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Lanello      October 10, 2009

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
October 10, 2009   10:01-10:17 am MDT
Harvest Conference: A Walk With the Buddhas:
Harvesting the New Love-Wisdom Teachings for Personal and Planetary Change
Bozeman, Montana

The Mother Is Ascending:
She Calls You to Raise Your Mother Light to the Crown of Being—
the Buddha of Your Own Soul

       We Come to Imprint a New Pattern upon Your Being
that Will Allow You to Merge with This Higher Buddha Mindstream

            Welcome to the heart-mind fires of the Buddhas, O soul. The Spirit speaks, and you have heard its voice this day. And from an inner point of your own Buddha reality, a new godly intent is awakened within you whereby you may access in a greater stream and through a more powerful flow the crystalline light from your Source, from the mind of your own Buddha nature.
            We come to imprint a new pattern upon your being that will allow you to more readily access and merge with this higher Buddha mindstream, dearest ones. And so we urge you to meditate daily in silence. And in those sacred moments of stillness, feel that which has been conveyed this morning again, whereby you may have every answer to every question that comes to your mind or heart—that from within you, the Buddha wisdom may emanate and become apparent for you to see and know, that your heart-mind connection will be strong and true such that balance, prosperity of consciousness and entrainment with the Buddha beingness of all celestial ones may be yours at any moment for the asking.
            As you live in light and as you study the frequencies of the higher minds of the masterful ones, we will employ various devas to attend you, to support you in all of your endeavors, projects and missions. And as you walk along the Middle Way, gracefully outlined by Sakyamuni, Gautama, there will be, if you are true to your own Buddha nature, a gentle wafting of the winds of the Spirit within your life such that your journey may be easier, more fulfilling, the rocks and brambles cleared before you and a new access to higher joy brought to your life.
            Yes, the Mother is ascending, and she calls you to raise your own Mother Light again and again to the crown of being, to the Buddha of your own soul. For as you are sensitive to the coursing of the light through your chakras and being, so the Mother energies will rise to greet the Father within that crown; and through a sacred blending and a harmonic effect, there will be a new level of heart-mindfulness and inner peace in your world.
            So I initiate this conference on behalf of all Buddhas, known or unknown, those who dwell in the Pure Land, who continue to emanate the frequencies of Solar mindfulness day and night. Follow the ray, the current of their beaming and their spiritual gleaming and you will find as you ascend in consciousness that you have always known within that you are Buddha, that you are Mother, that this is your essence, that this is your goal and that all life, hallowed in your Presence,  may receive that celestial nourishment from the light that you bear as Buddha beings, dearest ones.
            We raise our cups of light in honor of your Presence amongst us. For we see your Buddha nature fully manifest. We see the divine reality of your beings as one with all life.
            I am Lanello. I await my beloved, whose solar song sings an aria of light that I have heard. When there will be our divine wedding, you shall see within the sky a new signet of our union of Buddha and Mother, of Buddha Mother and Buddha Father, and from this union we will give birth again and again within you to the child of God, the little one, the Buddha child, and peace will reign upon Earth.
            [Lanello sings in an unknown tongue for about 74 seconds.]
            Within this angelic nursery rhyme, I call you higher, O Buddhas in flesh. Come now and play with me within the meadows and the forests of the Pure Land.

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