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Manjushri      September 16, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 16, 2008   8:08–8:27 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Manjushri's Mindfulness Moments

1.  Treating the cause of disease rather than the symptoms is a Buddhic method that is born of mindfulness.

2.  The vast ocean of divine thought may only be navigated through mindfulness.

3.  In the grand scheme, all is Mind.

4.  The divine science of mindfulness will be taught in elementary school classes in the New Age.

5.  God Self-realization is won through assimilated mindfulness moment by moment.

6.  Petty arguments erode the sensitivities of mindfulness that you have attained.

7.  Divine processions are carefully choreographed, rehearsed and executed with great mindfulness and reverence. These are some of heaven's rituals.

8.  Fellowship without mindfulness is only human chitchat.

9.  God's mindfulness is the playfulness that you see manifest in nature's variegated and unmitigated childlike creativity.

10.  Transduce mindfulness to others in Buddhic heart-thought waves through the divine medium of photonic light.

11.  I am the miracle manifestation of mindfulness each moment.

12.  I am living within God's etheric yellowprint of mindful wisdom.

13.  I am the all-knowingness of Sophia as mindfulness of all her children.

14.  I am mindfulness within, without and all about the Cosmic Egg.

15.  I am ever creating a new spiral of cosmic joy through mindful living.

16.  I am mindfulness as an honest concern for others' welfare rather than a whim born of egoic curiosity.

17.  I am trusting God's mindfulness through heightened awareness of my spiritual responsibilities each moment.

18.  I am redefining Aquarian mindfulness through realization of my own Buddha nature from a new Solar perspective.

19.   I am no longer concerned with the mayic trappings of outer living; I abide mindfully and simply within the heart of the Divine One.

20.   I am Maitreya's mindfulness throughout this day in the testings of my soul, in the challenges that may arise, and within the golden opportunities he presents, knowing that the virtuous sense of victory will see me through.

Divine Planning

                        This day I would speak of divine planning. Setting your course through mindfulness creates wave patterns in an etheric grid, through which the energy of divine thought may travel and coalesce through your consciousness as divine activities manifest. When your day, your week and your month are planned, cosmic-coordination angels get to work, along with builders of form, to co-create the world that you envision through the eye-magic that you perform.

                        This is mindfulness in the blue and green manifestations of vision and mission set forth carefully. For as you conceive and then see, in outline form and also filled in with the details of your dream, the great God-reality of what can be, all of heaven comes to your aid to assist in the blessed work of the ages through your life as a God-conscious one. If there is no vision, no stated mission, no purpose defined, no goals set nor landmarks placed before you as a measuring rod for that which you can achieve, then there is not the fullness of your mission as it was conceived in the heart of God as a seed ideation, a divine thoughtform for you, whom the Lord breathed out in the beginning.

                        Therefore what God can do, you can do. What the Creator has set forth, you may also mimic. For it is the great God-desire of the Divine One that you should fulfill all, not always and only as a child—as a full-blown god in the highest sense. Masters-in-the-making are you all, though God Self-mastery comes in and through a well-organized plan of action. Therefore this aspect of mindfulness will be meaningful to many who have not yet quite achieved their life goals, the fullness of their mission, yet live on the brink of the breakthrough to Divine Selfhood.

                        If this is the estate in which you abide, leap forward through planned activities and a mindful schedule that you have discussed with those within your mastermind alliance. For the number of those in the heaven world that come to your aid is multiplied geometrically by your mastermind alliance, and there is the infusion of great Solar light to assist you in accomplishing your ends when you submit all to the will of God, to the love of God, and to wisdom through the mind of God.

                        It is time that you see the forest through the trees, that you attain to the finality of beingness within your own higher nature, your Buddha Self. Therefore create the stream that will flow swiftly, as a divine current, unto the ocean of the One through mindfulness activities as you meditate on the principles of beingness. And then set your course, with charts, compass and sextant in hand, even as the great Navigator himself perused the horizon and with divine abandon drew forth from the heaven world, by the power of divine thought, the entire plan for the new world.

                        You are co-creating this new world today through mindfulness, blessed hearts. I AM Manjushri; I have spoken. See it through and all shall be well, O holy hearts of fire.

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