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Manjushri      July 27, 2009

Beloved Manjushri
David C. Lewis
July 27, 2009  8:08–8:23 pm MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

You are Masters in the Making,
Adepts in the Becoming

Gracious Ladies and Gentlemen,

        I come with a rod of power this day and thrust it deep within the earth as an electrode of light and a talisman of fire for the repolarization of this planet toward its destiny as Freedom's Star.
        I am Manjushri. And I offer something of my Presence and beingness in God on behalf of the Earth, its evolutions and especially the children of the light and the sons and daughters of God who are determined that this entire planet shall rise into the estate of the Pure Land of the Buddhas where Maitreya, my guru, may walk and talk with disciples of the Lord.

        This night we begin a fiery discourse on higher awareness and the initiatic science of Buddhas to be who are moving in the cosmic stream of the Mother's love and who would understand through the science of pranayama and through the inner resources of the Spirit a new blessedness that may come to the heart of each one so dedicated to the purposes of light.

        Therefore, as I thrust this sword and rod of power into the earth, it rekindles within the very spinal altar of those who came with Sanat Kumara the impression of his love, of his heart-mindfulness toward all life. And as this rekindling fire rises upon the spinal altar of each one, it repolarizes you unto the true God-power that you are meant to wield as a son or a daughter, as a Buddha of light.

        Breathe with me, blessed ones, and receive a certain impartation of spiritual prana whereby your mind may be trued to the mind of Maitreya, of the Cosmic Mother and of a new mindfulness whereby the Five Dhyani Buddhas, encircling you in a grid of light as a crystal pentagram, may convey through the secret rays emanating through your being the solar frequencies and essences of divine Godhood, whereby you may simply slip into a new vestment and garment of light that is your Buddha Nature fully. That is what in the past has been called your Deathless Solar Body, but may now be termed your Eternal Solar Body of beingness.

        From this new vantage point of presence, we draw up the sacred fire upon your spinal altar and you may cognize with a new preeminent awareness as masters-in-the-making, as adepts-in-the-becoming. What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve, one has said. Therefore, conceive of yourself as a Buddha. Believe that you have already attained to that awareness of presence. And therefore, the achievement of this cosmic dynamic may by yours, blessed ones, in the Now.
        Particles of mindfulness flow through a new thoughtform of Selfhood that my devas convey to each and every one of you who will be students during this class and who are being prepared at inner levels, even as I speak, for a greater release of light this evening and each ensuing Monday for an additional five weeks. There will be a realignment and a readjustment of your personal energetic grid by the crystalline stream from the Five Dyhani Buddhas as well as the masters who will be sharing with you during this class.

        Vajrasattva himself releases the thunderbolt of that vajra to quicken and realign you with your holy purpose! Some of you do not conceive of yourself as worthy or able to sustain the electronic currents from your Presence that are co-creating you moment by moment in that divine image in which you were conceived. Blessed ones, you must understand that it is time and there is space here and now whereby you can live fully in that light through conscious choice, through free will and through a heart and mind attuned to the Buddhas of light.
        Therefore, I prepare the way for Djwal Kul and many masters who will breathe the sacred fire and the light of the Holy Spirit upon you, moment by moment, during this class. These classes are not simply for entertainment, blessed ones, but for entrainment with your highest purpose, your highest beingness in God. And the ampoules of light of the eternal wisdom fires that flow through an extension of that creative mind of Buddha-beingness are yours to claim, yours to fan as a fire. And if per chance something is purged from you during these weeks, then so be it. For where there is the emptying process and the holy ritual of letting go of the notself and the surrender of substances partaken of which have nothing to do with the divine reality of who you are, then cosmic impressions, divine radiances and glorified crystalline light energies are yours to imbibe, to drink in as a holy elixir. And as they are assimilated you will truly be new creatures in Christ and Buddha and Krishna, dearest ones.
        God is continually formulating you anew in a more pure, noble and divine image. If it were not so there would be no evolution, there would be no freedom of expression, movement or beingness. It is God's very nature to evolve, to expand and to experience the Allness of all that is through his creative sons and daughters. And so you are one with God. And since one with God is a majority, you have the wherewithal to fulfill that Allness within Self this day and every day. So make it so. So be it. Amen, amen and OM, blessed ones.

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