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Manjushri      January 12, 2009

Beloved Manjushri
David C. Lewis
January 12, 2009 
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast Through the Wellspring Retreat 8:18-8:27 am MST

The Divine Appearance of Buddhic Being within You
The Gift of Buddhic Fellowship
A Clearance of Unconscious Patterns by Love-Wisdom Fires

Fellow Travelers along the Golden Pathway,
            I am Manjushri. And I am here to release a teaching and a means whereby you may more readily enter a state of divine mindfulness. This sacred space arises upon your taking time to maintain a new level of outer stillness so that an inner intuitive and awakened consciousness may naturally appear where you are.
            Blessed ones, it is through a simple shift in your awareness away from attachment to the outer world and its trappings that your inner Self may become more apparent, real and active in your life. This is the beginning of a new journey that will take you far beyond what you had thought possible—one of advancing spirituality and an awakening to the inner, golden wisdom that is the gift of Buddhic fellowship.
            When the student is ready for new thought, the divine teacher appears through one or through many ascended Buddhic wayshowers who can explain the nuances of mindfulness within the vast ocean of the Mind of God. You see, Buddhists don't limit their internal processes simply to belief in God, but have entered a knowing of God through direct Mind experience. This is why some have claimed that Buddhists don't believe in God—the God that many relate to only from an anthropomorphic view.
            Would you know true mindfulness each moment through identification with your own internal compass which may always point back to your Source? Would you no longer only play hide and seek with the true You but give up the games of the lesser self in order to fully embrace and know your true Beloved? Would you accept the joy that we offer as we observe the outplaying of certain energies and patterns in your world while a new process of Self-elevation begins through mindful meditation upon Solar Light?
            Upon a lotus of love-wisdom I meditate and extend my heart-mind fire to dissolve past conceptions of imperfection that you have allowed to reside within, manifesting as an illusory state of self-deception and the trivial pursuits of the ego. I wield the sword of the Spirit to purge your unconscious mind of what the unreal you has created and recreated in an unending cycle of unconsciousness until it is difficult to discern that which is your true reality versus that which is only a chimera.
            Burn through now and release new patterns of perfection within these hearts, O God, that will bring higher mindfulness in thee! Blaze forth the eternal love-wisdom fire of divine gnosis that will lead each one to their own fount of Being within the Pure Land of Maitreya and all Buddhas of blessedness! Release them from the bonds of the lesser self that have clouded clear seeing and an ability to discern the golden pathway of light that now extends before them to our abode!
            O, Lord Gautama, you have provided a way out through mindfulness in golden silence. Manifest now the active mode of pure presence around these, your disciples, in order that they may access your heart-mind and know the Middle Way of beingness this year and throughout their lives! O, Lord Maitreya, show them the possibilities for divine attainment through surrender of attachment to all achievement, all past human knowing, all following the lead of the lesser self.
            Through accessing a new divine deliberation within you, may you be deliberate in your stance for the light and for higher mindfulness, blessed hearts. I am here as your usher to the greatest show on Earth which I title, “The Divine Appearance of Buddhic Being within You!” I am Manjushri. And I love and relish you as God now!

[Messenger's commentary:  Manjushri wields a sacred sword of fire that has purged us this morning with his love-wisdom fire for the victory of this week, all of our work. But the primary work is mindfulness. So let us take moments of silence, inner stillness throughout this day in meditation upon the Buddhas. It only takes a few moments to simply close your eyes, enter that sacred space, contact the fire of the Buddha and then to bring back that love-wisdom to this world and to apply it in our work.]

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