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Lanello      December 24, 2008

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
December 24, 2008   7:37
-7:51 am  MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Accepting the Christic Manifestation of Light within You
You Can Be a Co-Conceiver of a New Way Home for Many

            Long, long ago on a starry night I came, and my coming was in anticipation of a mission mirroring that of my Lord Jesus. For I perceived the great imminency of the descent of light. And even as my Lord did go before me to light the way, I came as a messenger of the Spirit to bring to mankind an awareness once again of the Christ light within all. I come this day to each and every one of you within your heart as the babe of divine beingness that you may embrace, even as you embrace the inner Christic light of your own soul wed with your spirit.
            I am Lanello, and sometimes I embody within the minds of children as they think on Santa Claus. For I am a type of Santa, you know, and I bear many gifts and spiritual graces each Christmas Eve as I hop down the chimneys—yes, even partaking of the milk and cookies left for me. And I leave under the tree not only a gift cherished and desired by the little ones, but something of the essence of Christic beingness, of cheer, of joy, of blessedness, of brotherhood that all may share in as they come to open the gifts and see what has been provided by Santa.
            In the very process of opening your presents this Christmas, see this alchemy as a metaphor [for] opening your Presence a little bit more to shine forth upon you, to be for you the light that lighteth every man¹ and woman and child—the light of the Christ that Jesus so nobly honored and fully became in embodiment for the salvation of all.
            You have heard the mystery of the incarnation, but if you would truly understand this teaching, you must come to the point of realization that you may incarnate the Christ light within your life. This may occur in a greater sense at Christmastide as you sing your carols, as you welcome the newborn babe; but, blessed ones, this is always for the purpose of reminding you of who you are, of accepting the Christic manifestation of light within yourself.
            We do not condemn a certain sense of commercialism that comes at this time of year, for in giving, one always receives more. But if mankind are to fully embrace the highest aspect of Christmastide, they would pause and be still to observe the star within the sky that signifies the Divine within all and once again embrace fully the reconception of that light within.
            Do you know that God is always conceiving new ideations of beauty? And you too can be a co-conceiver of a new way home for many. The Christ has always been the doorway², and you too may be that open door to the heart, to heart-centeredness, to love.
            So I come this day and knock upon the door of your heart. And if you would allow me to enter, to embrace you, I will bring a new nourishment of Christic essence, not only on this day, but every day of the new year. For each day upon awakening, the gift of your Presence awaits your attention and the offering that you, in return for such a great bestowal, may offer life through a consecrated life of givingness in holy prayer, meditation and love.
            The great gift of God beingness bestowed unto all within the heart is truly a miracle, blessed ones. The miracle of life itself should not be taken for granted, for you never know the cycles of the Lord's coming and going and of Christ's appearance here and there within his own. Be ready, be awake and allow the babe and the Virgin Mother a place whereby the new birth may occur right within your own living room, your own heart.
            I am your friend, your brother Lanello. As we sip our eggnog and partake of the crystal sugar cookies, let us smile at each other and perceive the highest, the most blessed of the light within each other and thereby honor the Christ in our Lord. I thank you.

1.  John 1:9
2.  Revelation 3: 7-8, 20; Matthew 7:7-8

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