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Manjushri      September 14, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 14, 2008   7:58–8:15 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Manjushri's Mindful Moments

1.   Mindfulness is the stillness of presence that you may offer the Godhead in order to receive the greater wisdom that is born of and through listening to the silence.

2.  Releasing the noise of the past through mindfulness creates the space for the divine melody of the now to be heard.

3.   Don't attempt to be mindful through mental strain, but relax, breathe deeply and allow the flow of spiritual presence to accompany you on a new sacred journey in light to the sacred space of beingness.

4.  You forge a new identity and awareness when you are present through mindfulness.

5.  Mindfulness is a heightened alertness as Buddhic awareness, which is true wakefulness in Spirit.

6.   Being mindfully aware of the subtle energies all around you within nature, you move from simple living to masterful being.

7.   A gracious attitude is the foundation of mindfulness.

8.  Make use of every moment's opportunity for the mindful ones to teach through your heart-mind connection with your Presence the current thoughts of God.

9.   Complete integration with your Source may only occur with mindfulness.

10. Kindness is a prerequisite to mindful, compassionate living.

11.  God co-created a divine blueprint for your eternal union with your Higher Self eons ago, so it is time to study its design and apply its internal message.

12. Participating in each day's divine orchestration with mindfulness moves you into the roles and responsibilities of becoming the first chair, the maestro and finally the composer.

13. Mindfulness is for our intrepid learners who, through the light of their own inner wisdom, transcend themselves to become world servers and spiritual teachers.

14.  Maitreya's Mystery School message of choosing life over death is still ringing clearly within the cosmic DNA genetic code within every cell of your being.

15. Life in all of its many manifestations is the beautiful rendering of God's eternal mindfulness as the whole of the creation.

16.  There is no better proof that you are being mindful than that your aura is clean, your heart is happy and your mind is clear.

17. Chords of mindfulness are constantly being sung by the Buddhas within their silent meditation, although their music manifests as a sublime soundless sound.

18. Every mindfulness moment in which you partake connects you with a greater tensile strength with your Presence.

19. The flow of Presence awareness through focused mindfulness in your laser-light meditations increases the level of photonic power available for world change.

20. Complete each spiritual session with a mindful bow or gesture of gratitude to the Divine One.

The Joy of Living a Purposeful Life
Ratify God's Beingness within You Each Moment through Mindfulness

           In the silence of presence, through a deep, reverent stillness, the voice of divine reason speaks. This is your higher wisdom born of beingness within the heart of God, the mind of God, the very Spirit of the Creator. Those who are able to transcend the mortal form through identification with the eternal One, whose Spirit spark animates the fire within the heart, can muse on the mindfulness of God even within the very framework of being, of Selfhood with a capital S.
           This is the joy of living a purposeful life, completing the rounds of rebirth and the mission vouchsafed to you in the beginning. Each one who understands the divine processes, the flow in the coursing of your life, may move in presence mindfully aware of the joy of the divine ministrants, the angels and devic beings, sponsoring masters and the cosmic realities that vibrate just beyond the veil and offer great assistance to humanity to move all into a greater world awareness, a heightened consciousness in order to bring about the golden-crystal age of freedom and enlightenment that all seek.
            The great awakening is occurring in every nation through many conscious ones who are applying the divine principles of being within their lives at new and higher levels of presence. And communities of the Spirit must be formed, heart by heart, in order to bring about the greater connections with divine heartfriends, even at the Spirit's level, whereby the cosmic grid, as the antahkarana of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, may be fired through the meditations, prayers, devotions, songs and work of the lightbearers within all nations.
           The master comes and speaks. And there is silence in the divine world to listen intently to the higher voice. And the master's words are living fire, spiritual nourishment, which when assimilated and inculcated deep within the solar and cellular structure of beingness at the microcosmic level allows a new regeneration to occur, a new life to ensue.
           Blessed hearts, ratify God's beingness within you each moment through mindfulness as a greater flow of presence occurs and you no longer, as a tiny blip on the great screen of life, flash on and off, but there is a strong light beacon manifest through your awareness, one with God, that can stay the hand of the dark ones even as you pursue the summit of being through the crescendo and the increase of solar light within.
           This is our joint work, our daily fare and our great joy. Bless you, each one, as you partake of the new spiritual quintessences that are ever descending from above and within. We are one in the I AM THAT I AM forevermore.


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