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Laugh-A-Lot      November 04, 2009

Beloved Laugh-A-Lot ("Unkle" Kenneth McNeel)
David C. Lewis
November 4, 2009  8:12-8:30 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

                                                Transcend Yourselves in Joy and Laugh a Lot
                             A Remembrance of a Divine Celebration After Mother's Ascension

        Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I laugh a lot, you know. And this day I am here with you, for that is where I desire to be. Oh, the joy and the divine radiance of holy friendship with the ascended masters, with God. Oh, the twinkling light of heaven that dispels all darkness and brings great joy to the hearts of mankind. Oh, the simplicity of the path when you walk it with childlike expectancy of what God is manifesting and fulfilling through your heart.
        I am Laugh-A-Lot. And I am pleased to discourse through my friend David, our Messenger divine. You have known me as "Unkle" Kenneth.¹ And having ascended shortly before the magnificent ascent of our Mother, I witnessed this great experience for Earth which many of you beheld at inner levels in your solar awareness and were also raised up on the coattails of her love for you. A new opportunity for divine friendship is afforded you, blessed ones, by the Mother who has gone to the Father/Mother God and implored for greater dispensations, for new teachings and for oneness amongst all her disciples upon Earth.
        Many of you know that I work with the children, those who are passing through the door of opportunity to a higher life, having made the transition, and those preparing to embody within the wombs of their mothers upon earth.
It has been my great joy to serve them as a holy escort, a friend, a benefactor, if you would, of their path. Often I would appear to them, not as Uncle Kenneth, but as another child. For in my childlike state that I embodied throughout my life, through great joy I would simply hold their hand and walk with them and traverse the great rays of light from earth to heaven to bring them to the sacred space of comfort in the heavenworld.
        Yes, I told my stories of how important imagination is. And some of you are beginning to glean just what it is that I represented in my stories. For as you can conceive and believe, that you may achieve through your vision, through the visionary experience that you enter into even in  fancy and in the flights of your imagination whereby you see the wonderment of heaven, the glories of God and the possibilities for great alchemical manifestations and victories before you.
        Lanello is my ancient friend. And when he embraced me as a holy brother on my own ascension day, it was with great cosmic expectancy that we communicated with each other to prepare for the ascent of his twin flame, your Mother, now known as Clare de Lis. And a great banquet feast and a great harvest of light was there. And many ascended masters who won their victory in great response to the teachings of these two witnesses, brought to them while in embodiment, were there.
        And Mother did look into the eyes, the fiery flaming eternal eyes of each one, with Lanello and thanked them for their welcome, their steadfastness on the path that won them their victory. And there was a great conflagration of holy love as all did witness to the merging and the uniting in holy fire of these two God-glorious beings. I, too, experienced my union with my dear sweetheart in heaven. And I can tell you, blessed ones, that there is nothing like this holy oneness with one's other self. Should you decide that you will give your all to the cause of love divine, one day you, too, will know this eternal union, the glory thereof and the transcendent joy of the eternality of two becoming one.
        How will we move forward now that Mother and Mark are no longer living upon this earth, but ascended? You have embraced their dispensation through this activity. And though a portion of their light energies by the calls of devotees still manifests through what they initiated through the movement of the Summit, yet they also glory in what you have accomplished, what you are yet to see manifest and have pledged to one another to in many ways intercede such that a greater blending of the divine resources vouchsafed to all their disciples may occur for the fulfillment of the greater mission at hand today.
        Do not disparage another's path, but love them regardless of their stand against you in the short slice of time of this incarnation and these years upon earth. In the greater picture, blessed ones, and from a point high in the heavens through a wholly objective view, you see all, you know all and you know exactly why things are as they are, as always being outplayed for the holy purposes of light. Karmic patterns ancient and current dissolve and a new Buddhic way of joy with the laughing Buddhas may be embraced by all.
        Laughter dispels the gloom and doom of unreality and the satiation of your being with the sense of the dire prophecies and the downward spirals of non-life upon earth. Therefore, I admonish you to laugh a lot with me. [ Laugh-A-Lot laughs for 7 seconds.] Is your laughter real or contrived, I ask? Let it be real. [More laughter.] With Minihaha and Maxihoho, Hiawatha and all the others of our jubilant family tribe, I give you each a feather of light today from my headdress, even as Lanello addresses you as guru, as father, as holy brother.
        I have studied what has been released through David to date after my ascension. And I must say to you, my son, that I am pleased with your progress, even as Lanello and Mother are hopeful that many more can receive from this fount of love-wisdom the true teachings of the Christ and the Buddha, the Spirit and the Mother for the fulfillment of all cycles of light, for the protection of all children, for the victory of each soul upon earth.
        Dance the waltz. Sing of love. Transcend yourselves in joy and laugh a lot, blessed ones. I thank you. [Audience applauds for fifteen seconds.]

1.  Kenneth McNeel always signed his name as Unkle Kenneth, purposefully spelling "uncle" with a "k" instead of a "c".

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