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Manjushri      August 27, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
August 27, 2008   6:02–6:11 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri's Mindful Moments

1.  Trade in the prospect of receiving and knowing your golden Buddha radiance.

2.  Every lama must salt sentient life with Himalaya's Presence.

3.  Providing each moment with mindfulness elicits right decision and right action.

4.  Trust in each opportunity you are presented to use your inner resources of wisdom to heal the infirm, to teach the ignorant and to create new beauty.

5.  Morya has been a student par excellence and an even greater teacher.

6.  Each breath may be your experience of God's beautiful rendering of presence to life.

7.  Tradition is only the foundation upon which your new edifice of light must be built.

8.  Mindful presence animates the sacred space within and around you with joy.

9.  Every Buddha understands the current equation of light.

10. Although we weigh probabilities, we smile on mindful choices.

11. Each victory should only be a springboard toward greater joyful service.

12. It is propitious to increase your awareness of suffering in order to first alleviate it and then to erase it through mindful emanations.

13. Intuiting the higher need unexpressed behind misfits' outbursts dissolves core anger through Buddhic ruby love.

14. Tibet's wisdom teaching must spread throughout the earth.

15. Padma Sambhava comes today to inspire inner obedience to love-wisdom's fire.

16. Prepare for planetary change first within your own solar system.

17. Violence and conflict come as the greatest ignorance when understanding through mindful dialogue is abandoned.

18. Treasure the seed of Buddhahood within every moment.

19. Ingest my mind elixir today through meditation upon golden liquid light.

20. Reinvent the dharmic wheel.

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