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David Lewis      May 03, 2009

David C. Lewis
May 3, 2009   19:30-21:30 pm local time
Cape Town, South Africa

                                   About Saint Germain, the Violet Flame, Your Buddha Nature Chart, Afra

            Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for allowing me to speak to you tonight and for coming on a Sunday evening when I know you have a very busy schedule and you are preparing for the following week.  My name is David Lewis, and I am the founder and spiritual director of the Hearts Center movement, which is a wonderful organization founded by the ascended masters in the United States. We are travelling with fourteen of us here, doing a sacred journey, or what we call a pilgrimage, to your nation.  We have found it to be a very very beautiful nation, South Africa.  We have been to Johannesburg, and we are here now in Cape Town. And it is truly a magnificent place to be.  Earlier today we went up to Table Mountain and experienced just a tremendous time up on the mountain after going up on the tram.
            So tonight we come to be with you to share a little bit about Saint Germain, who is the master of the Age of Aquarius and one who was mentioned in the Bible. Maybe you didn't think he was mentioned in the Bible—Saint Germain?  But he is the seventh angel who comes to finish the mysteries of God, and he is a master alchemist. Many of you who have been in theosophy or in anthroposophy or other spiritual movements may have heard of Saint Germain.  So how many of you have heard the name before, at least? That's why you're here. He's a tremendous master, and he holds the key to the shift that is occurring right now between the Piscean and the Aquarian Ages for our self-transcendence and our spiritual evolution. One of the most tremendous gifts that he has given to the world, that he has been allowed to have revealed to humanity is the gift of the violet transmuting flame and what we now utilize through the ascended master activity at The Hearts Center as the violet laser light.
            Now what's the difference between these two? First, I must explain a little bit more about the violet flame. We know that violet is the highest frequency of the physical light spectrum. And when you see a rainbow you go roy-g-biv—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. So, violet's the highest frequency. It's a beautiful color. It's actually the color of the Seventh Age of Aquarius, which we're just about ready to enter, and we're at that cusp of the ages. Utilizing this violet energy, we can accelerate the transmutation of both personal and planetary karma. Many of you may have experimented in your meditation with the violet light. It's a beautiful feeling that comes over you of mercy, forgiveness, compassion, and the use of this ray allows you to perform sacred alchemy.
            Now Saint Germain is a master alchemist, and he was embodied, as some of you know, as Christopher Columbus, who founded America; as Saint Joseph who was the father of Jesus. He was embodied as Saint Alban, a British saint; also as Roger Bacon an incredible scientist; as well as, in his final incarnation before he made his ascension, Francis Bacon. Many of us have now come to understand that Francis Bacon was actually the author of the Shakespearian plays. William Shakespeare was a pen name. And for anybody who knows the story Francis Bacon was very devoted to esotericism and the mystery cchools. One of the key figures within a particular mystery school was Pallas Athena. So "shake spear"—she was holding the spear and shaking it, and that's where the pseudonym Shakespeare came about. 
            So I consider, and many consider, that William Shakespeare was the greatest author of literature that the western world has ever known, and there are many deep mysteries embedded within those plays, the sonnets themselves. And the glyphs and the inner teachings that he gave are coded. There's actually a book called The Shakespeare Code1 and I highly recommend it for those who'd like to hear the story of how this particular author, whom I knew personally and who has recently passed on, came into possession of this device—it was an encoder—and when you utilized it, you could decode what was in the writings of Shakespeare, which then then basically told the story that it was indeed Francis Bacon.
            So, Saint Germain, after he ascended on May 1st, 1684, was granted the dispensation by higher councils of light, known as the Karmic Board, to re-embody or to come into incarnation and walk the earth as a living being in flesh form. Then he was known as the Wonder Man of Europe. He appeared all over the courts of Europe, performing incredible alchemies. He could virtually do anything. He could play instruments with perfection, he could write with both hands in such a way that the writing, if you place them on top of each other, were identical. So obviously he had the full mastery of what we now understand as the right and left brain and was able to manipulate forces through sacred alchemy to facilitate by, what I consider now, the violet laser light, the correction of flaws in gemstones such that some of the leaders and the kings of Europe were amazed at his power.
            He lived to well over a hundred. He [visited with] Madame de Pompadour [on several occasions] over a period of time. She could not believe that [over] the thirty, forty years [of their acquaintance] Le Comte de Saint Germain, who was indeed this masterful being, Saint Germain, [never seemed to age].
            So this gift of the violet fire is a tremendous offering on the altar of humanity to give us a key to make this leap in consciousness from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age because everything is accelerating. You all feel the shift that is occurring. Time seems to be compressed and the cycles of your own personal initiations on a spiritual path are accelerating and you feel this tremendous opportunity that is now before us to engage at a higher level of consciousness. This is what 2012 is really all about. It's the alignment of our solar system with the galactic core. In other words, our solar system is a part of a greater galaxy, and there's a center of that galaxy. Our sun is coming into alignment with the galactic  core of the greater galaxy of which the Milky Way is a part. This has both scientific and physical as well as spiritual significance for us because it means that we, too, as evolving souls and as potential solar beings ourselves are coming into alignment directly with our Source, which is our Higher Self, which is God individualized for each of us.
            Now on this chart that we have up here, which we call the Buddha Nature Chart, you see three figures depicted. The lower figure that's in the lotus surrounded by this violet energy that is the violet flame—and he or she, kind of an androgynous-looking individual—is meditating. You see in the center of the chest a white sphere of light, and then there's what we call the threefold flame of love, wisdom and power, which is our divine spark right within the secret chamber of our hearts that is our contact with our Divine Presence. We all have this. For some of you it's a sixteenth of an inch high, and for others who have meditated and prayed for years and years, you've fanned that flame so that it is larger and you feel a greater empowerment of the Spirit that comes when you are aligned with your purpose, you know your mission and you are really going for it and fulfilling it in this lifetime.
            So the middle figure is kind of a Buddhic figure. And he's sitting on a lotus and his hand is raised in a sacred mudra. Now, why do we have a Buddhic figure in this representation? Because many of the initiations that we are all coming into and understanding now relate to the Buddhic Path, which is actually beyond, in a certain sense, the Christic path because the Buddha understands the use of what we call the five secret rays. On a piano you have the white keys and then you have the black keys, which are in between. They are [like the] the secret rays that denote initiations that are more subtle, that deal with what we call the night side of the path of initiation.
            The Buddhic path deals with these initiations. Many of us are coming into a more subtle and heightened spiritual quickening and inner awakening that allows us to think higher thoughts, that allows us to go into other realms and dimensions in our meditation practice that penetrates beyond this veil and accesses higher spiritual truths that have always been evident to the mystics but which we now, the common man/woman, can access because of the gift that Saint Germain and other ascended masters are providing us.
            The highest figure in the chart, surrounded by these beautiful rainbow colors, is called the I AM Presence, or your God Self, your Buddha Nature, your divinity. It's the real you. We all have this. It's our individualized God Presence. It's God in us, evolving through us. But it's that which we are trying to merge with, and fully become and accept.
             Now we are already that, in reality; but we just haven't fully accepted it and realized it. That is really our job, our responsibility as evolving souls—to become one with God, first our own I AM or God Presence, the great I AM THAT I AM, which is in the Bible [as] the name of God (at least in English), Yod He Vau He, Yahweh to some, and [in] Egyptian Nuk Pa Nuk, the great I AM. It's the statement of being. So this is pure beingness. It is pure essence or divine quintessence. When we understand that this is our true nature, we begin to do away with the petty little things that divide us, that keep us separate from each other, that keep us bound to mortality and to a sense that we are animals when we are truly divine beings having a human experience, as you've heard other places. It all makes sense in the context that God has provided us this body temple, which a temple of the living God, in order to evolve into truly what we have always been but now we are fully becoming.
            So the violet laser light is an accelerated action of the violet flame that allows us to focus with the lens of our awareness as a crystal, like a crystalline lense, that violet energy into specific areas of our lives, of the Earth and of the needs of humanity so that we can do major spiritual work for the planet and for the Brothehood, the sacred Brotherhood. And it's really a Sisterhood, too. We don't want to leave out the ladies because this is also the age when the Divine Feminine is coming to the fore. Woman, who has always been in a sense more sensitive than Man because she has more developed solar, or soul, faculties, is coming to the fore more, and we have to, as a planet, revere womankind and the feminine principle of life because it's been taken out of the Western culture. It's always been in the East. They revere the Divine Mother. But now in the West there is a huge movement to understand the feminine principle. And even the revelation that Mary Magdalene was married to Jesus is quite a shift for many Christians to consider because it was removed from scripture except in some of the hidden texts, [such as] the Gnostic Gospels and others that are coming out—the Dead Sea Scrolls—that have these very clear statements that Mary Magdalene was Jesus' chief disciple but also his bride.
            I've spoken a lot about a lot of things. One that I cannot dismiss or forget to mention is the Master Afra, whose image you see also on this table in addition to Saint Germain over here. On the other side is Afra. If you didn't know it before, Afra is an ascended master who is the first to ascend from what we could call the black race, which goes way beyond the color of the skin. It was an evolution of souls that evolved many, many thousands of years ago. Where the Sahara is now, there was once a thriving golden-age civilization 70 thousand years ago, believe it or not. I talked on the Kate Talkington radio program a few months ago when we thought we were coming to South Africa, and then we got delayed and came now. I mentioned that to her and she didn't, of course, believe it. But I can tell you that in the I AM books, or the Saint Germain Foundation books, Godfrey Ray King, which was a pen name for Guy Ballard, wrote about his experiences where he met Saint Germain, and Saint Germain showed him through the akashic records the record of this civilization. It was a tremendous civilization. So right on your continent was a golden age culture that existed that you can now tap into. And as you do your meditation and learn about this incredible Master Afra, you can begin to understand how dynamic he is.
            He has a very direct tie to Saint Germain. Saint Germain's ascension day is May 1st. Afra's is November 1st, which is All Saints Day in the Catholic tradition, which is exactly six months in polarity to May 1st. [In] the name, Afra, the fra is the beginning of "fra-ternity". So you have the concept that there is this sacred fraternity, just as there have been many mystery schools like Rosicrucians and the Masons, the Free Masons, some of which unfortunately have been infiltrated and are not always completely pure any more. Saint Germain founded many of them, [including] The Order of the Rosy Cross, or the Rosicrucians.
            The Hearts Center movement, the masters told us some months ago, was a dispensation from the heart of Saint Germain that [also] had to do with the Rosy Cross because our signet is this beautiful rose with light coming out of it. So, even though we don't necessarily directly follow and study what the Rosicrucians study, at a higher spiritual level of awareness, we are in that same stream of cosmic gnosis and spiritual education [in] which Saint Germain [set] the Rosicrucian Order.
            So back to Afra. You see this picture? And I invite you to look at it [more closely later]. [Also] we have these booklets over there. And I hope that many of you can purchase them because these have transcriptions of many of the dictations that I have been allowed to receive from this beautiful master. I'll have to explain a little bit about what a dictation is to you later. Suffice it to say that I commissioned a particular new age artist in Montana, where I live in the United States, to paint this picture. He did it wonderfully. He is, in my opinion, one of the top two or three spiritual artists on the planet. If you look at his website—Marius Michael George or Marius Fine, you'll see beautiful, beautiful representations of the ascended masters, of angels, fairies, of the chakras that he's done with just incredible symmetry. They're just absolutely wonderful.
            This book is compiled by the Brothers and Ssters of Afra. These are individuals who have an affinity or a resonance with this master. Many of them are in the Black race in the United States. We call them African-Americans now, to be politically correct. It doesn't really matter. They're still our brothers and sisters. And some of them are here tonight, the ones who really worked to put this booklet together. So Deborah and Raphael can you raise your hand? I want to thank you for all the work that you did on this.
            The continent of Africa is special. It's a mixture of many races and cultures and evolutions. We went to Egypt three years ago with 99 people in a pilgramage. We went into the King's and Queen's Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza, near Cairo. It was incredible. We chanted the OM. We felt the resonance. One lady that went in with cancer under her eye came out [with] it completely gone. She testified to this. It's on our introductory video, which we have copies of here. That video is free. It's also on our website.
            Afra also focalizes the violet energy. He serves on both the first and the seventh ray, the first ray being the blue ray, the first color in the outer ring of what we call the Causal Body around your God Presence. He ascended many, many thousands of years ago and has held a flame for every man, woman and child on the African continent. Whether you're Black or Caucasian, I highly recommend that you read his teachings because they will enlighten you as to the destiny of Africa—what it will take to bring about a big shift so that we can erase the records of war and genocide and conflict between tribes and between nations and some of these leaders that have unfortunately been perverse in the way that they lead through a dictatorial style and suppressing the people and stealing the very life blood of the people and the resources of their nations.
            We have to have a shift. If we are to enter a golden-crystal age of enlightenment and freedom, much work has to be done in Africa. Saint Germain just dictated a few days ago through me up in Johannesburg. He, along with other masters, asked us to take responsibility for this planet and for our nations. Another master called the Great Divine Director was very pointed on this issue. He held a  globe of the Earth that was painted on a little ostrich egg that one of our friends purchased. I held that [globe] as he was conveying a message that said, "It's time, blessed ones, that you all consider taking personal responsibility for the Earth. And when you do this and many, many more do this, then we will have the beginnings of the dawn of a new age."
            But if each of us doesn't take that responsibility for our individual nations, our communities, our schools, our families, and, of course, it begins with us, then we can't have the world community that the ascended masters desire—not a One World Order dominated by the power elite but a true United Nations that's governed by ascended masters and a heirarchy of ascended hosts who have the best interests of all of us in mind, who understand that it's not about monarchies any more, but about true representative democratic republics or institutions of government that honor the integrity of the soul of every man, woman and child of those nations.
            Saint Germain understands this. That's why he founded the United States. It was a great experiment. It hasn't always been successful to date in every aspect. We're seeing a lot of decay in the original vision of the Founding Fathers. But what Saint Germain said on May 1st, two days ago, was that he was laying before us the opportunity for a new type of America within Africa—not that you would have American culture but that you would have the sponsorship of him and other ascended masters to the point of having the goal of continental freedom for all secured for all future generations.
            This is a goal of the ascended masters and much work has to be done and that work can be accelerated by the use of the violet fire, the use of the violet transmuting flame and of this violet laser light. So you've all been given, I believe, a handout, is that correct? Does everybody have that? Or do you have to pass them out now? What I'd like to give you the opportunity to do tonight is to experience a little bit of what this energy feels like. I was meditating before this presentation and walking the grounds of this beautiful institution here and I went to the nursery. I was thinking on this concept of the nursery—a place where we [grow] plants, nurture them [from] seedlings until they can grow enough to replant in another space where we want [them] to be permanently. Well this is the same metaphor that we use for children, and that's why we call [where they spend much of their time] nurseries, right? So we have the nurseries for plants and we have nurseries for children. It's really the same concept. It's a beautiful one.
            Well I believe that many of us are like babes spiritually. The ascended masters are self-realized conscious masters, and they have evolved beyond the need to reincarnate upon earth. They have become one with God, they have gone beyond the veils of karma and samsara, and they are one with God fully in this universal Great White Brotherhood—white meaning not the race but the light of the Christ. When we begin the use these sacred gifts of meditation and spiritual mantra and prayer, we can accelerate consciousness and do it together so we can do planetary work.
            What I'd like to do is first give what's called the "Short Tube of Light." Now on this chart you see this white energy coming down from the Presence all around both the middle figure and the bottom figure. This is a protective field of energy. It's what, like on Star Trek and in science fiction, they call a forcefield. And it's inpenetrable by darkness. When you visualize and invoke this level of dynamic spiritual energy, you are sealed from all imperfection, negative thought forms from other people, emotional outbursts. You simply are living in pure white light, and that is what will protect you come what may in your life. This is just a very, very short little prayer that I composed. We sing it often but we'll just give it one time through, the "Short Tube of Light," because it mentions the violet energy in the second stanza. So we'll say this together. I invite you to uncross your legs. Just take a deep breath. You can visualize this if you'd like around you and just feel the energy of it, experience the radiance, the joy, the bliss of just being fully ensconced in light. 

                                                                 Beloved I AM, love divine, 
                                                            Blaze your light! Around me shine!
                                                                  Cosmic secret rays of fire,
                                                                Pulsing, flowing, you inspire.

                                                         My Solar Presence! My Solar Presence!
                                                         My Solar Presence lives right where I am.

                                                             Violet joy now smile through me,
                                                                 Raise me up and set me free.
                                                               Singing, spinning, burning bright,
                                                                  Grace me in your mercy light

                                                         My Solar Presence! My Solar Presence!
                                                         My Solar Presence lives right where I am.

            Now let's go ahead and sing it because some of you, maybe when you were growing up, knew the tune, "Jesus Loves Me. This I Know,"  if you were in certain sects of Christianity. So, let's just sing this one time through. Often when you sing, it opens the heart chakra and you draw down light from the angelic realms because angels love to sing. Do you know that angels in their groupings are called Choirs? That's what they're called—Choirs of Angels. There are the Choirs of Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Powers, Seraphim, the Cherabim, the Thrones and Dominions. This is in the Catholic tradition, [and] all those nine groupings are called Choirs. So angels love to sing. I think that many of you are angels embodied anyway. So we'll sing it to the tune of "Jesus Loves Me." [David and participants sing the prayer above.]
            Now the one I really want to give is a very easy prayer. It's called "Wash the Earth in Violet Fre." It's later on in your handout—70.002. We won't give the long preamble; we'll just give the part that begins at the third paragraph. 
            One day I was driving in the suburbs of Chicago, and I was kind of tired of seeing polluted air. I was meditating on this beautiful divine being whose name is Holy Amethyst, who is an angel of the seventh ray. She's the feminine counterpart of Lord Zadkiel, who is the archangel of the seventh ray. And he's a buddy of Archangel Michael. You've heard of Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, but not too many people know about Zadkiel. Well, he's the archangel of the seventh ray and his mate, as they say in Australia, is Amethyst. So Amethyst is a violet color and it's a fitting name for this divine being. What we're going to do is wash the Earth in violet fire. 
            Now, why do we say wash when we're talking about fire? Well, fire transmutes and consumes. And so what we're doing when we're invoking this energy is to consume the karma, the pollution, the negative energy, the negative effects of people's thought and feeling patterns that are impure—you know, swearing and all manner of impure manifestation. So we're cleansing these records in the akashic realm by fire, which is one of the four elements or, in the Eastern tradition, the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and then there's ether. 
            We're using fire, which in alchemy is a very key thing. How many of you are alchemists, understand a little bit about alchemy? Okay. Well, you know that [when] you have to transmute something—lead into gold [, for instance—] you have to use fire. And this is true. The periodic table [helps us to see this.] You can transmute, by bombarding the nucleus of the atom, some elements into heavier elements.
            So, let's give this. And what we're going to do is [that I would like you to] tell me three major problems that you know [exist] in South Africa. Anybody, what are three of the biggest problems for your country?  [Various participants offer responses.] Crime ... corruption ... and drugs. Okay. So what we're going to do is focus the light of the violet fire. And as we give this [prayer] we are going to accelerate the pace a little bit. (You may not be able to keep up with some of us who have prayed this way for 35 years or more.) So we're going to speed up the pattern and [raise] the toning of it when we get to a certain level. Don't worry about it [if the speed is too fast for you]. Just visualize and try to feel the energy of it.
            What this [type of praying] does is set up a forcefield [around] your atoms and the electrons, which are actually fields of energy [themselves] not individual little particles, [This forcefield is] an eletronic current and also a cloud. At least that's what modern physics tells us as opposed to what we learned in science class when we were in third and fourth and fifth grade. It's more of an energy pattern and even photonic in its effects.
            So we're going to invoke this light and accelerate it and then pump it into, or direct it into, these three areas of crime, corruption and drugs. Okay? So, how do we do this? You see before your mind's eye a vision of this energy going into those areas that are problematic and just burning out all the junk, okay?  Any drug dealers and the flow of drugs from whatever source—from Burma, from Mexico, wherever it comes from—those sources are dried up, the drug dealers and their conduits are exposed, and people are educated as to the negative effects. We see all the positive things transforming right before our eyes and our vision so that this violet energy goes in there and it magnifies the radiance of light and takes care of it. And in terms of corruption, we see better leaders coming to the fore, being elected. And [there is] the exposure of those who are manipulating things and staying in power who are corrupt. We also see the light going into all elements of crime—from the most petty criminal to the worst drug lord to government officials and people on the take within the police forces, et cetera. 
            So, however you want to visualize this, just be creative and don't worry too much about the mental aspects of this. Just feel it in your heart. Our poster said that the Master of the Aquarian Age invites you to experience a unique spiritual energy of the violet laser light. So I'm fulfilling the promise of this ad that you probably saw in Odyssey Magazine. Here goes. Beloved Saint Germain, we invoke your masterful presence to direct the currents of the violet fire into these three major problems for South Africa. We give you the authority, beloved masters of wisdom, to utilize the energy that we are about to invoke to bring about planetary and national transmutation for a better world.
                                                          Wash the earth in violet fire  (x4)
                                                         Cleanse the earth in violet fire  (x4)
                                                            Spin the earth in violet fire  (x4)
                                                           Raise the earth in violet fire  (x4)
                                                            Seal the earth in violet fire  (x4)

            [David leads participants in two repetitions.] Now before we go a little bit faster, I wanted to tell you why we pray out loud in this rhythm when many of you may be more resonating with silent meditation.  When you pray out loud, it precipitates the power of the action of the light into the physical dimension. When the universe was created, what did God say? Anybody? [Participant responds, "Let there be light."] That was a fiat. It was a statement. And the words were spoken. Now they weren't spoken in English. It was some cosmic tongue that some people consider the OM, or whatever you want to say, that the All-Essence of Godhood directed as a current of light. And when it was spoken, it activated energy into what now is a materialization of the universe.
            So when we want to change substance, we can invoke light by speaking our mantras and prayers out loud. You don't have to do it really loud. You can do it more softly. You don't want to blow away your neighbor by doing something that's really strange to them, but you can do it in the privacy of your home and you can do it in your cars. You know, just pretend like you're talking on the phone and you're driving down the street. That's what I do.  
            So, we're going to speed it up a little bit. But more important than the speed is the feeling and the visualization. Keep in your consciousness that you are world change agents. You're now a secret agent for Saint Germain to bring about planetary change. Okay, here we go. [The prayer is given several times with acceleration.] I don't want to go too fast. So how many people began to feel something going on, maybe in your aura or in your heart or in your feeling body? Did you feel anything at all? Some of you. Okay. Just a few. It's okay if you didn't feel it. It takes time, and this may be a totally unique way of doing some spiritual practice that you're not used to. In the East they've been giving mantras for years. There's something to the science of the spoken word, mantras in the Catholic tradition. The monks used to utter their canticles; they used to sing the psalms and they still do. In many many traditions, whether it's singing or spoken prayer, it's a very powerful means of invoking this light. 
            So, I could do more in terms of teaching you to do this, but we have limited time tonight and I wanted to open  it up for your questions. Before we do that, why don't you meditate just for a moment while we play some beautiful music. The words are on the next page in your handout. It's a prayer to Arcturus. As a preamble to this I wanted to tell you that there are these sacred schools of light in etheric planes above the earth and vibration, and they are called Retreats of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. One of the most important retreats on the planet is over Luanda, Angola, which is fairly near here. It's the retreat of Arcturus, who is known as an Elohim. Now some of you may have been Jewish when you grew up. I don't think there's too many of you here, but maybe one person in the audience. You've heard the term Elohim. It's actually in the Bible. Elohim were the ones that created the planets; they created the world, the universe. So Elohim is a name of God. There are seven major Elohim and their complements. So Arcturus and Victoria are the Elohim of the seventh or violet ray. It's a very important spiritual retreat over Angola that you have access to because you live closer to that retreat. 
            So, we're going to play this music, which was composed just in time for this pilgramage that fourteen of us have made to your country. It's a beautiful composition by a master new age composer in the United States who lives in Arizona, a friend of mine named Rob Resitar. We'll just listen to this now and you can just feel the energy of these rivers of light flowing around the Earth and what that may do for the planet.  ["Prayer to Arcturus" is played.]
            Also before we have our questions, I just wanted to say that there are a few other prayers that have been composed by me and others here. There's one to Archangel Michael and Faith called "Shield of Faith." There's one called "I Am Purity's Love." It's very important that all of you consider focusing more on purity in your life because if you understand what the chakras are, South Africa is the base chakra of all of the African continent. Each continent and each nation actually has, chakras, or nerve centers through [which] commerce, industry and light evolve and flow. You [are] at the bottom of this entire continent. That's [its] base chakra, which in some esoteric traditions would be a red color, but, as I understand it, the main quality [of this chakra] is purity[—white.] There's also a prayer to Afra, who is this master I mentioned, in this booklet.  It's a beautiful prayer that invokes his light. So, these are just some offerings to you. 
            Then there are some quotes on the back page from two days ago that three different masters spoke through me. I never talk too much about what I do. Suffice it to say that I don't do what's called channeling. I don't believe in channeling. By the grace of God, from a young age, I had a certain empowerment of the Holy Spirit because I was very devoted to Jesus and Mary and the Holy Family. I grew up Catholic. And one day about four years ago I had a mystical experience. Jesus and Saint Francis appeared to me and asked me to come forth to humanity with certain teachings they wanted to present. I didn't know the full extent of what that would entail, but the next day I started receiving direct locution, which is a telepathic communication directly to me, of the words of Jesus. Then the next day it was the Master Kuthumi, who had been embodied as Saint Francis.
            Some of you who have studied theosophy and other traditions know who El Morya and Kuthumi are. They started theosophy. These same masters sponsored many new age spiritual organizations from the Agni Yoga Society, The Summit Lighthouse, the Bridge to Freedom, the Saint Germain Foundation, even the Eastern masters of Self-Realization Fellowship in that tradition and others. Rudolph Steiner, as many of you know, had direct instruction from the heart of Saint Germain and other celestial beings.
            Sorry that I've taken so long to get to this point of allowing you to ask questions, but I think it's important to just see what you have in mind that you would like some greater understanding on if I can offer any help. So if you have a question, just raise your hand. We don't have a second mike so I'll just repeat the question for everyone's benefit. So anybody?  I know you know everything already. [Question from participant] Well, when you say, "I am," you're saying an abbreviated name of God because in the Bible in Exodus when Moses saw the burning bush, he said, "Lord, what name should I say? Who should I say sent me? What name should I use?" And it was "I AM THAT I AM." And even in the movie, "The Ten Commandments," that's exactly what was said  right there, "I AM THAT I AM." That's a statement of being. And so the shortened version is "I am."
            Every time we say, "I am," it's an affirmation of being. We have to be very careful what we say after that. If we say, "I am whole," great. If we say. "I am sick," you're energizing that word sick by the name of God. You don't want to make negative statements ever, saying, "I am lonely," "I am sick," "I am homeless," "I'm sad," because then what you're doing is your'e taking the light of your God Presence and energizing whatever word comes after I am. In our prayer book there are many I am statements that affirm the reality of what you want rather than what you don't want because your subconscious doesn't hear the word not. When you say things like this, it goes deep into the subconscious and it becomes a part of your reality.
            Be careful what you say and try to always be positive—"I am" and focus on what you really want and your goal is rather than what you don't want. I think many of you understand this concept and the law of attraction, which is now out there very much with the book and the video, "The Secret." These are very elementary, universal principles that are out there that many of you know from your studies of esoteric traditions. But it's good for us to remind ourselves because at times all of us can fall into the trap of being negative or saying I am, and then something that we don't really mean. 
            I hope that helps. Even though the English tongue is very close to an angelic tongue and so many of you speak English—and, of course, I speak a little weirder English than you speak because I come from the States and that's okay. If you go to Australia it's a little different, here it's different and in Great Britain it's different, but it's still from the same mother tongue. And regardless of our little traits that are different, the basic structure is there that is very similar to an ancient angelic tongue. You look at the word English or angle like the Anglican Church. Well, angel—it's very similar to angel. So this is an angelic culture that we have through Great Britain that's been then passed down to us and other nations in which we are living and evolving. 
            It's very interesting. When you study certain esoteric teachings, you see this connection between the English language, which now is really a universal language throughout the world. And it's a second language or even a first language of many nations now. Wherever you go across the planet, you can typically get by by being able to speak some manner of English, however poorly any of us may be in perfecting it.
            So, any other questions? [Question from one participant, which David repeats for all to hear.] She's asking about chaos and what it will take to bring about order from the chaos that we see. There's a chaos theory which some of you may know, which is very interesting because you start dealing with a certain science that even in nature there's certain chaos. But within that chaos there's actually order. And it's a very interesting dynamic. There are people that look at symmetries and geometric patterns, and there are even screensavers on computers that have this flowing energy that's kind of like chaos. 
            [There's] this whole fractal theory of how chaos is actually part of the universe, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. Scientifically, they've proven that there are these fractals of the shift and the changes that are occurring. Now how does that relate to order and how we want to create certain order in the earth to have a culture that is solidified to the extent that we don't have rampant crime and all these things happening? We have to go beyond the level of where the problems were created, as Einstein said. Remember that quote. We have to go beyond in our consciousness, in our thinking, in our methodologies and in our creativity, beyond that level through which these massive problems now are surfacing around the globe. To do that we have to accelerate our awareness into a higher order of being. We do that by merging with the true us. We do this by spinning up at a faster frequency the rate of our electronic vibration. Now when you add heat to water it becomes steam, it becomes invisible. The same thing happens with us. 
            There are yogis who can accelerate their rate of vibration so much that they literally can disappear. In the Bible it talks about Jesus disappearing. They tried to catch him and he disappeared right in their midst. Well, how did he do that? He was the son of God, but he had learned that science in the East. And whether you accept it or not, I believe and I know within my heart that Jesus traveled to India and to the Far East between the ages of 13 and 29. There are many books coming out on the subject. He studied with a rishis, the yogis of the East; he learned how to accelerate his vibration and to go into higher states of consciousness and to do a disappearing act. 
            There's a prayer in our prayer book where we call for a cloak of  invisibility. And there is in certain esoteric traditions the understanding of how you can cloak yourself with spiritual energy [so] that you can become invisible. Now I haven't personally mastered that physically, but I call for that cloak to seal me from the impositions of certain dark forces that may assail me in my spiritual work. And so I wrap myself in this cloak of light so the fallen angels and others, who do no good, cannot penetrate that flowfield because they can't see me by vibration.  
            Okay. So in a spiritual sense I have the ability to do that work. Back to your question, "How do we create order out of chaos?" We go into a higher order of living. We rise in consciousness, we get out of the muck of what created these problems, and we see it from an objective level as the ascended masters see it to resolve those issues with an understanding that we may have to set in motion certain spirals of education. Like right here in this sacred space of this Waldorf School, the intention is to draw forth the inner genius of these children from birth and on and have them work in nature and have these beautiful gardens and do eurythmy and movement and unlock the inner genius. This is a place where beautiful order, divine order, is occurring in the lives of many children and the faculty and the teachers and the parents who get involved. 
            So we have to start new spirals of cosmic activity by thinking higher thoughts and allowing the mind of God that the Buddhists talk about. They talk about Mind; they don't even say they believe in God. Well, they believe in God; they just don't call it God the way we call it in terms of an anthropomorphic guy sitting up there. It's Mind stuff; it is this vibrational level of awareness that we can merge into that Edgar Cayce and other mystics have accessed this akashic field. So to bring about the divine order amongst men and mankind, we have to access these higher frequencies and resolve conflicts through, for instance, nonviolent communication, the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg, where we start looking at our language. 
            We start using new language that makes us conscious of how we talk to each other so that we're not inciting and instilling, even within our children, patterns that our parents instilled in us that are problematic and that can continue generation after generation to recreate a world that is really chaotic spiritually because we pass on these traits to our children of our own imperfect thought patterns when we should be allowing them to experience life from within them and drawing forth their wisdom naturally by having methodologies of education that naturally unfold that very gently.
            It's like being spiritual midwives for children, where we don't force the child out of the womb, we catch it and we nurture it. So everything in life can be looked at in terms of allowing the expression of the cosmos to unfold naturally. And if we work according to the natural cycles of life, this will happen. We have to study nature. We have to get back to nature. We have to plant in the spring. We have to nurture the plants in the summer with enough water and mulch and natural organic processes. And then we harvest in the fall. Then we prepare, at least in Montana, for the long winter—six months of winter in Montana. We have to prepare for that. 
            So we become more attuned to the natural cycles of life, which are in effect seemingly chaotic but are not, because there's harmony and order in the universe. The more we study the natural cycles of nature, we will get it. And we will discern the answers to every problematic situation. The more disenfranchised we are from nature by getting away from these natural currents and cycles, the more we build human chaos, which is not true divine order. The universe was ordered by God, seeded by his divine intent and is absolutely perfect. We just have to get back to the cycling of those currents and energies.
             I hope that helps you a little bit. And think like Albert Einstein. He said it's more about creativity and imagination than about science and knowledge. Imagination. Who has the best imaginations of anybody? Children, right? And we stifle that. We put them in these classrooms where their desks are all in a row. They should be out in nature and learning from nature more. So, study these books of Anastasia. How many of you have heard of the Anastasia books? I highly recommend that you get them. There are nine of  them; they came out of Russia. This is the new spiritual green revolution. It's not a super liberal attempt to stifle civilization. That's problematic for divine industry. But it is a back-to-the-land, back-to-the-earth movement that is incredible. And if you read those books, you will understand how getting back to the earth will create the means whereby everything will come into divine order, and we will have a golden age of enlightenment.
            So, somebody else had a question. Yes. [A question is asked.] We know about the new world order, the Bildeburgers and those that control the money interests of the world, and they've inveigled themselves in all the systems, especially the banking houses and it's problematic. So, how do we unwind that? Well, Saint Germain founded many of these movements. But whenever ...  you look at all the churches. The original intent of the founder, whether it was Jesus or Mohammed, even, or Krishna or whoever the avatar was or the master, after generations, people try to codify it and then eventually they try to control it. And, of course, the Catholic Church is an institution. I grew up in it, the Catholic tradition. And I look at the essence of the core of the beauty of it, but I don't get caught in the superstructure and the power base of it. Okay. 
            I think we have to look at all these organizations like that. A lot of the inner mysteries are still there in the rituals if you understand it and if you go to the core of it. But they have been clouded over, over many, many generations by the fact that not the original understanding is always fully conveyed, generations in and generations out. In some orders they are. And there are some secret orders that we may not even know of  that the masters have founded. But in this day and age, it's not so much about secrecy any more. 
            Saint Germain revealed the violet fire in the 1920's to Godfrey Ray King in order to bring it out to humanity so that we would all have the truth. So in the book of Revelation it says these things will be shouted from the housetops. It's time for the mysteries to be revealed, to come to the fore of humanity through all of the communication methods that we have. The internet itself is incredible. It can be used for good or bad; it's just an instrument. We hope and we pray that we will have the freedom within the internet always maintained so that people can have interaction, blogs, connectivity, find out what's going around the world. Unfortunately, in China, Google allowed them to control it. The people in China don't have the whole truth. They sanction certain things and they cut out other things. 
            So communication is key. And if we can keep a free press, freedom of speech, freedom of movement in all of our communication opportunities, freedom of assembly, freedom of government, then we can have the knowledge of what's happening conveyed and communicated. How do we discern what is real and what is unreal within some of these movements? Well, in this lifetime I studied a little bit of Rosicrucian and a little bit of Masonic teaching, but I didn't go to the 33rd level and go through the entire initiatic process. It just wasn't part of my path. But I understand through my reading and study that Saint Germain was behind these movements initially. Why did he begin so many? Because he knew that some would be infiltrated and that he had to have a number of them going on simultaneously in different countries of Europe in order to keep a stream of freedom, hopefully pure, at least for a time. But there's always infiltration. There are always those who come to try to cloud the truth, to try to cast their shadow upon the reality of it. 
            We know by discernment what is true. We ask our heart; we ask our inner conscience; we ask our Higher Self. We had a dictation two days ago from Arcturus and Victoria, the Elohim that we just had that music sung to played, and they told a beautiful, beautiful story to us. It was like a child's story, but the import of it was that we need to ask our heart any time we have a question. Go deep within and ask. All the answers are within us. Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is within you,"2 which means the consciousness of God is within us. We have all the answers right here, but we don't ask and we don't try to discern through the Holy Spirit or by the grace of God. So we have to continue to just be still and ask. 
            "Be still and know that I am God."3 It's all there in the Bible. So when there's a problem that you can't understand or fully fathom or come to grips with, be still, breathe deeply, do some pranayama, accelerate the atoms. Do violet flame. It will help your vision. It actually will help clarify things within your aura, within your spiritual vision. It will open up your sacred centers of the chakras to the point where you begin to feel as the angels feel, hear with a higher hearing, see clairvoyantly. You don't want to force it; you don't want to take drugs and do things that try to force the chakras open. But you want to, through spiritual practice, which is very gentle and harmonic and loving, allow God in his timetable, in their time table to spiritualize your consciousness so that you are becoming more sensitive. And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.
            So that may be a simplistic answer. There are volumes written. There's all kinds of information in Wikipedia and on the internet now. You can read it. How to discern what's true and what's not true? It's all from a perspective of one or more individuals. My spiritual practice is to focus on my vision, my long-term vision, and put 80% of my energies on what I want to accomplish—my goals, the goals of the masters through this movement—and only 20% on studying the conspiracies and all the negative stuff. It doesn't mean that we don't know that they exist or that we never deal with it, but we put 80% of our energies on our goal and the power of thrusting to accomplish our vision and our mission, okay? 
            If we only do that and never look at the conspiracies and what's going on undercover, then we may live in the clouds. But If we spend too much energy focusing on the negative stuff—I know people that do that. They read all this internet stuff, and they become negative because what you put your energy on you become, right? It's the law of attraction. So if you want your energy to be focused on God and goodness and light and love and divine spiritual power, that's where your energy should flow. I no longer read all of the stuff on the internet because I don't have time for that, and I think creative people are all about creating this new world that we want rather than focusing so much on the past or even how the pyramids were built. That's great to know intellectually, but does that intellectual knowledge in the now deal with the problems that we have on the planet that we need to solve? 
            Using the violet fire is one of the greatest gifts that I have to transform this planet. And that's why this whole lecture, this presentation tonight was built around this. Now you may think that this is nonsense, but I can tell you from 35 years and more of my spiritual path, from the time I was 18 and I found the teachings of the ascended masters, that this single gift and science and spiritual technology has done more for me in this lifetime through the devotion of my heart than any or all the reading that I've done about all these mystery schools. It's great intellectual knowledge, but I challenge all of you who have grown up in theosophy and anthroposophy to now go higher with Saint Germain with his current dispensation and to understand this dynamic because it will change your life and it will change South Africa. It will change all of Africa and it will change the world. And this is where Saint Germain is now. He needs us to do this work.
            One more question. I want to allow you time to browse the tables. Do we have to be out of here at 9:00? 9:30. Pardon? Okay. Well we want to end the talk and the questions at 9:00 because we do have a schedule tomorrow. Yes? [Question is asked.] The laser. Yes. Laser is an acronym for light amplification stimulated emission and radiation, right? What the laser action does is it concentrates this energy field around that individual you see in the chart as more billowing, as fire and flames? It concentrates it in a directed current. You know how lasers can go through steel and go through rock and penetrate and just burn through stuff. Sometimes we need a concentrated action of this violet energy to solve the knotty issues that we named earlier of drugs, of corruption and of crime. So when you have this many people meditating and praying together, there's a geometrization of the power, based on the number of people together. 
            If two people are praying together and visualizing, it's the power of two times two, which is four. If there's only one person, it's always one. If you have three people, it's three times three is nine.  Four—sixteen. Five—twenty-five. So you have an amplification of geometrization of the effect when more people come together and meditate or pray or do spiritual work. So what happens is, this geometrization effect is like a laser focusing the light beams through a crystal and directing it in a beam that is powerful, more powerful and specific. So when you want to direct this into, let's say, the government—your new government is going to take office in, what, seven days? Or when is it? May 10th? Is that right? Okay. You want your new leader, Jacob ... you want him to make right decisions, right? He's got how many wives? And there's been some scandal about his personal life? Well, so what? Some of the worst leaders have had terrible personal lives, but they've been great leaders.
            Winston Churchill had some skeletons in the closet, but look what he did for England. So, I'm not saying this guy's perfect by any means, but you can help create the new destiny for your government by focusing this violet energy into your government by praying for this man to make every right decision, even if somehow the ascended masters can shift his consciousness at times if enough of us are focused on putting that laser energy of the violet ray onto him to make the right decisions for South Africa. You may not all agree with the election of this guy. I think you're a little more conservative down here in Cape Town than they are in Johannesburg and other places [like] Praetoria. And I honor all paths. I try to stay apolitical because I just can't go there, but it's obvious when some people are off the wall. And so we don't pray against them; we pray for the light of God to overshadow them, for them to make the right decisions. Just think if Nelson Mandela after he got out of prison had been bitter. But he wasn't. He worked toward healing the situation. Well, that was a coup of God that, hopefully, has helped to heal the nation.
            The violet laser light penetrates. When you need a current that is specific and directed into a specific situation or a personal issue, you focus it through your heart chakra directly as a crystal, directly into that situation by your intent and by the intent of many people. It's powerful! We have done this in prayer sessions, and we changed, I believe that we changed the course of a hurricane that was heading toward the United States. We visualized ourselves on top of that hurricane and we unwound it. And instead of going, the second one, right into New Orleans again, it veered a little bit and didn't do as much destruction. If it had hit at a different spot it could have killed tens of thousands of more people. But a number of us were focused on that. The ascended masters warned us about it in advance, even before it was even known that a hurricane was going to hit, and we went to work in our spiritual sessions at 6:00 until 8:30 in the morning. We have a prayer session on our website every day in the United States, and I believe we affected change because we are powerful spiritual beings. We just don't know it. We don't believe it.
            The other thing I want to mention is we do have a website. There are beautiful messages from the ascended masters, dictated through me. You can access them free on our website: I invite you to go to that. Check it out. The teachings really are free. I never want to charge anything for what we do. The only reason we have to charge for certain things like courses that we teach is because there are costs involved. My personal philosophy is—all the teaching is free. If you feel called to give an love offering or donation, praise God.

1. The Shakespeare Code by Virginia M. Fellows. Click to purchase 
2. Luke 17:21
3.  Psalms 46:10

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