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Alpha      November 08, 2009

David C. Lewis Discourse (with Alpha's message)
November 8, 2009     10:20-10:41 am MST   
Minneapolis, Minnesota 

                                             Alpha and Omega's Challenge to Be Spiritual Pioneers
                                            Engaged in Personal and Collective Alchemy for 33 Days

David's Comments:

            This morning as I was meditating upon beloved Alpha and Omega, they conveyed what they wanted to share today. Their conveyance comes as instruction, as more of a discourse than a direct dictation. So I would like to invite all of [you] to uncross [y]our legs or be in the lotus posture and to just relax now, do some deep breathing and to allow your mind and your heart to soar to the highest heights of presence, blessedness, joy to receive from the currents of  the Father-Mother God of our known universe their light, their beingness, their instruction.


            Alpha and Omega challenge us to become spiritual pioneers who are willing to be initiated by the light, by the solar frequencies of our true Father-Mother God, and who are willing to initiate new spirals upon our path, our way, to break new ground and to move beyond the status quo of our former lives. They want us to engage in both personal and collective alchemy as these pioneers, and consider for a period of thirty-three days doing some specific work or study that engages us as a challenge to our beings, to our minds, to our hearts.
            These personal alchemies may be very private for you, each one, whereby you talk to God and determine what it is that you can offer to the universe of the givingness of your heart. And then setting aside time daily, even if it is for five minutes, engage in this alchemy, in this study, in this work, whatever it may be. Record the processioning of your mind and spirit as you move through this thirty-three day period what comes to you in your meditation, what results you are experiencing in your alchemy, and note it with clarity and consistency.
            We have been asked to consider having for every Meru University class a practical exercise that the students engage in. And I had meditated before the current class to discern what that was, from the heart of the Five Dhyani Buddhas and Vajrasattva, but nothing really came to me. But as I considered this request of Alpha and Omega this morning, what came was the desire of these sponsoring masters that the students compile information on the Five Dhyani Buddhas and Vajrasattva for a future book. They could form teams and do research. Who are the Five Dhyani Buddhas? What do they do? What are their specific emanation and wisdom? And in these teams the students can do this research, read, compile, write, re-write and edit what and who the Five Dhyani Buddhas and Vajrasattva are. And then within a week after the current course is over, which ends December 7th and would be then December 14th, submitting to our registrar what you have done. So we can form these groups based on who's attending the class. And everyone needs to engage at some level.
            Now, the individual alchemies and experiments that we may engage in for thirty-three days are private for us. But, we are encouraged also to engage in group or community alchemical work. These can either be wholly spiritual, praying on a specific topic, focusing on that with great intent for thirty-three days, noting in the media what is occurring and hopefully seeing your desired results. Or it could be something very practical and concrete that collectively a group of heartfriends decide to do—preparing a specific project to come into the physical, working on a future event, a publication, a musical creation, next year's World Freedom Conference, whatever.
            I believe that both are important. The spiritual work may be from heartfriends for a specific community, like the Twin Cities. You could work on a problem that you see within the Twin Cities that needs addressing, and study that and really go after it. Find out the names of the individuals that are behind or are involved in this, both in leadership capacities or in industry, et cetera, and go after it with your hearts full of fire. You can work on topics in the news using Ho'Oponopono, where ultimately you work on yourself as the surrogate for the accomplishing of what you desire to have as an outcome or as a vision of its completion.
            We are all aspiring adepts and many of us have accomplished much. And we could go around the room and you could share what it is that you have co-created with God that has benefitted life. And in this process each of us could share also what it took as mindfulness, as constancy, as focus to accomplish this and how great you felt when the final, completed work was in hand and before you. Isn't it a joyful experience to be able to present something to the universe, to God, to humanity, to our fellow brothers and sisters, as not just a work in progress, but a fait accompli?
            Someone could organize the feedback from the last Freedom Conference that we received, to help Patricia West and the Events Team to help prepare for the next Freedom Class eight months from now. Someone could organize the masters' words on similar themes or topics into a framework for eventual publication, such as Donna Korth did in the first book that we published, Promises of the Masters for the Golden Age.
            There are all manner of co-creative works and ideas. If you run out of ideas, talk to Cathleen Alexander. She always has wonderful ideas for new things that we can do. The test, the proof of the pudding is in constancy and effort, to see things through to their ultimate destination, to their final conclusion and then to offer that to God as a gift and a grace and a boon to life.
            I remember the first item I was able to create a CD of my music. I had to have thirteen songs that all made sense and fit together. I wrote each song, one by one, doing the long Rosary to Mary and then being inspired, sitting down at the piano, creating, writing the words, the lyrics, adjusting things until it felt right, until it flowed, until it made sense. Each work was an opus in itself, though simple, many of them. And then collectively they came together as something that I then titled “Psalms of Love.” And I wrote an introduction, I got a graphic artist, I got a photographer, I got someone to work on the instrumentation, the orchestration and finally the performing of it. I had to hire singers. I had to earn enough money to pay for each one to sing those songs. I had to keep striving and focus on the goal of completing that assignment.
            Isn't it interesting that I sent a copy to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, who we called Mother? And then shortly thereafter she came to a conference in Chicago, but we stopped in Minneapolis on the way and our flight was delayed. I just happened to be on the same flight as [she]. And so in Minneapolis we stopped and she motioned for me to come over and we talked for about twenty-five minutes. And the first thing she asked me was about my music. And I said yes, it was wonderful. And she said, “You just had to do it, didn't you?” And I said, “Yes, Mother, I had to do it.” It was the process of giving birth to something. And she honored that work.
            Each of you could tell a story of something you have done similarly, where you had to attend to the details, attend to every little particle of opposition to those details and yet hold the field of intention that that work, your personal opus, would be completed and born to the world. This is the work of the adepts. And if you haven't done such an opus or a work, begin today and meditate on what this co-creative work could be, because we are all co-creators and we all have a voice. We all have something to share. We are all messengers of light to the Earth to provide for our fellow humanity, our fellow human beings and on behalf of all spiritual beings, that gift from our hearts that will benefit all.
            Maybe in some cases you are studying for a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, a doctoral degree. This may be your alchemical work. And it may go way beyond thirty-three days and it may be months and years in the making and in the accomplishing. But each of us must have a goal in some respect in this way, to co-create. Otherwise we're not really engaged in the highest forms of alchemy that we, as sons and daughters of God, can be engaged in. I think when you put your hand to the plow and when you have a vision and a goal of something, the universe moves around you, through you, and coalesces and spiritual beings come to your aid through that focused intent. And you are the great beneficiary of the energies of the universe that then are open to you and flow through you in this process. It expands your awareness. It increases your ability to provide an open door to the world for God to work through your heart. It engages you at a cosmic level, often.
            So, your private alchemy is private. You do not have to share it. And you should not share it with anyone at all, period. Don't speak of it. Don't reveal it, because that destroys the alchemy. However, if there are joint alchemies that you also desire to engage in, in a master-mind alliance or a master heart-mind alliance, as I would call it now, then you do meet and share and plan and organize and communicate such that this shared alchemy may be victorious.
            Why is Alpha bringing this to our attention today?  In order to anchor a great light for the planet. To anchor it, we must do work. We have listened to the Brotherhood often for years and decades. We have sat at their feet, we have basked in the light of the messages. But to anchor and to ground those divine revelations, we must do work. We must engage at a very physical level in activity that leaves footprints in the sands of time, leaves a legacy of light, leaves a testimony in the flesh of our willingness to give and to give birth to something in this way.
            By challenging ourselves, we fulfill the law of, “To know, to dare, to do and to be silent.” These are the four quadrants of alchemy. To know─to discover, to discern, to engage in mindfulness. To dare─to be willing to engage in the blue-fire energy of that will of God. The daring is a preparation for the doing, which is next in the physical activity. And then finally, to be silent, to rest in presence. Do not speak of the alchemy until it is presented to the world, and then to gloriously exchange with others in the benefit of what you have fulfilled, but not to speak of it one iota until it is physical.
            How many of you have tried to do alchemy and then somewhere in the process you told somebody something? Did that alchemy happen in the timetable that you originally wanted? Did it? Any of you? No. This has happened to me many times. I spoke too soon or I spoke out of turn or I spoke even to my wife or to a loved one. And then it destroyed the process, because the energy of the revelation somehow brought another part of something into the equation that was a block. Right? And part of it, I think, is ego. I think it's the ego of wanting to tell someone, “Oh, I'm going to do this.” And then that ego got in the way. Right? That's really what it boils downs to is ego, I think, and doubt, doubt that you can do it. So, to be silent is probably the hardest part of the alchemy. But that silence means that you engage in the Great Silence, the Cosmic Void, the stillness within yourself to maintain the presence and the power of that alchemy until it is fulfilled.
            So, Alpha and Omega now energize what even now in the etheric plane you are conceiving of for your personal and any group alchemies. And they are activating a New Blue fire/white-fire sphere of energy within your etheric body as a cosmic resource for you, each one. They open the door, they crack the egg, as it were, and the yolk comes unto you as this glowing globule of illumination's fire for you as a resource, as their gift.
            You can ingest this yolk of light that now diffuses, or suffuses itself through your consciousness as a sun of fire. They begin here in the Twin Cities because this is where their focus is. We're almost at the twelve o'clock line of the United States here in the central north part of the Midwest. As we go around the clock of America and of the world, the alchemy takes root, gains momentum and eventually will be fulfilled again at the twelve o'clock line of either a thirty-three day period or whatever time period you require for your alchemy.
            So, today is November 8th. What is thirty-three days from today? Anybody? So, come December 11th I expect to see some results. The masters expect to see some completed works. And maybe we can have a sharing. Is there a Sunday near December 11th or 12th? OK, December 13th is a Sunday? OK, I would like to reserve that Sunday, part of that Sunday Service for the sharing of what some of you have accomplished, what hopefully most of you have accomplished, or all of you in your alchemy. Let it be a joyous occasion. Let it be a harvest of light that we experience together.

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