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Buddha of the Golden Pink Glow Ray      October 26, 2008

Beloved Buddha of the Golden-Pink Ray
David C. Lewis
October 26, 2008  4:00-4:22 pm local time
Ganga Kinare Hotel on the Ganges
Rishikesh, India

Focalize the Action of the Highest Wisdom
and the Highest Love That You Can Bear unto the Earth
The Bestowal of a Sacred Golden-Pink, Love-Wisdom Cape of Light

            I Am the Buddha of the Golden-Pink Ray. And I create a dome of light over you now, blessed ones, composed of crystalline energies focused by your own higher self for the sealing of this space in perfect light. From the point of reality whereby all have access to the Divine, we emanate the frequencies of the golden-pink ray through which the sunlight of love emanates. And this you may tap into through your meditation practice and accessing the higher mind of love within you.
            Does the mind love? We say, yes. Does the heart have wisdom? We also say, yes. And in the heart-mind connection, when it is firm and firmly established within you, there is the natural flow of love and wisdom betwixt your heart and mind, blessed ones. And in this sacred alchemy, you have the ancient wisdom manifest through your heart, even as you have the ancient love manifest through your mind. For when you love God as the One Mind, then the eternality of that divine love may be yours.
            And if, through the wisdom of your heart, you would know the heart of God, then in that wisdom you have access to the very vibration of the purest form of love that you can know through your Buddha Nature, which is one with the Almighty. We focus the light of love and wisdom in a spiral and in a frequency that accentuates both and yet creates a new and most wonderful manifestation of light in this intertwining action of the golden-pink rays.
            Some of you have desired to wear gold upon your person. And yet if this is only for show, then that gold does not carry the highest frequency of the love of the sun. But if you bless that gold and if you seek to have that gold carry the frequency of the sun of your own Presence and if you hold that gold within your hands and charge it with the love fires of your heart, then that gold may carry even the qualities of the golden-pink ray, blessed ones, and formulate on behalf of the God of Gold and the God of Love the highest aspects of the frequency that we know and regulate around and within the Earth.
            There are great veins of gold within the mountain fastnesses and deep within the earth that the God of Gold focuses his great beingness through on behalf of this entire planetary body. But there is also, at a certain subtle level of the planetary body focused by the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, an action of the accelerated love fires of God, held deep within the earth. Both of these are essential for the stability of this planetary body. Both hold a certain frequency of light-energy through which the spirits of nature resonate within those veins and the molecules that hold that frequency in order to stabilize certain sectors of the planet and bring the light of the sun and the fire and love of the sun deep within the earth.
            You know that there is a sun of even pressure within the center of the earth, and you have recently been told that you may also visualize this same sun of even pressure within your heart and the central point of your being. When you do this, a magnet of fiery love is established within you whereby the frequencies of the golden-pink ray may also manifest through your awareness, blessed ones. For you see, where there is heart-centeredness there is the wisdom of the Spirit. And where that wisdom does abide, love naturally unfolds and blesses life in all quarters, in all systems, in all peoples and cultures.
            You have come to India to glean something of the ancient traditions of the rishis, gurus, of the swamis and masters who have walked upon this soil from time immemorial. And yet, I say that some of you have actually been, in past embodiments, these very rishis, masterful beings, teachers and gurus. Whether you have the recall and the memory of all of your past, it does not matter. What matters now is that you focalize the action of the highest wisdom and the highest love that you can bear unto the earth wherever you walk and then bring back to the West the very molecules of this highest aspect of love-wisdom and the golden-pink fires from your solar Source to regulate and to stabilize and harmonize all in the West that is out of kilter with the divine plan.
            Blessed ones, even the economies of the nations can be stabilized through a greater action of an understanding of the use of the golden-pink rays. And therefore, if you would pour forth greater light into the situation regarding the recent downturn in the economies of the West, you may call to me and you may call for an action of the golden-pink ray to stabilize the economies through the gold standard, which is truly a golden-crystal light-energy through which the holiest aspect of love from the sun does flow and regulate that light-energy.
            When mankind understands the use of gold in culture, in society and as a means of exchange, then they will have access to the very light of the sun within their physical lives, within their hands, within their homes and in constant and regular use. This would be a great boon to mankind. And it is only the forces of darkness that have sought to ferret away and to hide their stashes of gold away from the common people.
            And so you may call also to us to bring forth the miracle manifestation whereby all that is true within that gold, all that is pure within that gold does come into the common use of mankind once again. For when this is manifest and there is no greed in the use and exchange of gold, then you will be amazed at the miraculous transformation, even within the minds of mankind; for that gold does bring forth the stability within the very minds of the people itself.
            A true golden-crystal age civilization is one that is heart-centered. And therefore only those civilizations that understand the nature of the heart and of the God of Love and the God-beingness that manifest through the heart of all people can truly transfer to the entire planetary body the true culture of the Divine Mother that is destined to take hold within this planet and her people. So you see how important the balance of love and wisdom is within you. For when they are, then the power of that love and wisdom do truly flow through your being, blessed ones, and you can access your own Buddha Nature more easily and manifest that Spirit and that Presence unto all life.
            Some of you have engaged in the meditation upon the threefold flame. And those of you that have done this on a regular basis have felt a welling up within you of a greater aspect of your own God-identity from deep within your heart. I urge each and every one of you to consider this guided meditation that is freely provided upon the website of this movement. For even as you focus upon that threefold flame, we, the Buddhas of the Golden-Pink Rays and those who focalize light in all of these three qualities, can enter your very heart chakra and bring about a greater balance, a greater power, a greater wisdom and a greater love in perfect radiation and manifestation within you, dear hearts.
            There has been great opposition to our coming this day, and there is even within this messenger a weight that is so great that it is almost as if it is impossible to receive our coming. And you have seen the distractions all about you. Most of mankind are not ready for this level of God-beingness of the golden-pink light from their own Sun-source.
            But when you teach them, blessed hearts, an understanding of this ray, then many more may be brought into a certain conformity with the principles of the Spirit that may be theirs whereby they can access not only our ray but others of the secret rays. And in this transformative process, the age of love-wisdom of Lord Maitreya will begin to dawn in the skies, and you will see that golden-pink glow within the atmosphere of the Earth itself. First this must manifest within your own solar awareness, within your own chakras and aura. And when, just as you have seen within the indigo children and the crystal children, there is brought to earth within their very auras these light energies so when those among you, focus upon the golden-pink ray then this, one by one by one, will allow the energies of this frequency to manifest within the very atmosphere of the earth itself.
            It is a simple equation that many forget, and yet, it is true, that where one can manifest this awareness, when it is multiplied and projected through your awareness to other parts of life, then souls pick up on the vibration; and they may more easily begin to understand it, feel it and know it within themselves.
            For the purpose of your meditation, dear hearts, you can see at the central point between your heart and your crown chakra, a point of light at which the gold and the pink rays merge. And they can form a ribbon of light, as a fire enfolding itself in all dimensions and planes of being, that creates this wonderful manifestation of these various ribbons of light that swirl and whirl around the center-point between the heart and mind. And then as these continue to accelerate and create a beautiful manifestation of golden-pink light, then you can begin to see this expanding to encompass your entire aura. And then as you are able to sustain this, see it flowing out to your home, to your neighborhood and to your city and even beyond.
            When you hold this level of presence and a field of energy, then you are literally magnetizing the golden-crystal age where you are, and you become a focal point for that age and the transformative powers of that age right where you live. This is the alchemy of beingness that we would offer you, each and every one, in your spiritual practices. And whether you remember it daily or not, if you can review it even for a few short moments in time on Sundays or Mondays or at the bridge between these two days if you are able, there can be at that point of the dawning of Monday, where Sunday moves into Monday, the greatest focalization of the golden and pink rays for the Earth body itself through your own awareness, dearest ones.
            Angels of the golden-pink ray now drape around each and every one of you a sacred cape, very sheer in its refinement. And on one side is the pink and the other the gold and scintillating within each, little threads of golden-pink light. You may wear this in your spiritual practice and in your visualizations and meditation in consciousness. And when you desire to manifest more love and wisdom in balance, simply ask for this cape to be reinforced over you at the etheric level. It is a protective energy field, and it is one that will allow you to manifest more wisdom and more love in all that you do, think, feel and say. So receive these garments as they are distributed now upon you as an offering from our heart of love-wisdom to each and every one.
            We are grateful for all of your prayers, your mantras, your songs and your joyful spirits this day. And as we ascend back to the Source of light from whence we come and emanate, we remind you of the words of the master—that the greatest wisdom is contained in the one law of loving the Lord thy God with all thy heart and thy mind. You see, even in this statement he keyed you into an aspect of the golden-pink ray which he saw vibrating at etheric levels of awareness high above the earth, even as he gave his Sermon on the Mount. And even as Lord Krishna and Gautama arose in their meditation, they also accessed this highest aspect of the teaching of the Lord—to love and to bring forth that wisdom teaching through love and compassion to all.
            So, I say, go and be compassion, which is the very action of love and wisdom in balance for a world. And in this spirit, live as your gurus and masters and all the saints have lived whom you have known and loved.
            We thank you for your attention, for your masterful presence and your attempt to remain in perfect stillness and presence so that we could perform this alchemy of love for you. In holy reverence to the I AM THAT I AM within each one, we ever abide, accessible for you, just a thought away, just a breath from your own breath. God bless you.

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