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Omraam      June 29, 2009

Beloved Omraam Discourse
David C. Lewis
June 29, 2009  7:22–7:42 am MDT
Rejoice in the Freedom of Elemental Life!
2009 World Freedom Summer Conference
Big Sky, Montana 

Our Individualities in this Collective Stream
Merge in a more Beautiful Rendering of Light and Love

The Master would like to give a little teaching on the I AM.

            When we changed this decree [0.002 "I Am Cosmos' Secret Rays] there was debate whether to change some of the other words, the “we” and the “us” to “I”. And the teaching that I received was that the I AM is actually a collective God awareness. And even though we each individually have our I AM God Presence or Solar Presence or our Divine Self, our Buddha Nature, the great I AM is a collective of all of our I AM Presences as one. So, when we say I AM we are tapping into the great universal stream of the I AM as the God that is within all life and within our life. So, we in a sense claim God where we are, but we also know that we are not separate from God.
            And so even though when we use the name of God as I AM THAT I AM or I AM and we claim that individuality where we are in time and space here and now, we know that ultimately we are a cell in the body of God. And therefore, the greater awareness is that we are a part of that universal stream of the great I AM. And so we can say “we” and “us” because it is the collective “us”, it is the collective of all of the individual components of the beingness of God spread, strewn throughout the cosmos as these starfire beings who we are.
            And I saw that we would be giving this prayer as a collective together and there is greater power in the unified field of our oneness as we pray together. And so I recommended that we retain the words “we” and “us” because it brings that power of the great “US“ together in the statement. So, God is a plurality in a universal unity as the Elohim are, the God as the great US, Father and Mother, masculine and feminine. But we are also a part of that great US. And the US is the Universal Stream. And so that is the meaning of US, the Universal Stream. So, from this day forward as we say the name of God in our prayers and as we give our affirmations and affirm that God is where we are, we are also in humility not claiming our sovereignty as a self outside of God, but we are acclaiming our unity as a particle of the great beingness of the Almighty, the ever present and the omniscient One.
            So, in order to fully understand the being of Mighty Cosmos as this solar being, who he is, who ensouls a cosmos itself, we must rise in awareness to this collectivity, to this sense of the universal. The universal is the uni-verse, the one verse. And so, even though it is catholic, which means universal in its essence, it is a stream that surrounds the allness of God as the great cosmic egg and ovoid of the known universe. It is that great I AM that penetrates and permeates that allness. So as you attune to Mighty Cosmos and enter his stream of beingness; and there really isn't masculine or feminine at that point of beingness, it is simply essence undifferentiated and not compartmentalized in masculine or feminine energy, you begin to understand who Cosmos really is. And then you can see that cosmic fire descending into your being, enveloping and wrapping itself around you. And then you can stream forth to all life the essence of Cosmos.
            We also debated whether to no longer use the term “secret” because we are getting to know what these previously called secret rays are by experiencing them within our beings in the essence of who we are. And so they are quintessences, they are elements of higher consciousness and a new approach that is necessary for Earth and for this entire solar system as it evolves and egresses into new dimensional planes of being. And the higher quintessences of Cosmos are being blended with the rays that we know to accomplish the most beautiful rendering of God's being as these cosmic brush strokes of light.
            So, as we were giving this prayer I was seeing Cosmos as a great artisan of the sacred fire brushing strokes of light throughout the cosmos and these rays going forth to bless all life. So, you also as an artisan of the spirit, whenever you pray can create and co-create anew and afresh with new oils, new paints, new water colors, whatever medium you desire in your spiritual practice to refresh the cosmos with a new light of your essence today.  It is like when you have to refresh your computer screen and you hit that little key that has almost a figure eight, it's like the two—the one arrow going down and the one arrow going up, at least on my computer. And isn't that interesting to think of how really you recreate a cosmos even on the living screen of your life each day as you awaken and experience life anew?
            So, beloved Sister Natacha Kolesar of the I.D.E.A.L. Society in Jaffrey, British Columbia, Canada spoke recently at a Meru University class on the collective.¹ And it was a great teaching because she shared the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov's teaching that we are evolving into this collective. And it may be a little fearful for some of us to consider that we may, in a sense, lose a certain sense of our individuality in this collective stream. But truly, I believe that you do not lose anything of the Divine Ego or your Higher Self, but you simply, at the highest level of being, merge the essence of who you are with the beautiful essence of who everyone one else is in their Godly estate. And in this cosmic stream every one of you, every one of us is highlighted in a more beautiful rendering of light and love. It is not that you lose that savor or salt of the spirit of your being, but that God tastes the savor of who you are at that cosmic level and is pleased with the salt of the spirit of you as a conscious, fiery being.

1.  The word egregore (or egregor) also denotes a type of collective awareness.  See

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