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Purity      May 01, 2009

Beloved Purity
David C. Lewis
May 1, 2009   4:45-5:56 pm  local time
South Africa Pilgrimage 2009


I Erase Ancient Records of Darkness and I Call the Souls of the Afran Race to Purity

With a touch of my hand I erase ancient records of darkness, patterns of imperfection and a history that is not the doings of the Divine One. I come with a gentle presence this day, not blazing fire but with a simple whisper of divine light of the Elohim whereby the dust is removed and a new pattern of perfection may be seen across this continent.
            I am Purity. And though you know my beloved, Astrea, who comes in the guise of Kali to unleash the dynamo of the reconstruction of worlds within worlds by the light of the Destroyer, I come with her to recreate anew divine patterns of purity whereby a new culture of love and light may be known.
            You have done your work nobly, O souls, and you have entered into that sacred fire as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, living within the very flames themselves whereby transmutation occurs. This is what it takes to emerge as a solar being as we are—to know the very fiery presence of the One and yet not to be scorched or burned to a crisp in the process of sublimating all unto the Divine.
            Yes, you may only live at this level of beingness when, through cosmic surrender and purity and humility, you live within the light. You have used the term light bearer, and so you do bear that light. But now, blessed ones, I invite you to be the light itself completely in the fullness of Purity's ray such that that light may not let you go, even as you hold firmly to the garments of the Divine Mother, to know her step, her gaze, her eyes of compassion and the eternal love fires that burn within her breast for all of the creation.
            When you give your calls to us, there is a sacred process that occurs whereby we create you anew each time in a higher spiral of divine light. And so you should look differently each time you emerge from these sessions at the soul level whereby more of your soul is apparent to the eyes of your holy brothers and sisters, and less and less and less of the lesser self is there. And when in totality the completeness of your reality is manifest, then you, as that solar essence of completeness radiating like a sun, may begin to understand the dynamism of solar radiance as we, the Elohim, know it. 
            It is a cosmic metamorphosis whereby, within the chrysalis of your Christic aura, the allness of cosmic purity may be known, imbibed, assimilated and fully cognized in the now, dearest ones.
            Fire for fire, it only requires the simple nod of your head to the seraphim to allow them to do their cosmic surgery upon you if you authorize these masters of holy radiance to transform your being unto the Divine One. Therefore, often in the very silence and stillness of cosmic purity, you are changed in the twinkling of an eye¹ into that divine essence that you always have desired at the soul level to manifest, even as you walk the earth as conscious spirits.
            So I call with a whisper to the souls of the Afran race. I call you to purity, to a new level of understanding your purpose to be for the Earth those fiery ones whereby the old-age civilization is cast away and the new, emergent, divine, radiant one descends from above into the now. Do you accept your commission, blessed hearts, to live at and within this level of new solar purity, I ask? [Pilgrims respond, "Yes!"]  Then may it be so! And as the emerging, crystalline butterflies of your Higher Self come forth, the world will know each Christ, each Mother Light, each Buddhi being who will, by the grace of God, be the ones to usher into the divine theater of the Earth itself, the new show, the new glow of solar joy.
            I am Purity. And now I set my seal upon the work you have accomplished in conjunction with our angels and fiery seraphim. And at least for a day this land is clear and free in the light. I thank you.

1.  I Corinthians 15:52

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