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Omraam      October 21, 2009

Beloved Omraam
David Christopher Lewis
October 21, 2009   1:47-11:57 am  local time
European Pilgrimage 2009
Paris, France

                                           Experience the Emanation of Pure Mindfulness and the
                                                              Frequencies of your Solar Source

                                          From a Point of Solar Radiance from the Heart of Rama,
                                                                I Sustain This Activity of Light

Blessed Ones, 
            I take you into the very mind of the Sun, the mind of Helios. From the heliocentric spherical awareness of God's reality, experience the emanation of pure mindfulness and the frequencies of your own Solar Source, which is charged by this mind.
            Did you know that at sunrise, at sunset and at high noon you may plug into the very beingness of the sun in a stupendous way that allows for the cosmic mindstream of your own Christ Presence to flow to you? One of the reasons why I have advocated solar gazing combined with pranayama and meditation is for you to access the highest frequencies of your own Sun-Source. The Sun King understood this science.¹ And now the Sun Queen comes to augment that work, that science through the upraised Mother light, whereby there is a pulsation from base to crown and the acceleration of a new laser frequency of heart-mindfulness through which the teachings of the Brotherhood may be conveyed through a greater arena to a wider audience of souls.
            Beloved Hercules has spoken of the need to reach more through the media. But what is that media, blessed hearts? That media ultimately is the mindfulness of the conscious ones through whom the cosmic heart- and mindstreams of Helios and Vesta may flow. And from your crown and hearts there is distributed far and wide these solar radiating light rays.
            What you can visualize, you can attain. What you can see can be. Through hearts and minds crystal clear and free, all higher Solar frequencies can be stepped down into your domain and expressed in beauty and divine glory through many media. You may choose [the] media through which these rays can be expressed, whether through prayer, mediation, dance, song, the work of your hands, the cognition of your minds. Each of you must illustrate something of the Divine within your life—to the glory of God and the diversification of the ray of your being, as you are expressive of God's light.
            What will your ray be each day? is the question you may ask yourself upon arising, facing the sun and allowing that sun to bathe you, to energize you and to nurture a planet and her people through your heart and mind.
            I establish a cosmic link between the hearts and minds of this activity and those of my disciples in many nations. And from a point of Presence, of Solar radiance from the heart of Rama, I sustain this activity of light.
            Through your beingness, all may be accomplished. And through the song of the Spirit sung by your soul, all may be fulfilled. I am Omraam. As Above, so below, I have embodied the law of light. Let Vesta flow, and let heliocentric living grow upon Earth. OM RAAM OM.

1. The Sun King refers to the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Ikhnaton (Amenhotep IV), who reigned in the fourteenth century B.C. An incarnation of the messenger Mark L. Prophet, now the ascended master Lanello (and through another tradition an embodiment of Omraam), Ikhnaton abandoned the Egyptian form of polytheism and embraced monotheism. He promoted the worship of one God, whom he saw represented as the sun, or Aton, the source of all life and being. His queen, Nefertiti, was the incarnation of the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, now the Ascended Lady Master Clare de Lis. In his dictation of October 17, 2009, Saint Germain announced the ascension of the messenger and said: “In addition to all of her other heavenly titles, you may also refer to your Buddha Mother as the Sun Queen.”


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