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Lady Kristine      March 06, 2009

Beloved Lady Kristine
David C. Lewis
March 6, 2009   8:08-8:28 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Lady Kristine Bestows a Chrism of Divine Grace

I Raise Up Those within This Movement to a New Level of Holy Graciousness
Let Your Communication Be “Yea, Yea” unto Grace

Gracious Ones Who Would Understand More of the Nature of God's Grace,
            I am Lady Kristine, and I come into your midst to express something new, something radiant, something sublime of that which emanates from the heart of God, which is perfect grace.
            In silence you may access a new level of grace that is a sacred bestowal of higher purpose as well as a loving reverence for all life. When grace is present in your affairs, it is as a crystal stream that flows through your consciousness, awakening you to every possibility of blessedness and allowing, from the resources of the Spirit, Presence to integrate within you all of the divine factors to bring about in your world a constancy of love, wisdom and power balanced within your heart.
            Much has been spoken about grace, and I have meditated upon the cosmos itself as an example of God's beingness as grace fulfilled in the creation itself. Where creation occurs at any level of awareness, there grace is present. For love is at the core of all that exists, inherent within all creative processes. And the cosmic attraction of the Alpha and Omega polarities flows around this point of being that integrates God's beingness within all. Where grace is extended, grace wraps itself around the creation itself, and here there is joy in the fulfillment of being.
            Dearest hearts, I release a chrism unto you, each one, as an anointing of your Spirit with a holy offering of divine water fragrance. And through this cosmic sprinkling upon your soul, there is the possibility for an elevation of your awareness, an increase in the frequency of your electronic beingness whereby you may simply step up, out and into a new divine world that has always existed around you. And yet through the veils of karma, you have not been aware fully of this divine reality.
            The ascension currents themselves are composed of concentrated grace, blessed ones. They are light in its pristine purity, charged with God's mindfulness to raise you into the true you. And when you meditate upon the light of the Mother as the kundalini fire rising upon your spinal altar, grace is infused within that light and is extended throughout your entire electronic body, your aura, every cell, charging all with its brilliance, its glory and divine radiance.
            You see, blessed ones, it has always been your birthright to be God in manifestation. And yet at some point in your evolution, you have accepted something less than this God beingness within your world. Therefore I adjure you this day to accept the very present possibility of glory as God's grace manifest through your heart, your mind, your soul, your being so that the expressive elements of God's awareness may always be yours, not to capture and to hold but to simply allow to grace your being with greater light.
            Some clasp onto the point of identity of themselves as beings outside of the divine circle. This is truly treacherous. And if you would understand the very nature of the unity of all, then you must be willing to go through the process of self-correction whereby the Divine takes hold [fully] of you and you merge into that cosmic stream of presence that is the grace and the flow of the Mother Light. For those who would know themselves fully, grace shows the way. For those who would enter new fields of awareness, grace presents herself upon the table, even as you pray unto grace before each repast.
            For those who would know true love within another, grace reflects the divinity of your perfect spiritual mate within that one's eyes, whereby there is the figure-eight flow of higher grace, sustained by love, through the currents of your connectivity, your service, your work and the cosmic discourse between your souls. Work brings about grace as that work is infused with holy purpose as love and presence and a willingness to dedicate all to the Divine.
            Would you truly know how much God, in his great beingness, fulfills himself through you, O soul, by his grace present within your heart? Would you know how the very cup of that Mother Light into which the Father presents the divine seed creates and fulfills that cosmic ideation in mater right where you are, where grace lives this day?
            Yes, this chrism, as a holy blessing, I bring as a cosmic infusion of pure essential oil light, as a divine aroma that I have distilled through my meditation upon the purity of grace of ye all. Therefore I raise up those within this movement to a new level of holy graciousness whereby every communication in which you are engaged with each other is holy, is wholly divine in the words that you speak, in your body language such that when you look into the eyes of your heartfriend, there is only love, there is only respect and honor, gratitude, forbearance, patience and kindness and all of these divine virtues that flow from the fount of grace of your Source.
            Let your communication be “yea, yea” unto grace and “nay, nay”1 unto all that is ungracious, blessed hearts. Let the flow of that Mother quintessence express itself beautifully, humbly and nobly through all that you do. And let the very present reality of a new level of cosmic diplomacy and tact, savoir faire and the sure knowingness that God is present in everything be at the center of every spiritual practice, every silent reflection, every meditation upon the One within all.
            I offer my light body to those who would see unto the fulfillment and physical reality each new publication, each new divine project as our holy mission is fulfilled hour by hour, mantram by mantram, celestial song by celestial song. And the dance of the hours graces the earth through the Presence of each one united in this holy cause for the enlightenment and freedom of all mankind—those who are called to be servitors of grace on behalf of all sentient life.
            Dearest ones, sing unto grace a new song of joy throughout the day and into the night. Vocalize with the angels, harmonize with their celestial chords and increase light's fulfillment within your lives as their grace flows through every avenue, through every possibility for greater God-achievement of your divine ideals. Make them real this day through focusing on the chrism of grace that I bring and by extending it unto all.
            I am Lady Kristine. In pristine purity I have come. In crystal light I seal you. And in God's radiant joy, may this blessing be fulfilled always by divine grace. I thank you.

1. Matt. 5:37.

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