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Serapis Bey      July 25, 2008

Beloved Serapis Bey
David C. Lewis
July 25, 2008  7:29-7:45 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Harmonize with the Highest Aspect of Mindfulness

                                                Tend the Fires of the Heart

            The ascended masters are real. Some would declaim their names, even stating that they are a figment of the imagination of the spiritual seekers who have been hoodwinked into thinking that there is nothing else outside of self, the lesser self. And yet, since energy is neither created nor destroyed, where does the energy of one who has passed from the screen of life go? To where does the spirit fly? Where does that essence of an individual manifest in other planes of being after the physical body is no more?
            The ascended masters are those who have unlocked the secret of life. They have discerned carefully what is at the core of being, which is God. They have self-regulated, by their acceptance of their true nature, the flow of light and accelerated the frequency of that beingness to a level where they manifest universally and individually in Spirit beyond this plane where you see with physical eyes, beyond this dimension. And only those who have their inner sight quickened may perceive their radiation, their essence, even the image that they have chosen as Self-actualized ones, continuing to evolve in higher planes and dimensions of being.
            Those who claim to know it all, and who would decry the very name of Morya or of Saint Germain or of any ascended master, have denied the essence of that master's beingness within God, but they have more importantly denied the essence of God-beingness of their own masterful God Presence within themselves. This is a sorry state of being.
            Who would speak on behalf of the Brothers in White, the Sisters who live in purity in higher realms? Who would know their names, their flames and the individualization of the God-flame that they so magnificently outpicture? Serving humanity from inner realms, giving their all, self-sacrificing in all ways, those who understand hierarchy can attest to the ongoingness of life, the principles of beingness, the glory of the divine world, the distillations of the Spirit that manifest in the supermundane higher planes.
            It is only from the point of cosmic reference within your own God-beingness that you can have access to the truth regarding the existence of the ascended masters, their reality and of what they can afford you in terms of your spiritual pathway, development and growth. Truly, those who have known of the existence of the holy brothers and sisters and yet through their own Self-denial dismiss them, put themselves in polarity with great darkness. And only through divine intercession can the seed of light be cracked open again whereby they may see once more and experience the very love, wisdom, power frequencies of the ascended ones.
            What you deny of and in another, you also deny of and in yourself. It is the law of being. Therefore, if you would harmonize yourself with the highest aspect of mindfulness, tend the fires of the heart, understand these truths and deny not the master in your midst, the voice of the One that speaks within you, even as it is echoed within the voice of a messenger no matter who that messenger may be.
            I radiate cosmic essence of understanding of the Buddha Nature of all. And as you rest in your own Buddha Nature you have access to your truth, your being, your essence of Godliness. This day we clean up the Earth. We clean up your inner environment first. There is a burning action of sacred fire within the centrosome of the cell, within every particle of your form now. All which is impure is no more if you accept it. All which is real and true may glow if you do not reject it. All that is God is present here and now if you would know it. All that is beloved and divine is a gift from the heart of the One if you would see it.

            I am Serapis. I would make you ready fully to merge with the stream of your own essence. For when that day arrives when you are reborn in the spirit world and can claim your divinity fully, would you have others deny that you exist as an ascended master yourself? I say nay. Therefore, know the law of beingness. Therefore, be who you are fully.
            By the purging action of that sacred fire, I burn through now all human effluvia. I burn through now all emotional turbulence. I burn through now the mental noise of the notself.  I burn through now the records of infamy of your past unconsciousness. I burn through now and consume the subtle dust that has accumulated upon you of unconsciousness. And by the white light of the Mother raised fully within you, on your behalf, I accept the light fully bright within you, blazing forevermore unto your victory.
            And one day you, too, may just process down the aisle to be received of God, whole and clean, embraced as an ascended one. Visualize it. Believe it. And it will be so by the Word within. I thank you.

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