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Lady Kristine      May 01, 2009

Beloved Lady Kristine
David C. Lewis
May 1, 2009  8:23-8:35 am local time
Johannesburg, South Africa
2009 South Africa Pilgrimage

I Will Be With You With Lanello and Mother During the Duration of Your Pilgrimage
Assist this Messenger in Every Possible Way
in Publishing the Word

             I am Lady Kristine. And I come on the crystal heels of the Goddess of Purity to lend my momentum of light and joy to you. Yes, I was born in these environs. And though I serve within other councils of light, yet I peek in to see often what is occurring with the work of the Brotherhood upon the African continent and especially in my native land. And I am so, so happy that each of you has come to grace this space with your light and your love.
            Truly, blessed hearts, it is the fulfillment of a noble cause to which you have set your intention during this sacred journey. And I will walk with you throughout the remainder of your time together with Mother and Lanello—Lanello in the middle and us two holding his hands. And we will lead the way before the messenger for you where'er you walk.
            The Spirit speaks through those whose ears are attentive to the inner voice. And this day that voice may speak within your soul sweetly, gently. And the song of your own Higher Self may be heard. It is a beautiful song, a rendition of light, even of cosmic frequencies of far-off worlds to which the eyes of your own beloved have been directed while you have been evolving in time and space. Yes, your Presence is always attentive to the sight of the great I AM THAT I AM, the central sun of all. And you have access to that great light by your own attentiveness upon your Source of light.
            Therefore, dear hearts, walk in light. Walk in peace. Grace the Earth with this new momentum of purity brought unto you by the great Goddess of fiery Purity this day. Let your thoughts be pure. Let your emotions, rarified within the very air of heaven itself, issue forth a new fragrance of crystal-purity light unto mankind. Within the light of purity, I must say that grace is always present, even as purity is present within grace.
            There is a great banquet feast being prepared in the etheric plane over which the master Saint Germain will reside after his dictation. And we will be seated at the tables prepared and reserved for you who have known us and served with the messengers. Work while ye have the light always. And assist this messenger in every possible way in publishing that Word, I say.
            If you could see with clarity as we see that which has attempted to foil the very efforts of those upon Earth by demonic spirits, you would pray night and day for those heavenly workers who attempt to clear the way for that which is necessary to come forth for the full mission of this dispensation to be fulfilled. Therefore, work while ye have the messenger and the light with you. Do not take for granted his presence, for I know personally how short a life may be.
            And therefore I gave my all while I was present with my sister, Elizabeth. And so if you knew the eternal cycles, the cycles of life of this messenger and this dispensation, you would give more and fulfill your assignments quickly, with alacrity and with great joy and love. I speak to the hearts of those who know whereof they have vowed to fulfill our requests and remind you through my words of your own oath of light. Be true to Self, for that is all that you may be true to in your own higher beingness in God.
            In holy love I seal you. Prepare joyously for the Aquarian master after your repast and your time in doting upon the Mother, whom he loves so much. I am Kristine, Lady of Grace, the grace of God. And I thank you.


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