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God of Gold      March 15, 2009

Beloved God of Gold
David Christopher Lewis
March 15, 2009   11:30-11:55 am CET
The Precipitation of the Golden-Crystal Age
Folkets Hus, Umeå, Sweden

                                                      Enter the Core of Your God-Reality Within
                                    Where the Sun of Your Own Presence Resides in All of Its Glory

            With cosmic intent I come to infuse your hearts with a new golden light of presence such that each and every one of you may understand your divine nature as light and the very present availability of that golden-liquid essence from the Sun that may be yours as illumination's fire precipitated for your use as gold itself.
I am the God of Gold. Look at this word, for within the gold there is God. And the “las light that is added to this word contains the key to gold itself as an aspect of God, as a virtue of divine wisdom. Blessed hearts, as you go within to discern the God within, you can access this golden radiance as a certain aspect of joy, vitality, health and wellbeing—a sunny disposition that brings clarity to your mind, that brings warmth to your heart.
            In your meditation practice when you can see the golden disc of the Sun right within the center of your being 
I lend my momentum of that sun consciousness as gold's radiating fire to increase within you every virtue, every God-quality, every ray of divinity that is born of the Sun, that is radiated by the Sun. You know that you have all of these qualities within you, and yet not all have accessed them to the full extent that will bring the flowering of your divinity in its highest aspect within your life to date. But, dear hearts, it may be so that the very sunlight of joy may be expressed within you through your own personal sun-flowering of light as you see the solar disc glowing and expanding, turning and radiating, revolving around the core of your identity in your time of silent and holy meditation.
So I take you now on a sacred journey, truly an inner pilgrimage within your heart, to focus upon and receive from the central sun of your own being these divine currents and rays which will benefit you in all ways in your life.
The ancient practitioners of wellness, of wholeness, utilized these internal rays to direct currents within those who came for healing such that wholeness emerged from the inner core of the sun of the being of each one. And Jesus himself drew forth from the Christic Presence of each one this inner radiance as divine light in his healing ministry both in Galilee and in the Far East as he continued to deliver that healing, comfort ray to all who came to him.
When you contact this level of beingness, blessed ones, your aura is charged with the golden presence of the Sun and some may even see that halo, that aureole of light around you as the rays emerge from their resting place within to ensconse your being with that divine radiance.
You know those who have a sunny disposition, for the smile of the Sun is upon their face always. This can be one goal that you make your own, that that golden radiance always be upon your countenance, that the light of the Sun always shine through you, no matter what the season, the hour or the troubling energy that may move through and about your consciousness.
When you have this level of Christic Presence, then no matter what comes your way, you may meet it with equanimity, with harmony and balance. For Helios and Vesta themselves create the perfect harmonic and balancing effect within the alchemy that is performed by the Sun itself that brings that stabilizing factor of wellness to all upon Earth when they give deference to and understand the science of the Sun itself.
O mankind, come out of the cocoon of selfhood outside of the divine light! Raise your arms, your faces to the Sun and drink in this golden essence of beingness this day. Yes, by even facing the sun you will receive these currents of wholeness that will bring about greater productivity, greater weal, greater divine knowledge. And the illumination that you seek will be yours because you have placed yourself in direct proximity to the Source that will shine forth upon you its divine glory and extend to you the bounty and the harvest of the allness of the One God, Aton.
Yes, blessed ones, I was there when Ikhnaton expressed an understanding of the One True Divine Being that is at the center of all. I understood through my own journey into the very heart to the Sun as I did gaze upon that Solar orb daily, a new divine science. For I made it my mission to be an anchor point within the Earth for the cosmic composite of all of the divine virtues of that Sun within my being. And therefore as I continued to focus upon all of these divine qualities, they were fully subsumed within me and I within the Sun consciousness of God as gold. And therefore I was given the appellation, God of Gold.
I extend to you within this realm of gold, new light, new frequencies of joy, of cosmic expectancy to be alive, alert within the mind of the One, the Universal Mind whereby you have access to all that may be known, understood and illumined within your world.
Do I speak in circles? Am I clear? I hope so, but now, blessed ones, enter the center of that circle where there is perfect clarity of mind and heart. Enter the core, the very core of your own God-reality within where the Sun of your own Presence resides in all of its glory, in all of its beauty, in all of its shining radiance. This is your true wealth, you see. And though you may have a means of exchange to meet the requirements of the hour of your life upon Earth, never look outward fully for that which will nurture or sustain you, but go within to always feel that great warmth and light of your Source.
I am a Solar Being and I charge these your servants, O God, with crystal-gold patterns of light this day. Let every cell and the center of every cell receive this golden charge today. Let hearts catch fire to live in God-desire truly only to fulfill the will, wisdom and love of the Divine from the inside out to be the very virtues, the very qualities of that divinity in all that they think, see, feel, hear and do daily.
I am at your service as your God of Gold, not one to simply reign over you but truly to rain within you the light of the Eternal One. So I see you now as glowing hearts. Glow, O glow, O soul, O heart and know your true potential to be always the living light of Solar joy and love. I thank you.

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