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Cyclopea      November 14, 2009

Beloved Cyclopea
David C. Lewis
November 14, 2009    5:10-5:26 pm CST
A New Charge for the U.S. and World Economies
Barrington, Illinois

You Are the Key to the Resurrection of the Divine Economy

of America and the World

Be Visionaries
the Beauty of This World in the Immaculate Image of Its Pristine Presence
Practice Makes Perfect Vision Real

Gracious Ladies and Gentlemen,
            I stand over the city of Chicago and ray forth from the All-Seeing Eye of God, which the Lord has invested within me, light, energy and a frequency of the new spirit of beingness that must manifest upon earth for a golden-crystal age to occur. In the presence of a multitude of cosmic masters who have answered your intent this morning, we deliver a stream of light from the very Source—God himself, crystallized as holiness—and a call to mankind to come up higher.
            That which you see crumbling at certain sectors and levels of the economy is meant for you to realize that change is the order of the day, that the old ways of carnal living are no longer the standard for humanity and that if all are to realize their highest potential, then new streams of awareness, consciousness and the application of divine sciences must come forth through the nations, their economies, governments and institutions.
            Some have builded upon the sand of human foolishness through choices born of greed and a desire to create wealth out of nothing. This you have seen as the folly of those who would control the very life force of the people. But, blessed ones, their ways are receding and a new dawn of light is appearing, even through the collective awareness of mankind, which is awakening to the light of this golden-crystal awareness of being.
            Those who build solidly on a foundation of divine principles and the values that are inherent within the hearts of all mankind—placed there and within the soul by God eons ago—are manifesting the seed of the Spirit, their creative power, and coming to terms with that which is required in this hour to ensure that the economy will be that which God sees as the highest of possibilities.
            I give you one example that many of you have heard of, and that is the individual who received the Nobel Peace Prize [for bringing] forth the concept of micro-loans [and offering them] to the humble women [of Bangladesh,] the Far East and India. Blessed ones, this very valuation of the integrity of the office of the householder and [the concept] of how wealth [can] be generated within the home is essential for all to understand. For true wealth of the spirit comes through the co-creative fires of Alpha and Omega within the family, within the sphere of the sacred trust vouchsafed to man and woman [when] those co-creative fires are employed [through the] merg[ing of] their heartstreams as one. In this very principle of unity, a new life is created. And you see within this dynamic the very same principles that must be outplayed within your society if the abundant life is to manifest throughout the world.
            It is the intention of God that every man, woman and child understand the nature of life and [have] inculcated deep within [their] being the fiat “Create!” When you understand your true nature, you can create within your mind's eye, and then in reality, all of the wealth and the resources that you require [by your] conscious thought, [by your] holy intent.  Anything less than being the son/the daughter of God and manifesting the spirit of creativity[—thinking that you are less than God, less than the Creator's vision of you]—does you harm.
            Therefore rise into the Spirit, [which] we see even now within the All-Seeing Eye of God as fully manifesting in your world. You are the key to the resurrection of the divine economy of America and the world! You, each one, can hold the field of intention whereby, by the grace of God, the full flowering of the creative intent can manifest in the here and now and not [be] put off to some future date or destination [by your] putting upon others the responsibility to manifest your own creative intent. When [you,] each one, take the reins of God-power, wisdom and love and realize how you may be elevated in the Spirit to create in this realm, within your own domain, then, blessed ones, there can no longer be any discontent with that which you see in your world; for you have created it yourself!
            Seeing is believing, as you know. And what you can conceive and perceive with a new vision of the Spirit can be realized through the fire of the Spirit, [which] is the all-achieving One in your midst. Therefore I encourage you to be visionaries day by day and to take [time]—even a few moments in your meditation practice and in your time of silence with your Lord and with your Higher Self—to see clearly that which you would envision as the perfect world all around you. Even that which you created this morning within your mind's eye and stated with holy purpose to the universe has already begun to coalesce in the molecules of the earth itself because of the added power and impetus of the presence of heartfriends and the presence of celestial beings in your midst.
            You see, blessed hearts, we have, through the power of alchemy, the ability to take that which you send forth and empower it and precipitate it in the etheric octave, where, as a blueprint of perfection, it may then begin to coalesce in the mental plane, in the astral (or emotional) and then finally in the physical. But there must first be within your vision a clear perception of the reality of that which you would manifest. You know this through the teachings of alchemy of the Master Saint Germain, and yet I remind you of these divine principles again. For often you leave off of the very first steps in this process, and you cannot see clearly in your mind's eye that which you would behold in physical reality. Energizing your vision with loving intent then brings it into a denser molecular structure, and finally, through the work of your hands and through the practical application of the sciences within your realm, these may manifest to your very outer eyesight, blessed hearts.
            This science is sacred, and those who understand it have seemingly performed miracles before your eyes. And yet they were abiding by divine principles [and] simply practiced until perfectionwas the way and the norm for them. Therefore, practice makes perfect vision real, blessed hearts. And those who conceive immaculately a new world of light and glory, beauty and perfection are the ones to whom we vouchsafe the greater mission of light upon earth.
            Would you be these visionaries for us, blessed hearts? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then behold that which God beholds first, seeing reflected in the All-Seeing Eye of God the beauty of this world in the immaculate image of its pristine presence, its original intent, and every man, woman and child manifesting the divine glory and grace fully.
            This is our vision. Behold it! And remind yourselves, if for some reason your vision fades or recedes, that through a strong current of love betwixt our hearts, you may again reconnect with this higher vision and allow it to engulf all in its celestial spirit.
            I am Cyclopea; Virginia is with me. Our love, our presence of support may be yours, not only in the cycle of Scorpio, but whenever you open your eyes to behold God everywhere. I thank you.

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