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Manjushri      September 17, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 17, 2008   8:07–8:23 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri's Mindful Moments

1.  Each victory you experience in mindfulness creates a tiny new realm of divine thought in the heaven world.

2.  By definition, those who are mindful are also heart-centered.

3.   Frequent the retreats of the pink-, yellow- and golden-pink-ray masters, from whom you may draw forth greater love-wisdom as mindfulness.

4.  Grace flows through the heart-mindful work of the angelic queendom.

5.   We provide the higher essences of Buddhic mindfulness, which you may access in your meditations and then apply in proactive spiritual work.

6.  Valuing God, angels, ascended masters, humans, animals and elementals is an aspect of mindfulness that some term reverence for life.

7.  Repetition of prayers is senseless without mindfulness of purpose.

8.  Creating new fields of awareness around yourself through study of higher divine laws requires an added impetus of mindfulness, which magnetizes new wisdom to you.

9.  You may mindfully provide the finishing touches to the graces that God's angels deliver through your charitable words, prayers and deeds.

10. Praise of the Creator is the mindful work of the angels of music and harmony.

11.  Mindfulness is complete acceptance of others in spite of their ignorance, though it does not condone words and deeds that violate the laws of justice and common sense.

12. I AM the seventh-ray aspect of mindfulness manifest as forgiveness of ignorance.

13.  I AM pure mindfulness qualified as honesty, integrity and fidelity.

14.  I AM God's mindfulness as omniscience.

15.  I AM increasing mindfulness through attentiveness to every divine impulse.

16.  I AM intuitive mindfulness that senses all that was with clarity, all that is with truth and all that may be with hope.

17.  I AM the silent presence of mindfulness within the unborn, the mute and the meek.

18.  I AM perfect mindfulness as re-creation and re-cognition.

19.  I AM reflecting upon my mindfulness as my conscious awareness born anew each day and carefully reviewed each night.

20.  I AM mindfully dialing God's number and listening carefully to every word spoken within my heart.

The Mindful Moments Series Concludes
Walk upon the Golden Way Provided unto Your Victory

Blessed Friends of the Buddhas, Gracious Hearts Who Have through This Series Entered into Greater Mindfulness of Your Own Divine Presence,
           This session concludes this series. I have been warmed by the fires of your love-wisdom in your midst, even as I have attempted to bring something more of the divine radiance of the Buddhas to your outer waking consciousness.
           These words have been sown deep within you as seeds of mindfulness. Allow them to take root by watering this wisdom with your love and the acknowledgement that God's light, as awakened beingness, is always present within. Utilize that which you have received in your meditation. For greater transcendent wisdom may be yours as through mindfulness you merge with the higher stream of the co-creative knowledge of the Solar Lords, as you discern and discriminate with greater clarity what is real and unreal within, separating out those tares of mindlessness and allowing the full fruit, the grain, the flower of mindfulness to bloom within you.
           I am Manjushri. I clear a pathway with the Buddhas. Walk upon the golden way provided unto your victory to the heart of Maitreya, Gautama, Kartikeya. Being mindful of all that is, the reality of your life may flow through a greater connection with your God Source.
           I bless you with the mudra of mindfulness and tap your crown to release new essences of unspoken bliss within you from your source—so sweet, so pure, so radiant. May the grace of mindfulness continue to resonate within you, blessed hearts, until your liberation and enlightenment is complete. I thank you. I thank you. I thank you.

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