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Fortuna      June 30, 2009

David Christopher Lewis
With a Sealing Call by Fortuna after the Clearance Ritual
June 30, 2009   7:55–8:25 am MDT
2009 World Freedom Conference
Rejoice in the Freedom of Elemental Life
Big Sky, Montana

Clearance Ritual for Greater Individual Abundance

         The reason we have given this fiery ritual this morning is that Fortuna and the God of Gold desire to do a clearance of you and with you with the sword to clear from you any sense of limitation of abundance, of grace, of flow. So we have accelerated the momentum of prayers, and this light has accrued to your causal body. You can utilize it, and the masters will utilize what you have invoked and the energies you have put into the service, to accomplish their end, which is to strip away from you anything that stands in the way of your rightful abundance and of all the graces of the Spirit that are a part of the opulence that you require to fulfill your divine plan.

         A heartfriend offered a special shirt for me to wear today, however I was told to wear blue because the archangels are here, as we have invoked them, and the action today is a blue-ray action of light that is for this specific activity. This is primarily for those physically present, because for this particular alchemy there is a cosmic energy field that is created when the sword comes down around you, which can only happen when you are in physical proximity.

         The Master's message is clear today, already fulfilled in what I have shared. Fortuna will stand on my left, and the God of Gold on my right. Archangel Michael will overshadow me with Faith. And the dictation, the blessing, the HeartStream, is the HeartStream of Archangel Michael with the God of Gold and Fortuna, which will penetrate your aura and ferret out from your electronic belt what you can release and surrender.

                     During the ritual I will take the sword and have it right here, and each of you will come forward. You can kneel if you can kneel. If you cannot, the masters will understand that you are not physically able to do that. Or if you would like to kneel and you require help, we will have two ushers to assist anyone who requires assistance. This is a holy ritual that is for you individually. It is God's personal love precipitated as a concentrated energy field to assist you in your life for the remainder of this life to garner greater energy of the Spirit for all that you require.

                     Remember that this opulence, this abundance is not just physical money, things or possessions; it is all of the virtues, the divine graces of the Spirit. As the Master Omraam shared in the reading that we had this morning, the joy is not in those things that we possess in the human sense; it is through the joy that we have and experience within our aura and within our life that we receive the boons that we require.

                     As this ritual is manifesting, we will play continuously the three Elohim songs composed by Robert Resetar, beginning with the one to Hercules, then to Cyclopea and then to Arcturus—the first, fifth and seventh rays. The first-ray action is to strip away from you what opposes your alchemy and your abundance. The fifth ray is to infuse you with the emerald grid of fire for your abundance. And then the seventh-ray action is to seal this activity as well as to alchemize and maximize all of this grace and abundance for you. This is what we, with the masters will accomplish, by God's grace.

         The Master would prefer that everyone kneel. If you require assistance, just raise your hand at the appropriate point for assistance. Let us begin the music, and come forth. [Elohim songs played as ritual takes place.]


                     Be sealed in the light of abundance and a new opulence of the Spirit, blessed hearts. I have come with my friend Archangel Michael, and he has performed the work of the Lord with you. You are a new creature in God if you will accept this blessing and now go forth to live the abundant life that you have always been meant to live.

         So be it in the name of the Eternal One. Be sealed in the grace and light of the Sun. Amen.

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