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David Lewis      October 09, 2009

David C. Lewis (Discourse)

October 9, 2009 7:43-8:11 am MDT

Wellspring Retreat

Paradise Valley, Montana

Opportunities for Greater World Service upon the Ascension of a Great Soul

Imminent Transition of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and its Planetary Consequences

Each time a soul ascends there is a tremendous influx unto the Earth of spiritual light and divine radiance. And from the point that that one seeks to take his or her leave of this dimension and plane a great portal is opened that witnesses, testators and disciples may, through attunement, be able to access the mantle, the light, the energy field that that ascending one leaves as a cosmic residue of their beingness in this plane.

Picture the lifting off [from the Earth] of the space shuttle and of the thrust and of the power, and the energy that is required for this action and of how that stupendous thrust occurs because of a payload that is huge. The igniting of the fuel through a countdown [and its ascent] is the culmination of the efforts of hundreds and even thousands of scientists, engineers [and] mathematicians who, with great accuracy, have calculated what is required for that vessel to leave the magnetic pull of the Earth to then orbit it or to go out to the moon or other areas [of the cosmos.]

Each soul that ascends has a sufficiency of light from [its] Solar Presence to create the wherewithal [by which] this same ascending process in spiritual dimensions occurs. And that light has been garnered over many lifetimes of attainment, of service, of great God-givingness to humanity. So, you accumulate within your causal body, which surrounds the Buddha beingness of your I AM Presence, great fruits of awareness, energy fields of cosmic consciousness, patterns of perfection that have been mastered [through] lessons learned, missions fulfilled. And all of this is accessible again and again at the highest level to the ascending one who may, if he or she desires, extend a portion of the light ray of his or her Source to disciples, to students, to those who look to [him or her] for a boost.

The ascension itself is a cosmic boost to the Earth, a boon for every lifestream who may be sensitive enough to feel the release of that great light. And when a great soul, an arhat, an adept—who over many lifetimes has borne a greater payload in terms of beingness to be for the Earth a World Savior, a World Mother—prepares for the ascension, there is within the Earth a groaning and travailing process that occurs as adjustments are made for what the Earth will feel and be in the absence of the physical [presence] of that being upon her bosom (in the physical dimension.)

And so, disciples are called [by] the power of the Holy Spirit to bear a greater load to offset the potential of the extra burden [that will occur due to] the shift that is occurring. And when any avatar prepares to leave, although there may be great remorse and sorrow at one level of beingness [among the disciples], yet there is also great joy in the availability of the greater light from the causal body and the fiery presence of the ascending one.

It is up to us to claim the mantle and to fulfill the mission set forth by the great exemplars, the great spiritual teachers, the great messengers of light who have come to the Earth. So, we must not look backward and revel in what has been in the past [through our] memories and [the] records of what has [already] transpired, but we must look up and to the future within the Now to discern how we may claim that mantle and move forward to new heights, to new awareness, to new discoveries that the master—born anew—wants us to uncover, discern, find and relate to.

The key phrase that the Master Jesus used was that, “Greater works than these shall you do because I go to the Father.”¹ It was a challenge, it was a command, it was an authorization of his disciples to do more than he had done—to fulfill greater works, to move in greater arenas of activity around the world, to go and preach the Gospel (the Good News), to convert souls back to God, to complete or fulfill the mission that he initiated.

And so it is with us. We must discern what our place in the universe is, what our station in life is, and how we, each one, can fulfill in some way our calling that is often [manifest more clearly] due to the greater sacrifice of the messenger, the arhat, the world teacher. When we meditate upon the presence of a great one and we communicate mind to mind, heart to heart with that one, there can be the infilling of our beings with an even greater understanding of our mission, which will unfold naturally and beautifully. And we may not always know the totality of it in the instant of that one's transition, but it will become clearer and more fruitful as we move through the challenges, the obstacles, the initiations, the tests of our path as dictated by our Higher Self and as guided by the ascended one, who yet remains in Spirit to lead us if we are careful, if we are listening, if we are perceptive.

Paul, who was [previously called] Saul, had the great encounter on the road to Damascus and was blinded by the sun of the Presence of Jesus the Christ. And in that moment his mission began. Did he know fully what it would entail? Not until he was obedient to the command to go to receive his eyesight again and then, day by day, week by week, in communion with the Son of God ascended and the Holy Spirit of that Son of God he received his commission, his instructions, his assignments.

Each of us can also, like Paul, as a disciple, as a world server, move forward the plan of the Brotherhood, of the ascended hosts and of their great messengers if we are able, if we are willing to in some way lay down our life in service rather than receding into a personal path of initiation as a solo activity.

The master calls us higher. Are we willing to be world servers, to do what it takes to master ourselves such that we may be the instruments for the conveyance of light in a wider circle of influence, in a greater arena of activity?

It was a daunting initiation for me to be called on June 6, 2004. I was happy with my life in one sense, with my role as a servant in St. Mark's Community in Livingston, as a leader of that community, having a business, having a wonderful family, praying daily, leading services, etc. But the initiation for me was that I had the opportunity to serve at a higher level, in a wider sphere of influence.

Was I willing to lay down my life—the life I had known—and move into an arena that was in some ways treacherous [and] unknown? I had no clue as to what would transpire with the life I had known up to that point and of what [the masters' call for me to be a messenger] would mean, even for basic survival. And while receiving Lanello's 33 dictations there was a point when I was given the option to continue [receiving them] or not [to.] And I went through my Gethsemane and had to completely surrender everything in order to discern what God wanted and not what I wanted.

Now you may not come to this exact initiation in this framework. But in some way—day by day, week by week, year by year—you will be given opportunities for greater service, laying down something of your lesser self, your creature comforts, your habit patterns—of life as you know it—in order to ascend higher and to serve humanity in a greater way.

When the messenger comes, when the angel appears, when your Higher Self speaks to you and compels you through a vision, through a dream, through some contact to consider being a bodhisattva or serving in a greater capacity, you must meditate, you must go within, you must, if necessary, get on your knees and pray for guidance and even deliverance from the old man or woman who you are in the flesh, to see just what you are willing to offer to God.

And, if, like Elizabeth Clare Prophet, if like Mark Prophet you hear the call and you answer, the master will be there throughout your life to lead you, even through the greatest initiations and challenges and darkness; past the assailants who come to crucify you in the media or through gossip or in all manner of ill speech and of projections. And if you maintain the thread of contact with the master, with your guru, with your Higher Self you can fulfill your calling, your mission, your dharma.

I believe that when a great soul such as Elizabeth Clare Prophet ascends there is the extension of an opportunity and a mantle if we will take it up like Elisha did. But it takes a certain virya, it takes a thrust, an accepting of the calling, a surrender and a new and greater thrust of light to follow the ray, to follow the lead of the master, whatever it may be, to move us forward.

Those who have been true to themselves during this season of [the] seeming dormancy of the previous messenger of the Brotherhood will receive the impulses of her radiance as she ascends and calls [them] higher. Those who have left off of maintaining the flame may or may not, because of a lack of sensitivity or constancy, feel those impulses, those higher awarenesses and be moved to a higher level of service. It is an individual dynamic and initiation. And based on free will and what we have mastered we can choose whether to follow the lead of the guru and move forward or be comfortable where we are on our path.

Every saint, every adept at some point in their decision-making process came to the Y of whether to be that bodhisattva or something else and chose to lay down a portion or all of [him/herself] in order to meet the master, the challenge, the initiation. The ascension of a great soul, a guru, a master, a messenger, an adept is a point on the Y of the world for us to determine what this will mean—this great initiation—and how we will, from that day forward, present ourselves to God, to the world, either in service and in greater love, greater striving, or something else.

There is no fear whatsoever in the true heart of what is coming. For we meet the challenge by love and by great joy and equanimity. And yet we know that life may not be easy. But don't we feel better when we have received the challenge and have striven and mastered it and overcome rather than languish on our couches, on our divans [by] the warmth of the fire at home? [Wouldn't we] rather brave those winds, those elements that cause us to prepare and to move and to become?

So, as you meditate in these days and hours of the imminent transition of a great soul, consider anew what you would give, what you would sacrifice, what you would offer to God in the way of your highest Selfhood, your highest beingness, remembering your inner vows and deciding and being self-motivated by the light within your own heart to fulfill them in the highest way, [upon] the greatest trajectory, such that one day, you, too, following the lead of the ascending one may ascend and then bless, grace and magnify the Lord's presence unto many more who will follow you by your example.

Lady Kristine² was one who gave her life in service to her guru early, even before the age of 45, and yet accomplished so much and maintained a fiery vigil of light and service. Look at her life and her lifetimes and see if, in some way, you would follow her lead, not to death early, but to eternal life, when called by the Lord. I believe that the laying down of her life allowed an extension of the life of her guru. Isn't this the greatest love that one can have, even as Jesus stated it?³

So, I invite each and every one of you to our Harvest Conference beginning tomorrow. If you haven't registered yet I ask you to consider doing so and to be prepared for the delivery of the Buddhas, beginning tomorrow morning with whatever they decide to do. We have the titles of their discourses, darshans, dictations known as heartstreams before us. I am eagerly awaiting their energy, their light and what they will deliver to us on your behalf and on behalf of the Earth. God bless you and God keep you in the light always.

1. John 14:12

2. Florence J. Miller was the final embodiment of Lady Kristine.

3. John 15:13


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