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Kuthumi      August 31, 2009

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
August 31, 2009   8:00-8:10 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast Through the Wellspring Retreat


A Walk in Nature with Kuthumi in the Morning Light

Blessed Hearts,
            I take you on a walk this morning in nature with nature's God, expressed most beautifully within the flora and fauna of the Mother's expression of the Father's divine intelligence. And with many Buddhas, celestial beings and nature spirits as we egress to new pastures, we feel the indwelling presence of the divine One, even as we hear the babbling waters, the brooks and streams which symbolize the Mother flow. So there is brought to bear within our lives a new essence of reality, a new presence of divine grace and joy that uplifts our souls and sends our spirits soaring to new divine worlds.
            O precious ones who art God in manifestation, know the reality of the Motherland of Mu, of the ancient traditions of the Brotherhood, of the motherhood of the Spirit and of that which speaks within, which is the eternality of the flame, the very joy of beingness that may be heard, cognized and then transferred from your heart and mind to the many upon Earth who are just beginning to awaken unto their true reality.
            So as you hear the sounds of nature and even feel the pressure of light as the barometer of your own instrumentation of the divine light within, recognize these cosmic impressions, glory in your soul and its contact with the Eternal each moment.
            Dearest ones, the Buddhas are here for you. For every enlightened and awakened Buddha one may express something of that divine Spirit, mind to mind, heart to heart for the cosmic uplift such that you may see and feel your own Buddha Nature right there where you are and experience God in the Now.
            As we continue our walk and see the mountains before us with the light of Helios cresting to shine forth just between the mountain peaks, we remember our contact with the Sun of being. We see the example of divinity before us and know the joy of the essence of holy sonship with the Father-Mother God.
            O soul, be quickened by that Buddhic reality within and know through this walk with us that you are cherished, that even as you believe in the One, so the One believes in thee as a part of the great God Self of all life; that even as you look up to perceive and know your reality, so that reality which has always abided right where you are recognizes every attempt, every conscious effort to employ the gifts of Selfhood and the beauty of life toward living that example of grace and joy.
            High in the atmosphere the celestial song of love is heard. Even beating upon the wings of angels, the strains of angelic presences may be known. And there is delivered unto each one a new divine light. Look into the eyes and face of God, hear the strumming of elysian harps and of their message to you, each one. And know fully that which the celestial song brings to your heart. Once again, the Mother Light is heard through the flow of the Eternal; but now that flow is felt within, fully. O God, you are so magnificent in manifestation in man, in nature, in woman, in child and in all life!
            I am Kuthumi. Know me as a brother, a Buddha, a friend during this walk with each of you that you may experience again and again during your meditation. And in the silence of being, I will be there, expressive of the Holy Spirit's bounty in giving to each one something of those gifts and graces.
            I seal you in the joy of solar light and in the presence of the glorious aureole of the Spirit where you are. I thank you.

Note:  Kuthumi, with the messenger and his beloved consort, was actually walking down Pine Creek Road in Paradise Valley while delivering this live heartstream and observing the imagery that he spoke of during its release.

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