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Avalokitashvara      July 24, 2008

Beloved Avalokitesvara
David C. Lewis
July 24, 2008  6:58-7:09 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

No Longer Seek God Outside of Thyself

From out the light of the Starry Mother I come in billowing clouds of forgiveness and mercy for the earth. And the light that I share and the radiance that I bear for you, each one, is here and now available, dear ones. You have sought God without. But I say this day, no longer seek outside of thyself what is true. But look within to perceive the light-essence of Buddhic awareness as the reality of your true nature in light.
            I am Avalokitesvara. And I have woven a new spiral and garment of sacred crystal fire through your auras. And if you can perceive and retain something of this light-essence in your daily affairs, then, blessed ones, the trueness of cosmic mercy may grace your lives whereby every gesture is merciful, every word that flows through your mouth arises from presence, every mind emanation is one with the Buddhas. For God has created the facility within you long, long eons ago for you to know his love—respecting that seed of light always.
            All that arises, all that flows is oneness in the Source. O holy ones who are gaining ground and understanding through the simplicity of the Word of the OM, the return to the one point of God-beingness, know how precious is that point of God Self-identification whereby nothing less or more than God and your Buddha nature will ever suffice for thee again.
            Yes, you may go here and there and experience at some level the pains and sufferings of living upon the earth, but in reality all this is non-sense. For the only true sensing is through the Spirit, one with the All-in-all.
            I raise you up. I care for you. I bring blessings. I bestow the grace of mercy. When you truly understand the core of that mercy flame, blessed ones, all will come to you, and you will know surcease from all struggle. For God is there right within the lotus-light of your heart.
            In perfect presence I speak within you. Are you listening day and night to the voice of Avalokitesvara? I am here always, blessed ones, for you.

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