the release of each dictation, during the conveyance of the Everlasting Gospel in ways great and small, through the discourses and lectures and publications that were offered to the world from Lanello and my heart and through the gracious work of many servitors and staff of the Summit.

            Dearest ones, we are moving into a new age with new frequencies of light available to the souls of those aspiring ones who would have fulfilled within them their highest dreams and hopes. Within this new arena of cosmic activity I will continue to radiate forth the light, of the mantle of the ascended messengers with Lanello even as I have passed the torch unto David and others among you who understand the mission, the authenticity of the Word as released by the anointed ones in your midst and through the continuing stream of grace that comes, not only through the words themselves but, through the blessing of the Almighty vouchsafed unto mankind through the dispensation, the anointing, the gifts of the Spirit.

            Each and every one of you is a key to the fulfillment of this age, dearest hearts. You have the wherewithal within you to know God fully in your life, to resolve all of your issues—past, present and future—and to live in the eternality of the Spirit a life of great joy, of great intention, of great promise.

Mankind must know of this work. And therefore by dispensation through the constancy of many among this and other movements of light I offer the very beingness of my ascended spirit unto those who, through attunement and sacred surrender, seek to be the hands and feet of God and would assist [us] in delivering the message of light unto mankind as teachers, as coaches, as advocates and prayer supporters.

Yes, blessed ones, each one of you may take up the mantle of light that I with Lanello will continue to bestow in coming days and weeks, months and years. For my new life in the Spirit is here for you to also experience through communion with our hearts. And in great joy and cosmic expectancy the dawning of a golden-crystal age gently and gradually is seen over the horizon, even as you observe the morning light of the sun cresting as the great solar orb rises and you are infilled with each day's new hope of light, of presence, of joy.

I will speak within your heart when, by permission, you employ me at any hour as your Clare de Lis, your flower of light. I thank you.



Messenger's Comments:


Mother is wearing the most beautiful garment, radiant, with cosmic jewels that speak of her great office as Mother of the World.

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