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Cyclopea      April 29, 2009

Beloved Cyclopea
David C. Lewis
April 29, 2009  5:56-6:07 pm  local time
Johannesburg, South Africa
2009 South Africa Pilgrimage

Always Behold with Me That Perfection of Pure Beingness in God

Blessed hearts, you have created a new story.¹ And by your acceptance and through the alchemy of clear and perfect vision, it is manifest. For I empower that vision with a ray of light from my eye.
           You have heard that what you can conceive of and believe in may come true [and you can achieve.] Truly it is the truth. For you see, the alchemy of vision brought forth through higher consciousness does co-create with me. And every time you have a visioning session such as this, I am there blazing forth the light of the All-Seeing Eye to manifest your co-creative vision as God beings.
            Some of you meditate, and in your meditations there is a very high vibration of resonance with spiritual realms and higher planes of existence whereby you draw forth through the alchemy of your sight, your inner sight, the very present possibility of greater God Consciousness. This is what has occurred, for the love of your fellow brother and sister within this room has also energized that which you have seen. And through a composite of clear vision of the many, the multifaceted antahkarana of the total picture from all dimensions and realms, from all facets of view has precipitated this new vision.
            “Behold!” the Lord says. Yes, you have being, and you have held the light of your being present within that vision. Behold God. Behold light. Behold joy. When a master or an angel comes and says “Behold,” now you know what may be forthcoming as the alchemy of that one's mission and commission to express something of the Divine unto you in a moment of higher consciousness.
           Have you heard this word spoken even by your I AM Presence in your dreams, in your meditations and in your visions—"Behold" and then that which was expressed? Even the vision given unto George Washington began at the behest of the Goddess of Liberty with that word: “Behold, son of the Republic.”2 
            You are all sons and daughters of a new republic of the Spirit come to Earth. I wipe clean the impure patterns of imperfection that any of you has held for self or others or the planet. And I offer a new opportunity for each of you to behold the perfection of your soul and spirit, of your holy brothers and sisters and of the Earth in the new light and radiance of this new level of cosmic joy and activity that you have expressed today.
           Therefore, do not behold or speak of or energize anything less than what you would see manifest, blessed hearts. And then you will understand what it means to be a Silent Watcher, those who in the cosmic silence and from out the cosmic void behold the reality God has always beheld within the All-Seeing Eye.
            You have called me the Beholder of Perfection, and it is so. For this is my charge. Let it be yours. Let the charge of light through the All-Seeing Eye of God blaze forth through your third eye, blessed ones. Always behold with me that perfection of pure beingness in God.
           Saint Germain and Afra are alchemists of pure vision. And even within the seven steps of alchemy, you know the one that requires you to behold that which you seek to outpicture with full clarity, clothing that vision with sacred fire until it is manifest. As you clean up your vision, your alchemy will be more effective. This you know, and yet you do not always practice pure vision within the seven steps. Therefore, I remind you of this opportunity to hold clearly with God-intent the highest manifestation of your alchemy, energized through your heart, activated by your mind and fueled by the fire of your holy Presence always.
            I am Cyclopea! I am a masculine virgin, of sorts, with my beloved Virginia; for we hold the virgin consciousness and awareness of each of you as pristine in crystal-emerald light. So be it, and so it is as you accept it in the here and now, beloved co-creators with the One. I thank you.

1. Prior to the heartstream the pilgrims engaged in a special visioning session that was preparatory for Cyclopea's release and teaching.
2. Refers to the vision given to George Washington at Valley Forge in 1777.

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