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Kuthumi      September 25, 2008

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
September 25, 2008   8:00-8:23 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat

Realize The Full Potential of The Inner Man of the Heart

In the stillness of the morning air I abide with my own through the flame of peace that I instill within the hearts of men. For I have meditated with the Maha Chohan of late to discern just how we may reach the hearts and minds of many more among mankind to understand just how precious is the light and the dawning of a new radiance within that will lead men unto the very throne of God within.
            You see, blessed ones, the love of God through the worship of the One Light eventually leads the soul to a greater contact with the essence of that God-good within the very heart of all life. And though you may experience that love in many ways with one another and within nature, ultimately you will come to the point of God Self-realization wherein you feel and know that light growing and flowering within your heart through your contact with the inner man, the inner woman of the law of your own being.
            As the divine poverello I understood this equation, for I did so identify with the light of my Lord Jesus that the very essence of my own Christhood expanded within the context of my own experience of knowing his light within me. And one day I did realize that truly God's energy flowed within me also as I, too, experienced the initiations that some had thought were reserved for that Son of God.
            You, too, can identify with the Christic light within to realize the fullness of your own Christ Presence. And as you merge with the stream of this divine beingness, blessed ones, and understand the prismatic presence of the Christ Light flowing through your own being, then all will be clear, and you will know in totality the precious presence of that light, both of its simplicity and of its awesome power to move you into the greater presence of joy that you seek.
            It is not simply for the experience of bliss that we entertain the angelic presence of light within our beings, but it is for the true knowingness of God through Selfhood that leads one into the perfect pasture of peace whereby God may be self-identified through your awareness as a sentient being and you may truly fulfill all that you were sent to accomplish as you were sent forth in the beginning as a co-creative spirit-spark of the One.
            We speak through various dictations of the same essence of light, and yet each word ennobles the soul and brings the disciplined ones to the point whereby they may in completeness fully realize who they are. This is our purpose; this is our goal, blessed ones—that each of you may become the allness of who you are, both in time and space and in the far-reaching vastnesses of cosmic presence far beyond your personal experience in human form. For you truly are divine. You truly are a starry, fiery spirit. And when you realize this potential, then nothing can stand in the way of the All-Knowing One fully embodying within you your own Christ and Buddha Presence of love, wisdom and power in perfect balance.
            My beloved Lord spoke in parables, often to teach the masses of the inner mysteries that would be unlocked as they meditated upon his words, as they sought to understand the deeper mysteries behind the Word who he was in form. But many identified only with the man, Jesus, and not fully with the Christic Presence of pure light energy that he bore in his being. And so we, the ascended masters, speak to the souls of all Christendom this day to leave the nets of your self-identification only with the outer man of your own being or with Jesus to realize the full potential of that inner man of the heart,1 that inner woman of the soul who you truly are—that which Jesus called to emerge from the tomb of the night and to come fully forth into the light and to see the reality of blessedness, of beingness through the graces that flowed, through the teaching that was presented in many forms and recorded by some.
            Dearest hearts, it is time for the greater understanding of the new Aquarian teachings to come forth that will complete the mysteries of old and bring to the greater awareness of mankind not only the teachings of karma and reincarnation but of the mystery of the Christ as it is emerging from within many who are attuning to this new age of divine reason, this new light of transcendent joy within God's presence within.
            By many names the light is known and is identified through the various personages of those who have come to enlighten and teach mankind. And whether you identify with Krishna or Buddha, with K'ung Fu-tse or the Christ, it is the same principle, it is the same essence, it is the same beingness as light that will move you into this great presence of Godness within you, O mankind.
            Therefore put away that which divides you into outer camps and religious persuasions, and realize that God is God, that God is no respecter of persons or of human religions but sees the light within every son and daughter and beholds the perfection of each and every one. Therefore, war not within your members or amongst yourselves, and see the ground upon which you stand and live and serve as holy—not spilling another's blood or bringing about greater schism among the nations and the people. But listen to the Lord thy God, the One Light, and live as the true teacher within you shows you the way day by day.
            I am Kuthumi Lal Singh. And I emanate the flame of peace within Kashmir, within all of the Indian and Pakistani subcontinent. I call to task those who have been a thorn in the side of unity and brotherhood even as I seal this entire area of the globe in the presence of peace that I bear with Jesus as World Teacher and as a Good Shepherd with this blessed Son [of God] and Brother and Exemplar of Light.
            A greater understanding is coming forth among the nations of the mystic life of Issa² in the East. And when the truth is known and published throughout the nations of the deeper mysteries of which he partook in India and Tibet, then all will know that there need not be competition among the brotherhood of mankind but that all [upon earth] may and can be seen as holy brothers and sisters in a new divine order of beingness. This is the goal of the Universal Great White Brotherhood—that all come up higher, that you aspire to this unity, to this oneness, through listening to the one voice of the great Good Shepherd who is God.
            Peace be unto all who would seek peace. Let go of all that is anti-peace within and embrace that picture-perfect presence of one world of light, one world of divine love, one world of radiant joy lived to the glory of the One God who abides within the hearts of all.
            I seal this company of saints through the kiss of peace that I offer each and every one of you as you strive day by day to maintain that all-abiding flame of peace where you are.
            May the Lord bless and keep you. May his light shine forth from you, around you and through you. May your countenance reflect the glory of the One. And may all know the eternal light of the I AM THAT I AM within. I thank thee.

1.  Ephesians 3:16
2. Jesus was known as Issa in Tibet and the Far East.

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