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Queen of Light      October 26, 2009

Beloved Queen of Light
David C. Lewis
October 26, 2009   12:00-12:21 pm local time
European Pilgrimage
Vienna, Austria

Forming the Crystal of Selfhood
Within the Crystal Is the Key to the Flame of Complete Forgiveness

Beloved ones, I see your hearts burning with the fire of God within. I see the light, the very essence of your Selfhood as divine beings, as light beings, emanating the essence and the reality of who you are—virtuous ones present in the sure knowingness that God's creative fires live within you, that his emanation and his Presence [are] always manifesting and that the blessedness and grace of the heaven world flow through your being.
            I touch now your crown with my wand of light to activate an ancient portal whereby you may experience more of God within you. And there may be a tingling sensation that emanates from that crown and flows down through every meridian of your being such that you are truly in this moment a starry being of light.
            Did you know, blessed hearts, that within the purity of the white light of God is the causative nature of all? For from that undifferentiated light, all color, all creation, all manifestation has emerged. And one day, in the great inbreath, the Lord will receive back unto himself the allness of what you have experienced in your creation. And in this sacred procession, each of you, as kings and queens, princes and princesses, souls who have become fully light, will egress into the sacred oneness of the eternal light of the all-present One, by whatever name he may be known (although at the core of every name is the fire of light).
            Within the crystal is the flame. And a key that I offer you this day is an understanding that to enter into the highest level of purity's fire, there must be not only the forgiveness, the letting go of the past and of all that has existed outside of the circle of God's being, but there must be the eraser and the erasing of the patterns, the memories of those past ideations and experiences that do not bring you benefit, joy and beingness in the sacred remembrance of your divine estate.
            Within the crystal is the key to the flame of complete forgiveness and the forgetfulness of the lesser self, even as there is the complete acceptance of the Higher Self. This is the letting go of the samsaric rounds of existence and the entering into the ocean of the Mother and her love. You have each had mothers upon earth in this or in past lifetimes who have understood your very nature and who have always held, with crystal clarity, the vision of you as one of light, even if that light is reflected from the Divine. This mothering principle of light has enabled you and has championed you to be your best, to evolve in the highest trajectory of light. And therefore when you have listened and attempted to obey the calling of the Mother, abiding in her wisdom, you have always benefited by the obedience to that inner voice, the still small voice within your heart that speaks carefully and purely of what is true, of what is noble, of what may be for you the simplest and most joyous pathway to your deliverance and your victory.
            The forgiveness of all senses and sentiments of the shadow existence of nonbeingness within yourself and others brings you to the very doorstep and threshold of a new light radiance. And though at times you may fall back into patterns of belief or behavior that are not that which your soul and your spirit, wed by intention, would have you know and experience, yet the Mother remains there for you to adjure you and to assure you that you are loved, believed in, accepted every moment of your life for who you are. And through this assurance, every divine gift and grace and benevolence may be yours for the asking, for you to walk your highest way.
            As you have looked upon the Austrian crystals in the marts and the shops within Vienna, you have drunk in the ray of light through the form [that] those who have created those crystals have desired to express as an aspect of the grace and the purity of that Mother flow, [which] at one point is liquid form [and then] coalesces and cools to become the crystal.¹ Is this not significant, blessed ones, as an allegory of who you are? For when you are in the state of living, liquid crystal light, you are not fully set yet in your final star-fire form until your spirit determines the exactness of the formula of your light field. But once you know truly who you are, then all of the cooling effects of the solar radiances and the streams of light from your Source breathe upon your being, and then you emerge as the individualization of that fiery form held in the eye of Omega for eonswho you truly are.
            In the very process[ion] of the flow of light through your being in this crystal, liquid state, there is the constancy of forgiveness [that manifests] through [the action of] flow that you must experience as you move through all of the frequencies that [flow] through your being [as you] evolve and transcend and become [God in all] the lifetimes that you experience. And through this flame of a forgiving heart, there is not the irritation, the block or the darkness around which that light must move, for you are in a state of holiness within that light-flow energy field.
            As you breathe and move through life, the sure knowing that God never condemns you can bring about an understanding that lifts you up and sets you free from what others have held in their own belief systems and their own visioning of you that is not true, that is not pure, that is not full of light.
            Within this liquid state of star-fire brilliance that I know, even at this level of Solar reality in which I live and move and have my eternal beingness in God, there is the acceptance of the highest graces, the purest virtues within my being,  [which] you also may know in this living, liquid state of holy beingness in your own life, dearest hearts.
            So through my touch, there is an energy stream that runs through every particle of your being in this hour whereby the sacred mist becomes the crystal of your Selfhood and you may experience a new mystic life in God's Presence, within God's heart. And by breathing the breath of purity and wholeness, the gentle cooling action of the Spirit will form and reform you again and again in the divine image of your true nature until one day you will say: “O God, I am finished. Receive me. I am whole. I know you, O Lord, and I am known of you, for I am all light.”
I am the Queen of Light. And my love-light radiance is yours, dearest ones, to know whenever you invoke light, you see light, you feel the light of the Queen of Light.

1.  Although Austrian crystal is now manufactured synthetically in factories, the Queen of Light is referring to the process by which natural crystal is formed within the earth over eons of time which synthetic lead crystal imitates.

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