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Manjushri      October 12, 2009

Beloved Manjushri
David C. Lewis
October 12, 2009  11:29–11:40 am MDT
A Walk with the Buddhas:
Harvesting the New Love-Wisdom Teachings for Personal and Planetary Change
Bozeman, Montana

Spin Now with Me the Prayer Wheels
In Buddhic Mindfulness This Prayer Wheel Spins

           I sit upon a solar disc that is representative of the Buddha Way. And I turn, and I spin, and I send fiery sparks out to all life. These sparks are wisdom-ray emanations from my mind, one with the mind of the All-Buddha. These sparks are born of the wisdom teaching, and each one signifies a sutra that you must learn of the law of your own being, the law of life.
           When you have embraced one teaching, one spark and know that sutra fully, then there is a cosmic impulse delivered to you whereby you may spin upon your wheel of life. Some see us spinning in the heavens. And this spinning action is a continuation of our work in aligning the minds of our disciples and of drawing up into a high point of reference that which you know such that you may perceive as we the Buddhas do.
           In your spinning, there may be grinning with Maitreya, for each wisdom release from the mind of Buddha amplifies light. And the teaching may be known within a new concept, fully cognized and then applied within the sangha, within the life of the bhikkhu. How many of you have applied all that you know fully? I say few. But the sparks released through the wisdom teaching are there for you to catch, to ingest and to have blazing within your mind, O Buddha-to-be.
           Spin now with me the prayer wheels as we hum within the eternal sound of the chant of the All-Buddha, attuning to the tone of the OM of his voice and receiving the impartation of wisdom. So upon this wheel that you hold and spin there is written the law of your being and of the fulfillment of your Buddha nature within your own book, within your own wheel of life.
           What will this wheel represent? What artistic and mindful creations will you paint upon it? What Buddhic joy will be impressed upon this solar disc? It is your record, long playing, I must say, through all your incarnations. Yes, and yet the stylus of your life experience impresses itself through every groove of Buddhic understanding, and your song may be heard within all celestial spheres. In Buddhic mindfulness this prayer wheel spins and continues day and night by your conscious awareness of light and wisdom. And you are known by your tone and by the artistry of your soul.
            Spinning, spinning, spinning, the Buddhas emanate love-wisdom fire. And the wheel of life is sustained until you jump off that wheel into pure Buddhahood bliss. And then the cosmos spins around you, you see, O Buddha-bee. For you are centered in the All -Buddha. You are one with the creation. And from this point you observe all in mindfulness, in every moment of stillness.
           [Manjushri chants for 20 seconds.]
           Observe thy Self. Know thy Self as Buddha. And through mindful magic, you will ascend; you will know who I am as Manjushri.

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