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Serapis Bey      July 11, 2009

Beloved Serapis Bey
David C. Lewis
July 11, 2009  6:00–6:32 pm MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

In Humility Accept the Higher Dictates of Your True Self,
Then You Can Be Assured of a Place upon Maitreya's Ship As a Servitor

            I am Serapis Soleil. And I am here this day to penetrate into your being the light of the ascension flame such that you may feel a greater inspiration within the heart of the divine One to move forward on your path of the ascension. Some of you made the ascension your goal and yet you have not fully mapped out or plotted upon the chart of your life every port that you must visit and every avenue of light that you must traverse.
            Some of you have put to port upon one step of your pathway. And yet you have not been able to leave that port for another higher one. Look within this day to see what elements of selfhood have kept you bound in languishing within a certain strata of being that has not allowed access to the highest frequency of light within your being. I will help you discern in this hour what is absolutely essential for your swifter climb to divine heights. And if it takes a slight adjustment of the rudder of your own ship of state, the state of your being, then I say let it be.
            We are moving on. And we desire those disciples who are willing to move with us. If you hold age-old concepts of yourself that even we the ascended masters no longer hold for you, then how, blessed ones, do you expect to understand the very nature of your own Godhood? But if you will move swiftly and in humility accept the higher dictates of your True Self, then you can be assured of a place upon Maitreya's ship as a servitor and as a coworker with those who together provide the impetus, the wind in the sails of that ship for its eventual arrival at the highest port of being.
            Every teaching that we offer is a step upon the pathway of light if you see it as such and would open the kernel, the inner pearl of wisdom within that HeartStream or message that is meant for you. But if you gloss over that which we share thinking that you know it, that you have already fulfilled it and yet have not taken to heart one slight aspect of our message and the light contained therein that could move you if meditated upon, on your pathway, then we say go back and study, meditate and discern anew that kernel which is meant for you, dear hearts.
            You have heard the story of how the Master Jesus came unto me and how he was offered a position and a station based on his attainment where he could fulfill the next and highest initiation, and yet he chose to begin at the beginning. If through pride you take the example of the satans who think that they know better than the God of all gods, then be careful. For your fall from grace will be swift and sure. And you must then pick up the pieces, and it may be a long and hard road, blessed ones.
            But if in humility you follow the example of Jesus or of Gautama, who left all to tread the path of selflessness, then the support will always be yours from heavenly realms and from the brothers and sisters who tend the ascension currents at the temple above Luxor. For through humility the fiery path is glorified before you. And by humility attainment is won.
            You have seen within some religions how individuals prostrate themselves before the Lord God again and again. At times these rituals may seem demeaning to the one moving in higher Selfhood if that one does not understand his divine station as a son or daughter of God. Yet it is better, blessed ones, that you approach the divine throne in a self- effacing manner rather than with a haughty and prideful stance. For upon your knees it is easier for the Divine One to place upon your head the blessings and the laurels of victory.
            Therefore, take one step backward in your approach to the master teacher and to those whom we have sent to offer our blessings, our graces and our wisdom. And with a humble mien understand the simple dynamic of bowing to the light within the teacher and the teaching, even as you bow to the light within yourself each morning as you gaze upon the sun.
            There are some among you who are even now experiencing at inner levels the initiatic rites within our retreat in Egypt. And some of you have felt the impulse of the Spirit that is causing you to consider how you may accelerate consciousness, light and the holy fire of God within your being. I say call to the seraphim if you desire the greater initiations of the Spirit. For these ones will come with flaming swords and strip away that which you no longer require, burning through that electronic belt by the power of seraphic love with that essential light of God that enlivens, that revivifies and that moves you far afield from that tyrant ego which no longer has its clutches upon your soul if you choose to live in light.
            There is a movement upon the African continent based on the seeds of light that we have sown that will bring greater numbers of spiritual aspirants and fellow heartfriends to this source of wisdom through the initiatic process that has always been available to those who would look into the deeper mysteries of the Brotherhood and accept the disciplines of the spirit within them.
            So we sponsor a trip by devotees from South Africa to Egypt. And I, Serapis, will overshadow my representatives and will inculcate within their minds and hearts greater gnosis of the pathway of light. So it is, so it will be fulfilled. And if you would accept the same initiation that I conveyed from the upper room overlooking the Giza Plateau, call the messenger and allow the anointing to occur after an hour of holy prayer there. For I will stand again to anoint those of you who are ready for this level of the release of the ascension currents. And this, in and of itself, will be for the great God benefit of all devotees who will come to this fount of wisdom in coming years through the dispensation granted and authorized through our messengers of light.
            Dearest hearts, there is a fiery stream now that descends from the Queen of Light from her retreat over Bergvik in Sweden. And it flows forth south into the environs of Gothenburg for the initiation of a new cycle of light within the South of this holy land whereby many more will feel the impulse of the Spirit through the release of light that will ensue there shortly. Prepare your consciousness for the highest and most noble release of spiritual fire that you can bear within your being! For although the Queen of Light herself is truly a Mother in the highest sense, if you could see within her fiery being the eternality of God within that white light, you would know that selfsame energy that I bear within my being of the ascension currents that one day will wrap themselves around you in the full glory of your Highest Self and move you out of humankind into a new divine kind of being in God.
            We come again and again, not to repeat what you already know, but to accelerate that which you have become so that you may be more, blessed hearts. Take every opportunity offered, if you would, to sing of the eternal nature of God within all life, to revere that which the Lord has impressed upon mater within the substance of life itself in your domain. And realize through self-transcendence your highest purpose by staying true to your course and fulfilling your reason for being to the Master M and many more who love you so much that they again and again lay down an aspect of their life essence for you in their transmissions, in their HeartStreams and in the silent conveyances when through holy meditation you touch the hem of the Lord through presence, through stillness and through a higher form of listening to the heartbeat of the One.
            A full and bounteous harvest of light has been prepared even during this summer season for those of you whom we will greet shortly in Sweden. Yes, I say, prepare. For your adeptship is nigh if you so choose to live at the highest level of presence. And your divine mastership will be self-evident to those whom you know, as through love your light shines brightly day and night because you always give glory to God first and last in all things.
            I am Serapis. I call you higher! Even though the path upward is always worth the inconvenience, I say that truly once you have reached the summit and seen the world from the level of the humble gods and goddesses ascended, living in your mortality will no longer suffice for you, blessed ones. But living in and as the godly beings who you truly are will be the reward for your long trek and for every noble effort made upon that journey of light.
            I seal you in a divine current of holy lightning of ascension's fire this day. Now rise, O soul, ascend to higher heights. And know God truly as your True Self. I thank you.

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