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Maha Chohan      November 01, 2008

David Christopher Lewis  (Inspired by the Blessed Maha Chohan)
November 1, 2008   6:12-6:38 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 

The Master's Presence

The Importance of Meditation and Stillness

            The Maha Chohan would like to discourse briefly on the concept of the master's Presence. There is a quote in scriptures, “One star differeth from another star in glory.”¹ We know that every Solar being throughout the universe has a certain radiance, a certain glory. Every ascended master has merged with his or her Divine Presence, the I AM THAT I AM, the I AM Presence, which we have in this activity also called the Solar Presence.
            You each have a Solar radiance from your God Source that is this blessed and beloved ineluctable divine reality, who you are, made in the image and likeness of God, the great Sun behind the sun. Every ascended master has merged fully and completely and beautifully with that Solar Presence. Every ascended master has this radiance of Solar light that he or she brings when communicating with us. They manifest their beingness through the discourses, dictations, darshans. And if we are sensitive to what we call radiation, which is the magnificence and the quintessence of this Solar Presence, then we can feel and have access to that blessedness, the grace and all the benevolence that comes to us through that master's Presence.
            Those who are sensitive can feel this radiation. When you are in alignment—your chakras are in alignment, you have worked on yourself to a certain point on your spiritual path, on your psychology, you practice meditation and stillness and have come to grips with who you are as a God-created being in your own right as a son or a daughter of God—then you can flow in that master's sacred flowfield. You can access all of the divine virtues and qualities that that master radiates perpetually, being one with God and the entire creation and having merged in the Solar stream of pure light. You can then more easily access the highest virtues, graces and benevolence of your own Divine Presence. This is because when a master comes to initiate you and to bring something of his or her Solar radiation, it is for the purpose of you accelerating in vibration, in awareness, in consciousness to the point where you merge with your own Buddha nature, your own Higher Self, and you can live, move and have your being within that living, liquid light of Divine Presence.
            Every star differeth from another in glory. Every ascended master's radiation is different. It may be more powerful or colored with the divine quintessence of that particular causal body manifestation, reflecting how that master, through many lifetimes or simply resting in perfect presence, maintains that harmonic resonance with the Divine. And so when you call upon any master, using that master's name and calling in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, you have access to that master's Presence and that glory that differeth one from another.
            In the preambles of our prayers we name many names often. And in the naming of the name we access that particular master's Solar beingness, all the qualities and virtues that that one continuously pours forth and radiates through his or her God Presence, through who that one is as a God-Self-realized one—one with God and the universe. So we should not take for granted in the giving of the preambles this alchemy of accessing this highest aspect of the master's Presence. If we simply recite a name rotely, yes, it's still at a certain level accessing who that one is, but if we pour forth our devotion, if we even for an instant prick through the veil to muse on, in a microsecond, that one's virtuous manifestation, we can then draw forth from that all the glory and the virtue and the blessedness of that star that differeth from another in glory.
            Today is All Saints Day and we, if we choose, have access to what's known as the Great Blue Causal Body, which is the collective awareness of the entire Spirit of the Universal, or the Great White, Brotherhood. White, of course, does not refer to race, but to the beautiful star resonance of light around the masters' beings, which is their auric emanation. So today can be a very holy day if you choose to make it so by continuously throughout the day musing on the various masters that you love and that you revere and their specific qualification of God as the qualities that they, as I said, continuously stream forth to the universe.
            Each master's glory may grow and change and continuously transmute into a higher glory as that one gains in higher and higher levels of Solar awareness. When various masters come, you feel a difference in vibration, in radiation and Presence when that one manifests. And the word spoken through this dispensation through the messengers is only one aspect of that master's radiation and Presence—the word being, in a sense, a certain stepped-down level of communication at the human level. It is not fully what can manifest at the highest levels through the mind-oneness of instantaneous communication, which is a coming into union, Presence by Presence by Presence, of ourselves with the many masters who communicate with us.
            So whether telepathically or simply through a certain radiation that you feel through the senses, the higher senses of your own soul and your Oversoul, you can commune with a master and receive the blessedness and glory of God without an intermediary, necessarily, without a messenger. For you are a messenger and you have access through your own Holy Christ/Buddha Self and your own connection with your Solar Source with the All-in-all.
            If there is not this personal work of connecting and reconnecting daily through your devotions, your meditation, your time of silence and simply of resting in Presence and being, then you cannot fully access the totality of the various masters whom we call to and whom we often, in a sense, take for granted. Therefore I am reminding us on this All Saints Day to enter into this level of holy communion and of the highest point of reality of our own being so that we can fully tap into the higher frequencies that are manifesting through the Earth through the various Solar beings who are sending their radiation, their light, their God-glorious manifestation 24/7 from wherever they choose to manifest that Presence, sometimes multiplied many times over. The ascended masters have the ability to project their awareness anywhere, everywhere simultaneously because they are one with all.
            When called upon by hundreds or thousands or millions upon the Earth, Jesus has the ability to simultaneously radiate that light at every point throughout the various solar spheres and even beyond this planet as he hears and receives the imploring of souls. And a certain stream of his awareness, his light can respond almost involuntarily or impersonally to the many lifestreams who do pray to him. All who pray to Jesus receive a certain level of radiation based on their level of understanding, their own tapping into their Source and what they know of the master's awareness and Presence and history and lifetimes, but also simply through their heart connection with the All-in-all.
            So one star differeth from another in glory, and that's true of every lifestream upon Earth. We all have karma; we all have our dharma. We all have our point in the evolutionary process where we are ascending in awareness, hopefully day by day, on the great spiral of beingness that is our sacred journey through life to experience God and all of God's great beingness throughout the created universe. This we do through our personal individualization of the God flame as we course through life and through our initiations and the divine processes we go through in order to become one with the All-in-all.
           Every session in which we engage of these morning prayers, rosaries, decrees, songs, communion and meditation is meant for us to rise higher on this divine spiral of life. By bringing something new, glorious and joyful to these morning sessions; by being on time (ten minutes or fifteen minutes ahead) and meditating and resting in Presence; by accessing first your own divine Solar radiation and then merging in the greater stream of the Universal Great White Brotherhood with these Solar beings—who love us and whom we call upon to assist us—you can fulfill your reason for being. You can rise in awareness and understanding, and life each day will have more meaning and joy.
            If anything becomes rote, stop and take stock of your life, what it is that you are doing. At times I think it's very important for some of us to even leave off of decreeing, because sometimes our minds are going so fast and our words are moving so fast through the decrees that we need a time of stillness and presence and meditation to really take stock of where we are and to breathe and to go deeper. Then, hopefully, we can access aspects of the Word that vibrate at a higher level such that that Word may flow through us in our words, our devotions, our prayers, songs, decrees and mantras, and they will have more resonance, more power and more ability to transform us and the Earth.
            It is interesting to note, on a personal level for myself, that in the first dictation I received from Jesus he said to meditate. And in our meditation class in India we talked about the various types of meditation, many, many types. After a meditation on meditation, I listed probably twenty or more types of meditation that we can do, whether guided meditations or silent meditation, for working on specific issues, and different forms for different individuals based on what works for them, their personal experience and need.
            I had an Ayurvedic reading with a doctor over there. One of the things that he said was that it would be good for me to have this time of silence and of not speaking, because even the best of us, including myself, have our minds going constantly and we're thinking. We're not in no-thought, that perfect point of stillness where we access the highest aspects of ourselves.
            So if you find yourself rotely decreeing or gabbing too much and talking, talking, talking, take time—even if it's for an hour or a few hours a day—to be silent, or go on a voice fast one day a week, or whatever works for you to enter into this time of stillness, where you can access, through a holy stream of stillness, a new level of beingness. It is important. Many of us have been praying and decreeing in this manner of high-speed chanting for five, ten, twenty, thirty, even forty, years. And unless we bring our own Presence to bear at the highest level, then I believe we are not really tapping into the aspect of this sacred science that we could.
            John and others have valued the breathing and the OMing and the toning, and this is a very important science because it allows us to access these higher frequencies. So if at times we stop and we don't meet all of your needs to get in a particular round of forty Michaels or a half hour of violet flame or Astreas or whatever, don't be worried. Realize that it's more important to tap into your Source and to bring that energy, that divine radiance, to bear through the words than it is to simply get in a certain round of prayers in order to meet what you think are the masters' requests of the past.
            Yes, when we do fulfill these requests in presence there is a great power through the multiplication and the geometrization of our energies together. But if one or another of us is suffering, if we're going through emotional crises, if we are not fully engaging the highest levels of beingness through our own Holy Christ/Buddha Self and our Buddhic Presence, then we compromise the work of the collective, of all those who are praying together on the broadcast and who through the antahkarana connect at the Solar level of light to accomplish day by day what we are sent to do for the planet, but most importantly for ourselves.
            So take stock of your life. Look deep within you, reflecting, studying your own awareness. At times allow others to give you input, if you so choose, to see how you are doing, how you are manifesting joy. If you are in joy, are smiling, are refreshed in the spirit, are glowing and you are manifesting that presence through a certain joie de vivre (and I didn't say that necessarily correctly in French), that joy of life, then you are bringing that radiation and that Buddhic manifestation to bear in your life. But if you're living in a hum drum way, rotely or on auto pilot and doing your spiritual work because you feel a sense of obligation, then there may need to be a shift and a change and a leaving off of something and an entering into a new something else so that you can bring back that joy, that verve, that élan, that glow into your spiritual practices and your work.
            So the Maha Chohan brings this Presence, as the Dove of the Holy Spirit, to us on this day in order to enfold us in his glorious beingness, his particular radiation of glorious light, of the mastery of the seven rays and beyond. He is reminding us in a very gentle and holy way of what we can do when we bring that to bear in our work and when together—heart, head and hand, holding each others' spiritual hands—we merge our heartstreams as one to fulfill our reason for being in these sacred times together of our morning sessions.
            Because today is the ascension day of Afra, tonight there will be a dictation beginning at 8 p.m. Mountain Time, and possibly other dictations. After a round of prayers beginning at seven—excuse me, I believe it's 8:20 that the Master will dictate— but please, if at all possible, be present from 7 o'clock Mountain Time on. In our prayer work we'll be giving a number of violet-flame prayers. There may be some nice surprises. The more you bring to bear in preparation through your holy prayers and songs and service, the more you will be able to tap into that radiation of Afra and other masters. And that spiritual radiation will bless and increase your ability to maintain presence, if you so choose by your free will, in what you do in your daily life through conscious living to become fully connected, merged with the stream of reality and glowing in that sacred light.
There is a book by Erin Prophet that I am reading. It is interesting to note, even though I haven't read the entire thing, that at a certain point, through maybe a despondency or whatever, all of the memory of the divine experience of basking in the masters' Presence can be lost by a soul when that one leaves off of a certain level of spiritual living and of life, of higher spiritual self-reflection, of meditation and living in the masters' Presence. Although I am not a judge of any individual or of Erin, I have to say that I believe the Master desired to express this teaching today because any one of us—through a lack of focus, a lack of joy and of love and of bringing to bear in our lives what we have gleaned on our spiritual journey of this level of presence and beingness—can fall into the trap of eventually denying the very Presence of the master, the very living witness that we day after day experience in the master's Presence.
            So pray for one another. Pray that we can maintain the joy of our spiritual lives in our worldwide community of light, and not just within The Hearts Center movement. There are many friends of light who are still giving their all in the best way that they see as viable for them through another ascended master activity or simply through conscious living and through a life dedicated to holy purpose in some way.
            We are never the judge of an individual. We do not know that one's life story or particular journey, So, yes, an individual may have a viewpoint at a particular point in his evolution that may be, in a certain sense, problematic for his soul's evolution, but so long as we pray and hold everyone in the light, we move in that stream to bless life through our Presence, through our particular star of glory, and we can bring to bear that light in the best and highest ways that we can offer God and the great universal Spirit. 

1. I Corinthians 15:41.

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