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Lotus      February 22, 2009

 Beloved Lotus
David C. Lewis
February 22, 2009 7:50-8:15 am MST
Olympia, Washington
Broadcast Through the Wellspring Retreat 8:16-8:24 am MST

A Divine Admixture of the Love of Freedom from our Causal Bodies

Blessed Ones,
            I have come on the anniversary of the birthday of my beloved twin ray, Godfre, who was your George Washington. And I choose to infuse the Earth with a ray of God which contains a concentration of the love of freedom. For within this ray we have taken a certain strain of light from our causal bodies which is a stream of cosmic energy, a divine admixture of power and love united, augmented by the action of light from our hearts, from the heart of our guru Saint Germain, and it is now delivered as a birthday ray, if you would, a photonic pulse from our Atmic Presence, to all upon Earth.
            This miracle expression of divine love from our twin hearts united contains a specific co-creative stream of energy that will assist each and every one of you in entering into a greater thrust for holy purpose, so long as your highest love is employed within its expression. For within divine love is the eternal spirit of God expressed as free will—the freedom to live, move and have your highest being within God's Presence everywhere. And when you tap into and utilize this love of freedom, your life may take a turn for the higher, may rise and may be infused with a new energy and holiness.
            The founding of America was a holy work. It was accomplished by many conscious participants, though it took a few who were completely focused on the divine ends of bringing about Saint Germain's plan of freedom in that hour. Now we ask you to enter into this cosmic activity at a new level, for the Master Alchemist's plan is still unfolding, is still being revealed and outplayed in the world of form in which you live.
            Blessed ones, when you personally take responsibility for America and for your world, the light of freedom will be with you in all your affairs, for America was conceived by Freedom, conceived in freedom and conceived for freedom! And if you would gain your eternal freedom then the light and love of freedom must shine within you as this spirit of divine beingness that is violet-fire joy wherein you are fully enamored of and in God and the love of God is the only motive that moves you into action to fulfill your holy purpose.
            So on this day we release now this cosmic essence from our causal bodies as a heartstream of power, wisdom and love to each of you. And in a moment of silence now experience this ray of God as it is transferred to you, blessed hearts by our angels. [39 seconds of silence while the angels of Godfre and Lotus deliver this momentum of light.]
            Dear ones, by a dispensation of holy grace this ray of the love of freedom may be reactivated within your heart each time you give your prayer to Godfre. For in the saying of those words, “God-free I AM, I AM God-free” this ray will be for you a reconnection with the essence of our causal bodies, our purpose and the mission of the master for America.
            So we have come, so we have released our love by our own free will choice to anchor this light within our own. May your day be graced with a new step of alchemical joy, a new admixture of seventh-ray buoyancy and a new internal awareness of God's presence of freedom always. God bless you, each one. We thank you.

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