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Maitreya      April 12, 2009

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David C. Lewis
April 12, 2009   2:00-2:30 pm MDT
Recreating Earth's Ancient Solar Civilizations
Phoenix, Arizona

Rising to the Apex of the Pyramid of Being through the Resurrection Flame
eturn to the Point of Nonbeing to Discern How Your Godhood May Emerge

            I hold before you the thoughtform of a golden pyramid of light. Within this matrix I have encapsulated, through mindfulness, the crystal-golden age of wisdom that I hold as fulfilled for the Earth. Within the pyramid is the resurrection flame, and it vibrates at a cosmic frequency that I sustain on behalf of all evolutions upon Earth as the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha.
            Your life is a pyramid, and the evolution of your soul through mater and the matter experience may be fulfilled within the apex of being only when you first are subsumed into the resurrection flame to know the mind of God. For within that apex is the crown of life and the sure knowledge, the wisdom of the ancients and of the ages. And the fulfillment of all cycles within your life and being is manifest as your Higher Self places the capstone of immortality upon the entire pyramid of being that you have built.
            It is fitting that every Easter Sunday you [in some way] consider how you have brought the currents of the resurrection fire to bear in your world—first for the resurgence of all that is true and real of your Buddha nature within you, and then how, pyramid by pyramid, [you have helped to lay] a new foundation of light, a cosmic grid around the earth for the victory of the new age of love-wisdom.
            Many of you have laid footprints in the sands of time over many incarnations, but through forgetfulness, often you have not known the full attainment that was [yours before] and can again be yours at the apex of your lifewave within this embodiment in the here and now. Therefore I have sent Manjushri and Jesus and Kuthumi and others to refashion your mind in the image of the divine mind. And through a new mindfulness that comes through conscious presence attuned to the divine mind, your own pyramid of life may be fulfilled, blessed hearts.
            [Many of you have found] the greatest discoveries of selfhood in your silent time of meditation and contemplation, even on the cosmic void, which is that space, that spaceless space that existed before the creation itself. So return to that point of nonbeing before being to discern how the new reality of your Godhood may emerge. For from this spaceless space, over which the great Buddha God presides, the All may come to you in new mindful moments of inner peace, divine tranquility and a new cosmic presence of light.
            I am stepping up the action of your mind and being in order to receive the currents from the sun of Helios and Vesta. And therefore there is an activation this day by the resurrection fire of certain higher faculties that have [lain] dormant within your mind, [and this has been made possible] by your attentiveness to light and by your focus during this Easter conference upon the possibilities for your divine attainment of this love-wisdom.
            Therefore, blessed ones, at any point when you require an answer to anything, you may simply flip the switch to receive a cosmic impetus of flow, a new amperage of divine inspiration and wisdom. It may be yours if you choose the light and to abide within this new level of illumination's flame. Once you have flipped the switch, there is no turning back [from] your ultimate enlightenment as a Buddha being. And therefore, decide to live within the Pure Land of the Buddhas and walk in the Garden with me again, dearest ones, if you choose.
            The choice has always been yours to be divine or something else. I present this option again, and I pray that you will choose the “on” switch always, through which the pyramid will glow and you will always live within the cosmic flow of love-wisdom.
            Now let us listen to a little bit more of the science, the physics of the sun as best one among you has discerned and researched.¹ This will allow greater progress as you choose to inaugurate a new and higher spiral of heliocentrism within your life.
            I am Maitreya. Do not forget the thoughtform of the year. For Alpha is always egging me on, as you know, and so it may be for you. I thank you.

1.  After this HeartStream a heartfriend delivered a lecture on Heliophysics—the physics of the sun.

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