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Victory      November 11, 2008

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
November 11, 2008   8:11-8:17 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Venusian Love-Victory Embraces the Earth

Hail, O Lightbearers!
            I am Victory! And I descend into the plane where you play the game of life! For I would bring about through a new order of God-manifestation of divine love a sense of victory that you have not had since you were first sent into matter by the Lord God. And I bring unto those who have been nurtured by the Spirit a sense of Venusian victory. Blessed ones, if you have sensed something of the flame of victory upon Earth, well, I say this day, embrace the sense of Venusian love-victory, for this is what will impel you higher to play that game of life and to win!
            Many of you have decided that, come what may, you will stand firm with the ascended masters to see this Earth through unto its victory and ascension in the light. And therefore you have taken your bodhisattva vows with Sanat Kumara and with the Seven Holy Kumaras. And thus I come this day to say that because of the dedication of certain hearts, there is an added impetus of victory come forth now from the heart of Venus, superimposed  upon this Earth, that can be a great boon for each and every one of you who has determined to be that flame of love for the Age of Aquarius to manifest upon Earth.
            If you could see all that is transpiring in the heaven world, in the etheric planes upon our home planet of Venus, blessed ones, you would say unto yourself, this is what I want for the Earth. This is a manifestation of joy and of victory that could be ours if mankind would simply accept it.
            And therefore this day I ask you to accept it on behalf of your brothers and sisters upon Earth. Will you do this, blessed ones? [Yes!] Therefore, stand and proclaim with me, " In the name of Mighty Victory, I accept a new fire of Victory this day as this Venusian love-fire flame of Victory. And in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I proclaim on behalf of all life upon Terra that the victory flame will manifest upon Earth, that a golden crystal age will manifest now through my heart, one with Mighty Victory and his legions of light, and all hosts of the Lord everywhere, worlds without end. I accept it done this hour in full power by God's grace. Amen!"
            Blessed hearts, because of your fiery determination and your fiats, millions of legions of Victory have descended across this planetary body to seal it in this new fire of Venusian victory-love. And from this day hence, when in any way you sense anything of darkness or despair or are downtrodden by the forces of darkness, I ask you to stand and to deliver the fiat unto my heart that you have just given with full intention, with the full God-power of your being. And in so doing, a reenactment of this day, this morning and that which has occurred here will come forth on your behalf and on behalf of every lightbearer and son and daughter of God upon Earth. It will be so, for I have proclaimed it. I am Victory.  I stand with you and I wrap my wings of light around each and everyone of you. And by the power, wisdom and love of the Almighty, it is done! Amen.

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