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God Harmony      October 14, 2009

Beloved God Harmony
David Christopher Lewis
October 14, 2009   8:08–8:33 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


I Come to Remind You of the Need for Harmony and Balance in Your Lives

hrough Stillness You May Feel the Peace and Cosmic Bliss of the Divine Mother

Dearest Angels of My Heart,
            I come this day to impress upon the Earth a continuity of the Spirit that reaches down from heaven into your domain and brings an essence of the Father's love such that you may know inner harmony and a true spirit one with God. And thereby you may see yourself as a vessel of gladness, an amplifier of heavenly intent and a distributor of the higher impulses of the Spirit world, whereby the very voice of God may be heard upon Earth.
            You spend many hours in communion with the heaven world through the giving of prayers and mantras and songs, and yet most of you do not see the higher activity that occurs within the celestial regions as you invoke light. How better can we bring unto you a greater sense of the blessedness of that which transpires as you engage in this activity than to give you a vision, even in this hour, of the effects of your sacred work?
            As you pray the rosary each day, our angels gather the very substance of light from the energy that pours forth through your chakras and they concentrate it into cosmic spheres that are carried into our domain. These spheres of light are deposited in what I would call a cosmic bank account, a super-reservoir of holy intelligence, love and power that we utilize at the behest of the Solar Lords and the Karmic Board and by approval of various ascended master councils who are given the authority to utilize these Solar frequencies for the greater good of mankind. These energies, by dispensation and authorization, are often released directly into those situations for which you have called them forth. But at times, blessed ones, because of the greater need in certain dimensions and realms that you know not of, there is also the distribution of these energy fields into dark pockets of the mass consciousness, into the various cities and nations of your world and deep within the astral caverns of darkness. And by this activity, there is a flushing out of these lower sewers of darkness, a cosmic transmutative action ensues and the Earth is brightened.
            At times, because of the imaging of your own minds—often in congruence with your Higher Self and because of the emotional impulses that you emanate—a portion of these frequencies go to loved ones and situations in your life that require intercession. And there is often, because of a certain dynamic of the interplay of light and darkness in many regions, the distribution of these energies into protective forcefields that secure you in light throughout your day, your week and in ensuing months and years. All of this is regulated by the Lord God and outpictured through the choirs of heaven, cosmic councils and devic beings who guard, guide and direct the course of civilization, the education of mankind at inner levels and the flow of evolution itself upon Earth.
            You may not always think, blessed hearts, that what you do is having the highest and greatest impact upon your planet, your people and the lightbearers themselves. But I tell you that when there is harmony within your own beings as you engage in these activities, there is a geometrization of the cosmic effects that can take place, even as we look askance at some of the emotional impulses that you often emanate in unguarded moments whereby your feeling worlds are not trued to the highest vibrations and your minds are not fully engaged in the visionary activity in which they could be through a greater discipline and cosmic and Buddhic mindfulness.
            We recommend, therefore, that there be at the beginnings of your sessions at least a few moments of engaging in a harmonization of your beings one with another until you can feel a great calming action of the light, a bonding of your hearts and a resonance that comes because you all hold the same vision and a certain frequency of blessedness. When you have the comings and goings of individuals here and there during these services, there is an interruption in the flow, in the harmonic balance that could be there for the highest work to be engaged in and sustained. We have recommended that you gather fifteen minutes before these sessions to meditate in silence in order to establish a great forcefield of light. When you have done this consciously and the messenger has been present, often a vast majority of the work has been completed in a very short period of time because the light field has been fully set through the engagement of your hearts and beings together as one.
            The messenger has often commented on the interruption of the flowfield through noise and other aberrations that occur because of a lack of holy discipline when engaging in the science of the Word, the science of sound itself, and an absence of mindfulness. If you could observe what occurs in the retreats of the heaven world when there is in these cosmic pauses of complete silence and focus upon the light the growing of such a stupendous field of energy through true harmony, you would begin to understand in a greater way this dynamic and how you could, through cosmic attunement and by emulating what is done in heaven, fulfill your purpose in these sessions in no time.
            Thus I come this day to remind you again of the need for harmony, for balance in your lives, in your worlds, in your minds and emotions. For where there is not stillness, but an inner dissonance because of the various imbalances within your body temple, in your surroundings and in your lives, we cannot engage in the highest work that collectively we desire to accomplish. And so we often must step back and utilize other individuals whose hearts and minds are completely trued unto the etheric octaves through disciplined yogic practices, higher meditation and oneness with God.
            Some of you have attempted, through various devices, systems and meditations, to harmonize your thought and feeling world at all times, to maintain this spirit representative of balance and harmony, and you have benefited by these disciplines and practices in ways great and small. One of the reasons we have recommended yoga to all of you, none excluded, is to bring this balance and harmony within the body temple through pranic breathing and the asanas, but most especially through the silence and the union with your God Presence, which may often occur swiftly through your focused attention and work with the higher yogis and yoginis.
            There are many within ascended master movements whose primary spiritual work is the decrees and prayers and who have not ever touched the spiritual realms of the adepts in their work because of a lack of inner harmony, focus and spiritual presence. Thus we adjure you this day to consider all of these ramifications and, if necessary, to make changes within the prayer, song and meditation services within this movement to accommodate that which we will lead you in through the messenger and other inspired individuals. There is always a time for spiritual revelry, song, dance and the enjoyment of the light, and you should engage for a portion of your services in this time of community, laughter and fun. But there must always be that time of deep inner contemplation through silence that engages the higher impulses of the cosmic Buddhas, the Silent Watchers and other celestial beings who, through their visionary practices and through spirit-mindfulness, co-create at a very high frequency of light to sustain the planets and the sun systems in their celestial orbits.
            I am the God Harmony, and I remind you this day of this key. For when, through stillness, you create the sacred space of love where you are, you may truly know God as I know him. You may truly feel the peace and cosmic bliss of living within the bosom of the Divine Mother in this harmonic light and life.
            Glow, O soul, through purity and you will have the key to all abundance, alchemy and that which you require on your path of wholeness.
            [God Harmony intones the OM for 12 seconds.]
            In harmony I have come. In celestial oneness, I sustain you in light.

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