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Manjushri      November 12, 2008

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by Beloved Manjushri)
November 12, 2008   8:05-8:20 pm MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Geometrization of Divinity in Our Prayer Sessions

            As we pray, there should be a geometrization of divinity where we are. This geometrization occurs through presence, through awareness, through focus. And if we are to have greater healing and wholeness, abundance and graces of the Spirit flow unto us, we must continue to hold this field of presence and geometrize with God the divine light.
            An aspect of healing that is not normally spoken about is this geometrization of the light. Mathematics and music are an aspect of the emerald ray. When, through the light and sound ray, there is harmony and there is a cohesiveness to a higher vibration of light than what normally resonates through us by the participation of others and synchronicity in these sessions, then there is the geometrization of the light and greater access to healing and wholeness.
            How can we geometrize when we are not present with others? you may ask. How can we focalize more light ourselves when we are not in that relationship of an antahkarana and singing, praying, decreeing or giving mantras with others? We can geometrize by the intensity of our focus because every ascended master and every Holy Christ/Buddha Self of every sentient being is one with our Higher Self. And when we enter into picture-perfect presence, there is a flow established whereby though we may be alone or praying only by ourselves, there can be a certain geometrization of the light right within our flowfield. You can enter the seventh heaven as Paul did and behold angels, masterful beings of light doing their work, performing alchemy and raising the light within mankind by the conscious participation of mankind through free will.
            The Master is here tonight to tell you that it is up to you how much of this geometrization and this accelerated progression, through the integer of Selfhood and the multiplying effect, can manifest in your world and your being. Though you come together with others, if you are not in presence, there is not the full geometrization that could occur when you are fully engaged and in harmony and synchronicity as one voice, one light, one stream. If your mind wanders and you don't feel the light flowing through your chakras and your being, if you're thinking about some future situation or musing on something outside of this service, then you compromise the full magnification of that light. It would actually be better for some to offer their devotions on their own if they find that they cannot fully sustain a certain level of presence, of focus, of divine attention and of being in that wave of light, being in the groove, being in the flow of that light.
            So you need to self-assess. Don't feel obligated to be at every session when things are haranguing you and when you know that there's no way that you can focus or maintain that level of harmony. And yet don't allow the dark demons to keep you from services when you may feel depressed or out of sorts, because the boost of light that you get from others may be the very thing that can allow you to get out of a stuck situation. So it takes attunement and it takes discernment to know when you need to engage at this level and when you need to simply be still and work with yourself and on your psychology, et cetera.
            The geometrization of the light can be a key for us as we move forward through this movement of The Hearts Center, because though our numbers may seemingly be small, if every individual is fully engaged and has activated the light completely in his or her aura, in the chakras, and is living and moving and having his being/her being fully in that light, then it doesn't take great numbers to accomplish the greater work that we are about. It takes attunement, at-one-ment, and entering into the blessedness of God's heart, tapping into and tying into the highest frequencies that we are able to and surrendering something of our lesser self in each session so that we can embrace this higher level of vibration, of Solar Presence. And in the process we are always giving the glory to God, always glorifying and praising God within the heart, always glorifying and praising God within others (the true them), and always being subservient to the I AM THAT I AM, being humble in our mien, in our approach, in our ways and realizing that we are not the doer and God is the One.
            So you can visualize various geometrizations of the light-energies and frequencies that flow through you if you have studied mathematics, understand certain formulae, understand the geometrization through the power or the square of those present and then fully tap into that through belief, through acceptance and through the sure knowledge that God is the doer through you, and that God by God by God through each individual, the light is raised, focused and sent forth.
            Unless and until greater numbers of us can hold this level of beingness and presence and the field of energy at this higher vibration, we may not be able to fulfill all that the ascended masters desire for us. The messenger attempts to set the example. Many of you follow, but many of you also need to be leaders, in a sense, and be proactive and take the lead to really attend to that higher level, even if someone else is leading the prayer session, and actively be engaged at the deepest and highest level that you can so that you can bring that energy and that energetic pattern and the crystallization of the God flame within you to bear within the sessions that we have together. The dynamism and the effectiveness of these sessions are really dependent on everyone. The lowest common denominator drags down the group, and the highest numerator in the group, whoever has the highest vibration and frequency, raises the energy of that group.
            This isn't a time to assess where you are on the ladder of attainment or how much energy you hold in your aura, but it's a time to simply be still, go within. The more that you are attentive on your spiritual path through the disciplines that many of us have entered into over the years, through fasting, prayer, reading the ascended masters' teachings, studying them; through service; through emptying yourself; through givingness and great striving, the more that you can garner the light and the more you can bring that resource unto these sessions so that everybody receives the benefit and the boon of your Presence and no one is ever dragged down by the insufficiencies of your lack of focus and spiritual attentiveness.
            Become geometrizers of divinity. Become God: G-O-D, geometrizers of divinity, right within your aura, your flowfield, the energy centers that God has given you, your chakras. As you nourish them through attention, through devotion, through reverence and through visualization, these energy centers can be great cosmic vortices of light that magnetize greater light, that are self-regenerating, that send forth streams and cosmic rays to the Earth and to those within a close physical proximity and even to other star systems and galaxies as you are able to enter into cosmic consciousness and to focalize the light of your Solar Presence as the starry being who you are.
            Never underestimate the ability of God to blaze forth the light through you. Simply speak the word and try to remain in harmony with the tone and the pitch of the decree led by the leader. If you can't keep that pitch because it's not comfortable to your normal voice range, then you can take a third or a fifth and keep the harmony in that way. Often such harmony is just as effective and sometimes even more so because it sets up a tonal grouping that, based on the level of the first, or the root, the third, the fifth, can bring about a greater wave pattern through the interaction of the rays and the waves of light of the tone of our pitch with the others within the group.
            This is truly a science of sound. Those who have perfect pitch or have studied music and understand the dynamic of the tonal qualities and the pitches and the frequencies can really be a boon to the entire group by being on pitch and remaining true to that pitch. As the messenger or the leader raises the pitch at various times and you also raise it, you will feel the increase of light in the room as this occurs. In this way you can be both the benefactor of the release of light as well as the great distributor of that light.
            So this is just a short teaching tonight to give us some co-measurement on what we can do as geometrizers of divinity, of the rays, of the light of God that always prevails, and what we can do to be true to ourselves and assist all in these healing services, in these sacred sessions together.


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