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Maitreya      October 11, 2009

Beloved Maitreya Discourse 
David C. Lewis
October 11, 2009  4:44–5:05 MST
Harvest Conference: A Walk With the Buddhas—
Harvesting the New Love-Wisdom Teachings for
Personal and Planetary Change
Bozeman, Montana

Leaving Your Legacy of Light
Will You Pay It Forward?

           Consider what it was like for Lord Maitreya to be Jesus' teacher, ascended, and to inspire a disciple who is a living master upon earth to teach and to convey your message that you are delivering to his mind in a telepathic transference and in a cosmic communication process.
           So now you are ascended. You are walking as a fully enlightened Buddha, and you are attempting to transfer a higher teaching of compassion and kindness, mercy and forgiveness to the earth through a chosen disciple. You may take a leap in awareness and see yourself in this mode. And [see] the one that you have trained upon earth and given your life energies to, the initiations to, your very heart and being to. Then, [that one,] through complete attunement with your mind and heart, being able and capable of distributing those higher frequencies and teachings that you desire to deliver. And so, you put yourself in the position of being fully the master. This state may be yours sooner than you know, for in the cosmic realms there is no time and space. And the few short years that you may have remaining upon Earth—in comparison with all of the lifetimes and the tens and hundreds of thousands of years, and in a few cases over a million years, of evolution—are as nothing.
           And so, this may be your dilemma or your blessing. Have you considered through who[m] upon earth your spirit will embody? Who[m] have you left a legacy of light within as an example, as a testament to what you have gleaned of heavenly wisdom, divine teaching and the beauty of your path? One such as Elizabeth Clare Prophet, whose various images we may show on our screen, has left a great legacy through hundreds and even thousands of disciples. And some of us consider it a privilege, a duty, a responsibility to carry on that legacy in this incarnation. And we have entered into the disciplines of the initiatic path such that we could honor our guru and that guru's guru and the entire lineage by manifesting the Word, becoming the Christ, becoming the Buddha and being able to transfer from our guru what she desires.
           So Jesus considered it a privilege to bear the light of Maitreya—his father, his mentor, his guru-teacher—to the earth, both in Palestine, in the Holy Land, and throughout other areas of the globe, including India, Tibet, Nepal and where he traveled.
           So first you have the legacy that you are carrying on of your guru. But then you must consider what it is that you will leave and deposit within the souls of your children, your students, those who come after you such that they will have the wherewithal to carry on your stream of awareness, whether it be a great river of life or a simple, gentle, little brook.
            It may be your determination that you don't consider yourself a teacher, a guru, an exemplar, but God may. And if you would fully honor whoever your gurus, your teachers, your mentors have been, you will take up the calling in some way that they have entrusted to you and carry it forward, pay it forward, as one movie speaks of. [That movie, "Pay it Forward",] was very inspiring.
           So will you pay it forward? Will you deposit the essence as the concentrated quintessence of your guru and teacher, formulate it in a new way, in a beautiful rendering and electrify the hearts of one or more or many and then inspire them to also consider passing on the initiatic process, the legacy and the lineage of light of all the gurus back to Sanat Kumara and even before?
           Maitreya comes to initiate us in this process today and [asks you] to consider—although you may not have considered this your station, your responsibility to date—that if you would be obedient to that which we heard last night from Huston Smith, as you move into the future you will take responsibility. You will accommodate God through this new accountability on the path of initiation [and] be a direct link in the chain of hierarchy betwixt the gurus ascended and those trailing after you on the upward path.
           What will this mean [in terms of] a shift in your awareness? Will it mean that you will study with greater determination to know the dharma, the dhamma, to know the teaching, to know the guru, the Buddha and to work within the community, the sangha, in such a way that you will assist others in the process of delivering their gifts, their talents and encourage them, promote them, love them, cherish them—all those things that we [say] in our wedding vows: “I vow to love, cherish, blah, blah, blah, this beloved one”? Will we do this? [David laughs] Will we do this with each other? Even as we have a marriage to one, will we marry ourselves in Spirit to many beloveds within our community whom we look at and love as holy brothers and sisters and then in some way help to assist them in delivering their beautiful gifts?
           The purpose of the sangha is support, protection and strength in numbers and in the viability of that community to survive and to thrive. We have a foundation within The Hearts Center movement that is built upon ascended master principles. It is built upon previous dispensations that we understand, that we accept and that we cherish. But we have not left off of the legacy of our gurus, [of] transferring their love, their light to a new generation. Now, there are not many young people within this audience, if you consider young under forty. So maybe we have not yet fully taken up this calling of the masters to leave that legacy within our young people, within those coming after us.
           But if we truly honor that which Guru Ma, that which Padma Sambhava, Jesus, Lord Maitreya, Gautama and Sanat Kumara have begun and sustained, we [will] now look for worthy candidates that we can inculcate with the light, that we can lovingly teach, that we can inspire by example. And we can deposit within them at every opportunity some nugget of wisdom, some cherished learning experience that we've had, something of the incorporation of the spiritual path within our lives that has held value and that has electrified us and that we hope and pray can spark those who come after us.
           On our council, Tom and Celeste Miller have often [been] this spark [by] remembering what Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet transferred directly to them as living disciples while they were in incarnation. And some of us have also served the guru directly. Not too many of us left upon earth knew Mark physically, but some have. And there are a number of you in this movement. And Alex Reichardt has put out a book with his beloved Margaret. But some of you may write your own testimony of your interactions, or you may have included them in Alex's book.
           But we have much more to consider in leaving this legacy, in documenting our spiritual experiences, in transferring to future generations what we now often take for granted within our lives. It's secondary. It's like it's so much a part of us that we can't get it out of our system. It's part of our DNA now, this verbiage, this lexicon of ascended master  [terminology] and all of the, sometimes, jargon that we even use within our community that someone coming in new for the first time may not understand. But it's just a part of us.
           So, Maitreya comes with this call today. You may pick one or you may pick many whom you will nurture, you will love, you will cherish with the totality of your being in a direct transfer of who you have become as a disciple and as an adept in the making and a master in becoming. A while back Tom Miller was told it [was] [his] duty to transfer to one or more the teachings of artistry [that he had integrated] and the divine arts and sciences that [he had] mastered, because his time on this earth may not be as long as some of the rest of us who are twenty, thirty, forty years younger than Tom. 
           But we never know the cycles of time, and we never know when we will be called. And so, it is incumbent upon us to consider, first, being the example through our daily life, because this is often the greatest legacy that we can live and leave, and then in some way attempting to be for one or many a teacher, a mentor, a Holy Spirit aid, a [spiritual] aide-de-camp. Some of you have really taken this to heart, such as Donna Korth and Patricia West and Carol Wells, [from what] I've seen.
           And you have really attempted to teach and to nurture, to comfort and to care for souls in very personable ways. And your example can be an example to the entire community of those who have [already] taken this calling to heart, and you are a teacher, you are one who is actively involved in this process. And others who have creative abilities, like Maria Min and Boyd, [are doing this]. And many of the rest of you are doing it in other ways with your talents, by the creation of slide shows and by being there for the master for these recordings, even William Starr, who is there day after day operating those dials and uploading those recordings.
           I mean, I could go around this room and say how each and every one of you in some way has done this in one way or another. And it may be that your legacy is left not necessarily always in a direct transference to one's soul—Patricia DeWitt helping with the decree book, and a number of people in various teams and departments that are striving and working and volunteering untold hours in giving and giving again such that we can have all the beautiful things that we sell that are on our website—Janice Haugen with the untold hundreds if not thousands of hours developing our website and now Carol doing that work also, many of you contributing and writing articles and some simply praying and being there day after day at Wellspring or on the broadcast.
           This is part of your legacy, and you are already doing it. However, is there someone upon earth or [are there] a number of individuals that you can directly influence, that you can contact and have such a connection with such that when you ascend, you can and will be able to communicate in a very direct way to them, as Maitreya did with Jesus, such that the guru's light and emanation and power and wisdom and love can flow to many disciples, to hundreds of others?
           So let's meditate just for a moment, go within and discern. If you've already figured this out—whether it's your children or whether it's someone you are already mentoring or that you would like to mentor—put yourself in the masterful position of seeing the future and the possibilities of how this dynamic could begin possibly in a greater way starting today.

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