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David Lewis      September 19, 2009

David C. Lewis' Discourse
September 19, 2009  7:20-7:42 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

A Discourse on Music
We Choose Our Spiritual Path Through the Music That We Choose To Listen To

We are engaging in a current Meru University course on music, mantra, sound and the very science of light itself through vibration. Today the teaching that we will receive is regarding music, and music itself comes in many genres and types. What you resonate with—the specific genre of music that you play, listen to, sing—focuses an energy field through your being around you.
           If you are a folksy type of person, you may desire to listen to, hear or sing folk music, with the various ballads and stories and the tales that are told by the songwriters and the composers. If you are a type of person that is more carefree and you desire to listen to jazz, then that vibration and all the vibrations of that genre of music, that type of music, permeate the essence of who you are and you live in the vibration that the various composers and singers and musicians who also harmonize with that music live in. You attune to the frequency of the lifestyles of all those whose music you engage your energy in. If you love rock music, then you live in a certain plane of consciousness that all rock musicians, composers, rock stars and groups and bands live in. Often, as an example, many of these are engaged in the use of psychedelic drugs and of practices that the ascended masters consider dark and [they] are not engaging in a spiritual activity of higher consciousness.
           If you listen to classical music that is composed by conscious and spiritually minded individuals, then you go in your own awareness to the levels of awareness that that music brings you to in its vibration, in the coursing of the melody, the harmony and the interplay of all the notes, cadences and the tonal qualities of the music itself. For instance, the Eroica by Beethoven takes you into a very pastoral experience of being in nature and of communing with the nature spirits, the elementals, the precious friends of light who serve us so nobly.
           Many composers have meditated on the dynamism of various emotional states and they take us there in their music to experience the swelling of feeling within our beings that may come as there are crescendos and an increase in the volume, from the piano volume to the forte and the double forte, etc., and then the gradual decrease again to piano, pianissimo, etc.
           And we know that in movies, music is a major component of drawing the viewer into the experience that the screenplay artist, the writer, the directors and producers want us to have. The music itself is a major, major element in the experience that we have because music is energy in motion through sound, and it engages our emotions and a full portion of ourselves in the experience that we have in these dramas, these films, cinemas, television shows, etc. During the silent film age there was a different dynamic involved, and there was much more imagination involved in the viewer and entering into the experience, and yet even in that era there was music behind the scenes played without the voices of the actors and actresses. And the music could swell when there was more activity or the drama was increasing, and then it was a lesser intensity when there was more of a mundane activity.
           So music is at the core of our lives. We hear it on the radio. We hear it in the malls. We here it in the elevators—Muzak. We hear it everywhere. Children are walking around with iPods and earbuds and walking to the beat, the rhythm often of rap music nowadays in the ghettos, in the larger cities, in their cars with their boom boxes and their loud turned-up stereo systems. And we are bombarded by all types of streams of music, or what the ascended masters in many cases consider as simply noise, not true music.
           So we can choose what level of life we want to live in and how much spirituality we want to have in our worlds by the choices that we make of the music that we engage in and listen to. If we want a celestial experience with God, we can listen to inspiring music that carries us to the higher etheric octaves and graces us with the presence of the angels and the ascended hosts through trained and beautiful clear voices that are actually the voices of angels embodied through many choirs, such as the Vera Choir. If we want the experience of a pep talk to our soul, we may listen to marches and get the activity of the base chakra moving, energizing us with the frequency of motivation that comes when we hear the four-four rhythm.
           If we want a lilting experience of transmutation and of entering into our hearts, we can listen to waltz music and engage in a new-age, a seventh-age action of awareness, of presence and of that which the Strausses and all who have written and composed beautiful waltz music entered into in their meditation when these conceptions came to them, often inspired by the masters of love-wisdom of heaven.
           So, we choose our lives partly based on the music that we listen to. If you want greater abundance, greater harmony, greater unity, greater clarity in your being, consider listening to Mozart, to Indian bhajans, to angelic choir music, to frequencies that raise you up and set you free rather than those which bind you to the human ego, to the lesser self, the dramas that are outplayed through country and western and all of the words that go round and round in people's heads about the fact that she left me and woe is me, etc., and the blues music, which carries us down, down into the astral plane of the woe-is-me consciousness.
           There are heartfriends within this moment who resonate with certain types of music based on their awareness, and they like country and western. That is where a portion of their being is fixated and dwells and abides. And it will remain there at a level of awareness until they desire to rise into the higher states of celestial beingness, where you begin to hear even within your heart, your soul and the inner space within you those celestial frequencies of the turning of higher worlds, the music of the spheres itself.
           So when we take time in our spiritual work to listen to the music created by heartfriends or by classical composers or we do the bhajans, this is for the purpose of the elevation of our consciousness to allow us to maintain the harmonic frequency within our lives that allows for grace, for presence, for flow, for equanimity, for peace within us. If we come to these sessions and then we go out and listen to the raunchy rap music or the compromising lyrics of country and western or of other genres that lower the vibration of our beings, we compromise our spiritual path, and then we must live within that realm that we have consciously chosen to live in because of the music that we resonate with.
           There is a realm called devachan, [which] we have heard about, where souls go after they leave incarnation and pass on, and often there is the outpicturing within devachan of our innermost desires that have been unfulfilled. And so if you at some level of your being are hiding from others or seemingly hiding from God certain things about yourself you don't want others to know of your innermost longings, often when you pass from the screen of life you will go to a certain level of devachan and have to live in those certain spaces of awareness such that you can fully experience them and, in a sense, get them out of your system so you can move higher. So we must be careful what our desires are. We must be attuned to the fact that we have the life that we demonstrate to others through our outer activity, but we also, each and every one, have an inner life that God—God alone and God within us—knows. What you do in your time off, in your private time, away from other activities, often speaks very loudly to the universe of who you are and how you utilize your resources.
           Do you use this time to meditate, to pray, to go within, to go in nature, to experience God, to read uplifting spiritual epics and sagas rather than the trash that is in the stalls in the marts of the worlds? Look at your life and decide what level of adeptship you really want. And if you want God fully and finally in your life, then carve out the time and the space for the flow of light of celestial realms, of ascended master consciousnesses, principles, divine stories to live within you. Create and co-create with God that which you came to fulfill, and don't let the repetitive records of what others have sung and strummed and hummed and chanted and wailed that have gone out as these vibrations into the universe to carve a niche within you that has no more place on your spiritual path but only bespeaks of a lesser way, a lower vibration, a sense of despondency and darkness and inner turmoil.
           The lives of rock musicians as a whole, in a sweeping generalization, are not becoming of chelas and disciples of the ascended masters and of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. Yes, there are exceptions, and there are some who have grown up in these genres who are attempting to elevate [the] consciousness of some. But as a whole and a totality, those who engage in listening to and creating, composing and playing rap, rock, jazz and other lower forms of music are not engaged in the highest activities that are moving forward the evolution of life upon this Earth. And, yes, I am making certain statements of judgment, in a sense, and analyzing this music, but it is for the purpose of allowing us not to judge the individual composer or musician or player but to understand the dynamic of vibration, of harmony or lack of harmony, of how it affects us and how we have choices every day whether to live at the highest level of our beingness in godly intent or to live more in the animal consciousness of the reactive part of our brain, in the mode of unconsciousness and of the unawakened state.
           Music is a modality of movement through mindfulness to reach the very heart of God, if we desire. We can follow the strains of celestial music, with its cosmic impressions, to feel the very essence of the Beloved, even of the Great Central Sun and of the upsurge and the swelling of divine currents as they come to us on these melodic and cosmo-harmonic frequencies. Even as I am speaking on behalf of the masters, I feel the presence of their great love for our souls and our hearts as they deliver a teaching that can move en masse humanity if the culture changes by the conscious choices of aspirants of life and light, of heartfriends who will tune out the chords of darkness and tune into the higher frequencies of light.
           Let us choose wisely what we partake of, what we allow to stream through our awareness, through our ears, these orifices that afford us the ability to hear vibration through sound, and let us glean from our own meditation and time with God in silent contemplation a greater sensitivity through vibration to the very heartstreams and the mindstreams of the Divine One. Let us choose God, let us choose light, let us choose life through the music that we choose. I thank you.

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